Diet Coke and Mentors

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Writing Prompt
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You probably think I’m a poor speller, and are expecting a video like this…

I’ll admit I am a terrible speller.  Spellcheck is the only reason you may not be aware of this, as the computer fights a constant (and losing) battle to hide the fact that Typonese is actually my first language and English a distant second.  But I’m actually at the computer, cool, refreshing soda in hand, thinking about who has guided and taught me in my blog-forging.  You see, this is the next Daily Prompt that I’m tackling:  Do you have a mentor? Tell us about him or her. Are you a mentor to someone else? Tell us what that relationship has added to your life.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us SUPPORT.

Since I can never resist a pun, particularly if it is slightly risqué, I thought about focusing on support.  I could don my lolas, set them to somewhere between super-sized and extra-ginormous, and talk about lingerie fashion and occasional back pains.  As added bonus, the pictures for such a post would practically pose themselves, as cheesecake close-ups would be the obvious choice.  However, I really did want to talk about mentors and guidance.

I look so serious when I'm typing...

I look so serious when I’m thinking what to write…

In one sense, I am a self-taught blogger.  No one sat me down (in either Life) and explained how or why to blog, talked over with me about what my purpose was, gave me tactical or strategic advice on blogging better.  I pretty much follow a “push the buttons and see what happens” approach to blogging, setting my mental filters to ‘low’ and seeing what comes out.  Every so often I learn something new and add a metaphorical new button to push.  After all, I’ve admitted before and will probably admit again: I am my own target audience.  Writing makes me happy, helps give me a purpose in my wanderings.  That I also bring some momentary brightness into other peoples’s lives, that I’ve found a little community of fellow bloggers where I get to hang on the outer fringes, that I’ve seen some insights into improving my lives and writings, these are all gravy, bonuses on top of having a place to write and just be me.

Sometimes working hard becomes hardly working...

Sometimes working hard becomes hardly working…

That is not to say I am without influences.  Examples that I have attempted to incorporate into my approach to blogging, and/or writing.  I don’t necessarily have a favorite author, per se, as I tend to live and read for the moment, becoming enthused about whatever I am currently reading.  However, there are certain authors I return to frequently and whom I see as examples of the sort of tone I hope my writing holds: Isaac Asimov, particularly his non-fiction; Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, John Connolly, David Drake, Louis L’amour, P.C. Doherty.  There are also a few bloggers I should definitely mention:  There’s the blogger who inspired me to start a tumblr account and start playing at fashion blogging: Cheryl Blossoms.  There’s the first tumblr I followed: Cozey Daily.  There are two bloggers I consider close friends who have definitely given me food for thought and who I love my rare chances to just hang out online with: Shae, and Zee.  There are other follows, too numerous to list here.  (Yes, father, I should start a blogroll…)  Although he isn’t a second lifer, I also follow iamfunny2’s “What If” blog, random rants and writings and whimseys, generally in response to prompt sites like’s Daily Post.  If I didn’t exist and my firsty had a blog without me and my adventures in Second Life, it would probably be a lot like Okay, What If?  And of course, if you’ve followed me for any length of time, or if you’ve visited some of my ‘Monday Meme’ responses, you know I adore Strawberry Singh.Snapshot_007

The claims that I want to be Strawberry when I grow up are obviously exaggerations.  After all, I don’t want to grow up, period.  Maturity is too much like reality, both are places that require occasional visits, but I would rather live in the bright primary colors of innocence and enthusiasm.  Still, Berry is an excellent exemplar of what I would like my blog to someday be.  She writes well, articles that are interesting and enjoyable.  She’s beautiful (sure, in Second Life that’s ‘only’ a result of good shopping skills.  So what?  in First Life it’s only the result of a roll of the genetic dice.  Second Life beauty actually is the result of choice and judgement…).  She is a very good photographer.  She’s a teacher- my snapshots are definitely better because of the lessons she has posted and pointed out about Second Life photography.  She is a warm, caring blogger who promotes community and connection in a Second Life where far too many people are griefers and drama queens.  I’m sure I’m embarrassing Berry a little by heaping such fulsome praise upon her, but I really and sincerely admire her, and the example she has provided me and the occasional feedback, like, and comment have been the closest I have had to a mentor in my blogging.  It’s kind of amazing how often I find reason to say “Thank you, Berry.”

In a recent pose, Berry admitted, ” I totally admit, I am a youtube addict. I have been watching various youtubers since 2006,” so I’m going to bring this post full circle with another video.  I love music, so when I learned how to insert youtube videos into WordPress posts, it became a common occurrence for me to put one or two songs every other post or so because music is a big part of the wanderings I lead.  This video, Pork and Beans by Weezer, is not only a great song, but has enough Youtube video cameos to satisfy the most demanding Youtube addict…

P.S.: the obligatory listing of fashion credits: Shape: Kids5B Gigi Teen; Skin: Amar by WoW Skins; Hair: ‘Black, Half-Long’ source unknown, but created by Svenja Jewel; Outfit: JayBee Veinte from EdelFabrik; Earrings: *JStyle.  Hope everyone is having a cool and stylish weekend!

  1. Shae Marquis says:

    Ohhh, you make me smile big! I’m speechless ❤

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