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Posted: November 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Who knew a bad attitude could be this cute?

Who knew a bad attitude could be this cute?

WHAT I’M WEARING: I want to do a few posts in ‘normal’ clothes because I’ve been in costumes for quite a while and I need to swing the pendulum in the other direction for a while to balance out.  Rather then wear a complete outfit from one vendor, I dove into my collection of single pieces.  The shape is, of course, Gigi from Kids5B.  As we all know by now, that is the shape I most consider ‘me.’  Again, to be basic me, I wanted a paler skin and one from my favorite skin vendor, WoW Skins, so I’m wearing the Viola.  The pink and blond hair, the Ramona from Alli & Ali, is cute and fluffy.  Does it really need any more justification than that?

My black tank top is from American Bazaar.  Some people would say a skull and crossbones can’t be cute; the graphic on my tee proves them wrong.  But lest you confuse cuteness with niceness, the tee shirt also says ‘fuck you’ in friendly pink letters.  I’ve always loved mixed messages, so I think this tank top is adorable.  The skirt, a black mini with lacy prim ruffles, is also adorable.  Sadly, it is source unknown, although it lists Lotti Lusch as its creator.  I’m also unsure where I picked up the black wristbands with the yin-yang symbol on them, however their creator is listed as Artemis Fate of Ko Industries, so I’m going with that.  The ripped white stockings are out of an outfit by Virtual Attire.  I started with some black stiletto boots, but since I was returning to core fashions, I’m instead wearing my beloved red leather kicks from Prozak.  (If my relationship with the boots is purely platonic, does it count as a fetish?…)  Sadly most of what I consider core jewelry- the lip and nose rings and the black choker necklace, is more source unknown stuff.  However I also love bangle style bracelets, and the razor wire bangles from Grumble, Grumble are definitely a favorite of mine.

Have you seen my friend's box?

Have you seen my friend’s box?

WHERE I’M AT: I was at home changing my clothes, minding my own business, when my friend Shae sent me a gift.  Several gifts in fact.  Shadowboxes.  Little tiny diorama boxes, open on one side, with several textures loaded into the sides, floor, and roof.  Rezz a shadow box, pick the textures to give the box the look you want, hop in and take the pictures you want.  All copy mod, so you can just delete it and forget it when you are done.  So I stayed at home and took my pictures in the cute shadow box.  Definitely a cool idea for the blogger crowd.

There was a notecard included.  It said this was Shae’s first foray into props and I hope I am not reading too much between the lines to speculate that she is considering selling a line of prop boxes, because I think this a cool idea.  Apparently my boots are made for running, because my imagination took the idea and ran with it… I imagine a diorama box with one or two pieces of furniture bolted to the floor and a few poses and/or animations loaded into the furniture.

For example, a ‘kitchen’ shadowbox with a stove and fridge bolted to the back.  A basic model might just have the textures to vary between a 50’s kitchen, a modern day kitchen, and futuristic overly-chrome and neon kitchen, and the user would have to supply their own poses/animations.  The more expensive ‘photographer’ model might have some poses and/or simple props.  Such as leaning against the fridge and holding up a coffee cup, or looking into the fridge, or cooking something on the stove.  Maybe eight to twenty poses.  Most expensive would be the ‘videographer’ model with animations.  Stirring a pot, getting milk from the fridge, etc.  Given how it seems like sooner or later sex enters everything, maybe the videographer model would also include sex animations (from behind while bending over the stove, perhaps?) or there would be an even more expensive pornographer model that added sex animations to the videographer model?

I similarly imagine an office, a dungeon, a bedroom, a park bench, a picnic table, etc…. (The picnic table and park bench would have textures to look like outdoor settings.)  Another idea would be plates to put over the open side of the diorama… Picture frames or a faux television set front piece… prison bars to hold a model in the shadow box… a white sheet that transformed the view to shadow puppetry.

One can already imagine a target market for the new ShaedowBoxes.  (Catchy name, right?)  Bloggers like me who do their own photography; SL photographers wanting an easily reconfigurable studio (“Hey, let me switch out my ShaedowBox before we start this shoot”); escorts; store owners who use live models (so you can see how the clothing modeled looks in an appropriate environment as opposed to standing in a shop);  I just paused writing to search the market place a bit… I don’t think this idea is out there yet and it should be…

Am I flashing "V" for victory or "<" for <3?

Am I flashing “V” for victory or “<” for <3?

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Well, right now it’s running away with crazy marketing schemes, but trust me, Shae, I only have these ideas because my mind is a crazy, chaotic place.  There is gold within the dross, however, I promise!  Still, more in line with the back to basics theme I’m blogging tonight, I also grabbed a music video for y’all.  This is the song I feel is my theme song: Me Against The World by Superchick




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