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Posted: November 8, 2013 in Writing Prompt
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Today’s daily prompt from Word Press: (Well, today’s prompt when I started…Not today’s by when I finished…)

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it? Photographers, artists, poets: show us SEARCHING.

What have I searched for?  What haven’t I searched for?  Particularly if non-google searches count…

If there's a wolf on the floor, should we call animal control?

If there’s a wolf on the floor, should we call animal control?

Consider writing this blog entry, a fairly typical, run-of-the-mill process… My first step, of course, was to get dressed.  Wanting to be quick and easy, I changed into a complete avatar gift from *JStyle: Shape, skin, top, boots, bangles, pants, nails, earrings, etc.  The only thing missing was hair, so I found an unopened box in my inventory containing uncounted shades of the Jessica hair from Pazazz.  (Lots of shades- I’m wearing emerald- but I didn’t see how many shades because I didn’t count them… If I did, it would be counted shades.) 

FIRST SEARCH: I needed someplace to go.  I tapped the SL search engine, checked the showcase for ‘what’s hot now’, and ended up at a country & western bar called Roadhouse Dreams dancing and listening to a live singer named Chillee Hernadoz.  There was a high stakes Sploder, that was treating me fairly well, although I put most of my winnings into tips to Chillee and to the venue.  (Not all, though, I’ve got a shopping addiction to pay for.

SECOND SEARCH: Speaking of shopping addictions, about a month ago my firsty went to the Renaissance Faire.  He guest blogged about it if you are curious (article here) but the relevant detail today is that he and his wife found, fell in love with, and purchased some awesome looking suede newsboy caps.  I’m a little jealous, so I finally decide I would find one for myself.  So I opened up the Second Life marketplace and did a search for ‘newsboy’… the end result was this good looking cap from Just Because.

An awesome looking lid!

An awesome looking lid!

THIRD SEARCH: When I sat down to write this article, I actually had a search in mind.  My firsty and I are writing a short story about the aftermath of a date rape.  Since we’ve managed to avoid either dosing or being dosed with roofies, I’ve needed to do a little research.  Now I know a few important details: The original, and probably still most common, roofie is Rohypnol/Flunitrazepam.  Depending on manufacture, it is a white or greenish-grey pill.  The colored pill is newer, and contains a dye that turns clear drinks blue and dark drinks cloudy, although in many ‘danger’ settings, the cloudiness is hard to see.  The pills are generally powdered by those who have nefarious plans.  This information was all helpful.

Nope, not me this time.  This is Chillee Hernandoz.

Nope, not me this time. This is Chillee Hernandoz.

FOURTH SEARCH: Part of my ADD personality is tendency for my mind to skip back and forth in odd patterns.  I liked listening to Chillee while I was working this article.  I didn’t love listening to her… I personally thought she was good but not great, but she also had a very warm personality and love for singing that shined in a live performance but wouldn’t come through as well in a recorded performance.  Still, I would listen to her again, and I became curious enough to search for more info about her.  So here is her web-page and here is a video of a different performance from the one I went to.

This was a typical post, but I am constantly searching… In second life, I do searches for groups, show case destinations, or places on a regular basis.  If I’m not sure of a outfit’s provenance, I usually do marketplace searches for the creator to see if I can determine where I got the item.  I often run little chains of google searches to gather more info on the little tangents to which my mind wanders.

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