Brides and Boneshakers

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With this dress, I do look good.

With this dress, I do look good.

WHAT I’M WEARING: I confess, I want to be a bride.  I want to go shopping for a dress, pick out a venue, fuss and fret over invites and favors, have a huge party with dancing and a cake and more dancing, and maybe even have some mad-passionate honeymoon snuggling.  The problem is I don’t really want a groom (except maybe for the mad-passionate snuggling part).  I still have the idea floating in my bucket list of organizing the Rogue Bridal Party, a chance for girls to have all of the party and none of the commitment of an SL marriage, but I don’t really have the time to do it without the skills or the skills to do it without the time.  Still, it means I couldn’t let Halloween pass without a chance to be a blushing bride.

My dress is from *avd*, the Ivonne white gown.  It’s beautiful, lacy, and sheer, has a big train, and came with some lovely white earrings.  It also came with Lolas appliers, so it would have been a shame not to wear my Lolas.  It didn’t come with a veil, alas, but we all know my inventory is large and out of control… I also had the ‘pretend bride’ outfit from Pinkmare’s House, more of a gothic lingerie than wedding dress, but it did include a perfectly usable veil and crown.  It also provided the wind-up bride key sticking out of my back.  (Which also talks when touched, alternating between the messages “F*ck Love”, “Marriage is for Suckers”, and “Just a costume!…Single and looking!”)  My shape is the Gigi teen from Kids5B, which looks pretty different once you slap some fairly oversized lolas on it… skin is the Candy from WoW Skins (because it wouldn’t be halloween without candy!) and my hair is the Whisky from LoQ hairs in Caramel.  I was already out and about before I realized that I had forgotten to grab some shoes, and then decided to go barefoot since the dress means you wouldn’t see whatever shoes I picked anyway…

It's a nice day for a white wedding...

It’s a nice day for a white wedding…

WHERE I’M AT: A search for ‘cathedrals’ found this reproduction of Notre Dame cathedral in the Oasis sim.  (No relation to Carnal Oasis night club which I casually refer to as ‘the Oasis’ on a regular basis.)  Beautiful and scenic (much like me, thanks!) it was a love place to snap a few pictures.

A not-so-happy bride...

Shae: a not-so-happy bride…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: The third picture in my gallery is a slightly different sort of bride, a costume worn by my friend Shae.  As far as credits go, I have no idea, but she told me she was going to post them today so go check out her blog.  (Always a good thing to do, anyway.)  As I was writing this, I was still ahead of her, but that may change by the time I get this finished and published.  Anyway, Shae had a creepy murdered bride thing going on, so I figured I would share two different styles of bride.  She also had a beautiful blasphemous church, complete with creepy blasphemous whispers, that made for a much different picture from mine.  Oh, and since she blamed this song for her idea, have a link to a cool song…

The other thing on my mind, I just finished the book The Boneshaker by Kate Milford.  Although nominally a book for children, even adults should appreciate this spooky tale set in the small town of Arcane, Missouri in 1913.  It’s got a little bit of steampunk, a little bit of folklore, and a whole lot of atmosphere.  I’m not necessarily an emotional girl, but I was moved by the theme of “the necessity of looking evil in directly in the face in order to conquer it.” and near tears a few time with sacrifices the 13-yr old protagonist was asked to make as the novel raced to its conclusion.  Definitely you should all check this book out.

  1. Shae Marquis says:

    You’re GORGEOUS! And omg I love everything about this post ❤ and you even made my skeleface so pretty!

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