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Posted: November 14, 2013 in Monday Meme
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It was the best of memes; it was the worst of memes.  It was the blog of wisdom; it was the blog of foolishness…

Autumn… fading to winter...

Autumn… fading to winter…

Sorry, given the very random nature of my thought process, I couldn’t help but think of the intro to Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities when confronted with this weeks Monday Meme.  Like that intro, Strawberry invited us all to compare and contrast the highs and the lows of Second Life and of blogging.  Here are the instructions… (this ought to be a piece of cake… or maybe pie.  I really want pie today for some reason…):

Meme Instructions: Copy and paste the questions and answers below, delete my answers and input your own. The twist is, the final question you need to change and make up your own best & worst that you want to share. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments.

Who can it be, knocking at your door?

Who can it be, knocking at your door?

#1: Best Thing about Second Life: Duh, it’s me!  Seriously, I think what I enjoy most about Second Life is the sheer mad randomness and whimsey from day to day.  Where else can you find naughty costume play, art museums, dystopian cyber-futures, and night clubs, often on the same day or sim?

Worst Thing about Second Life: The people who take it too seriously.  I am here to have fun, and to share my fun with others.  Drama and grief about the “Linden conspiracy to suck my creative juices” or “you don’t have the same fun I do so you are having fun all wrong” are things that drain all the fun out of a room.  Lighten up, people!

For real?  For surreal!

For real? For surreal!

#2: Best Thing in your Inventory: This sounds a little weird, but my Red Leather Kicks from PROZAK.  They’re the first clothing item my firsty and I disagreed about.  I love them, wear them every chance I get, often with outfits they don’t really match.  My firsty would prefer to keep me in more stereotypically feminine footwear.  So my kicks were the seed from which my individual style grew and blossomed…

Temporary aside to talk about style.  As you can see in the snapshots, I’m wearing the red leather kicks from Prozak.  (Hey, they are the best thing in my inventory, after all.)  I’m also wearing the ‘walk of shame’, a torn fishnet and grey minidress from Pink Sugah.  The torn hose came with an obi and kimono from Adi Cat.  I was going to wear lolas, but I didn’t like how the applier lined up so I just chose a busty shape, the Samage from ~Blink~.  My skin is the Viola from WoW Skins.  My neko tail and ears are from Virtual Attire.  My hair is the Dragee, toast-colored, from Rosy Mood.  The cat makeup helps match the neko look, and is a tattoo layer from Damned.

Worst Thing in your inventory: I’m actually torn between three items, all of them dating back to my unfortunate ‘sex doll’ phase.  I knew I wanted to have a Second Life, if only to avoid the burnout of constantly being logged into a First Life game that I was not winning, but hadn’t figured out what I actually wanted to do with my Second Life.  Now I have a purpose, writing, and get much more enjoyment out of my SLife.  Back then, however, I had no purpose.  I would try anything once, and I sought out casual sex encounters, particularly where I could be dominated and controlled by someone else.  Although I’m not really up for that sort of thing anymore, I still have the residue of those depraved days floating in my inventory.

Bad item #1: Inflatable Sex Doll avatar.   I can turn myself into a rubber blow-up doll.  There is even an animation override with three settings: full on: motionless, inflated, ready to use; partial: move normally, but mouth held in a permanent O-shape; deflated: lying in a crumpled deflated heap on the floor.

Bad Item #2: Real Life Sex Doll Stand.  Pose on the stand, and you are bound in plastic wrap and given a HUD implant to wear.  Any passerby may unwrap you and get a remote control HUD that allows them to put you in various sexual poses and animations for their pleasure.  (On setting the stand up, you can choose whether the remote is free or whether they have to pay for the remote, and if so how much of the money goes to the doll and how much to the owner of the stand.)  Idea sounded fun, but the device didn’t seem to work as theorized, which probably means I had a setting wrong, but I never did figure it out.

Bad Item #3: This is the one I’m so embarrassed about that I’m not telling you exactly what it is.  I will admit it is from *Lots of Fun* and that if you visit their in world store or Marketplace presence, you can assume the worst but understand why I don’t wanna talk about it.  I will ask the question, because I assume there is a policy involved somewhere…  You can buy prop machines, animals, tentacled monsters, etc. with sex animations, to simulate in Second Life the most bizarre and deviant porn you can find in First Life.  Why can you not buy a realistic prop person to have sex with, which would presumably be a much bigger market than farm animals…

O.K.  Maybe assume the second worst...

O.K. Maybe assume the second worst… Eek!

#3: Best Earliest Second Life Memory: Discovering Carnal Oasis, the place that taught me the joy of Second Life clubs and DJ events.

Worst Earliest Second Life Memory: Can’t really think of one off the top of my head.  I’m sure I’ve had bad experiences, but between the facts that I tend to live in the present and I don’t really take anything seriously, nothing stands out as a bad memory.  Sorry.  I guess I’ll have to see if I can have a bad experience somewhere so I’ve got something to gripe about…

Crouching Neko, Hidden Poseball?

Crouching Neko, Hidden Poseball?

#4 Best Thing I Learned Because of SL and also Worst Thing I Learned Because of SL: The testing process is still ongoing, but it was through SL and blogging that I learned my firsty and I apparently suffer from adult attention deficit disorder.  In one sense, this is neither good nor bad, but it is the most important discovery I’ve made.  In one sense it doesn’t matter much: I’ve obviously learned to function around it, and can continue to do so.  But with awareness, I can look for better work arounds and better functioning as I muddle my way through both of my Lifes.

Sometimes I have artsy moments...

Sometimes I have artsy moments…

#5: Best thing about Blogging: Um..everything? Blogging gives my rambling and roaming in Second Life a purpose.  Since this is a public journal of my roaming and rambling, it gives me a forum to figure out my thoughts and moods.  (You would think I would know, but I work without a net or a filter… I type first and then try to figure out what it all means…)  It lets me keep my writing muscles somewhat fit and toned, so I can write at the drop of a hat.  Or any other articles of clothing that may conveniently drop.  And when I’m frustrated by my lack of progress playing First Life, blogging makes everything feel better for me.  I love blogging!

Worst thing about Blogging: That there are still only twenty-four hours in a day, which is bad enough when you don’t have to share them between two Lifes.  I feel guilty on any day I don’t manage to get a blog entry posted.  Given this is my fun and my relax and my escape from pressures and obligations, it is an odd situation to feel obligated and pressured to go out and have some fun.  And to juggle other un-fun obligations because I feel guilty about not having enough fun.  Which takes some of the fun out of fun.

Distracted by PicMonkey… No my attention span isn't short!

Distracted by PicMonkey… No my attention span isn’t short!

#6: Oh, go out and make your own question, Strawberry’s busy eating French Toast and Soy Sauce: Best song I’ve heard this week: A toss-up between ‘A Really Cool Dance Song’ by Bowling For Soup and ‘Can’t Help’ by Parachute.  So I included them both…

Worst Song I’ve Heard This Week: My firsty managed to get the song ‘Little Bunny Foo Foo’ stuck in a manager’s head at work this week.  Cruel, but really funny to do.

Oh, and one final pretty picture….

Moonlight Teahouse at Tuli (194,150,44)

Moonlight Teahouse at Tuli (194,150,44)

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