I’m not broke! I’m thrifty!

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Sponsor Posts
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OK, actually I am broke.  Again.  But that is a perfect reason to be thrifty, so I figured I would head down to Thrift Shop 3.0.  Plus, one of my sponsors, Grumble, Grumble, has a booth there, so I can claim I’m ‘working’ while I shop.  Two birds, meet one stone!

"What do you mean, I don't have an expense account?"

“What do you mean, I don’t have an expense account?”

My first step is to visit the Grumble booth, so I can get this trip listed on my expense account.  You can see I’m back in my default shape, the Kids5B gigi teen.  My skin is the Moon Tan Skin from Redgrave, which I got free out of an RLV transformation trap.  (RLV traps are thrifty.  Dangerous, but thrifty.)  My hair is unknown source, probably a box of freebies/cheap-bies in my early days.  Most of my outfit is Grumble, Grumble since I’m doing a sponsor post.  I love this Zombie T-shirt, although I wish the text showed up clearer.  (“Zombies Eat Brains.  You’re Safe!”)  I’m also wearing soft red leather boots, the Colorado, which came from a lucky chair.  (Lucky chairs are also thrifty.)  The white lace wrap bangles came from my boss in the blogger info pack.  They are a Gatcha item for this event, and since I love bangles and ‘big’ wrist decorations, I want to find the Gatcha and see what other colors I can get.  The Laica white jeans are a dollarbie from LC’s world of fashion.  Not only are the jeans nice, but they come with mesh cuffs (which I’m not wearing with the boots) and two big mesh pockets, which can be added or not added at your whim.  My earrings are JKTrends “Candy Cotton” earrings.  Not only are they big and dangly, which I like in my jewelry, but the set also includes matching necklace and bracelets.  All-in-all, I’m striving for a cute, casual look while I go shopping, and I think I nailed it.

"Hey, boss!  Like how I artistically worked the signage into this pic?"

“Hey, boss! Like how I artistically worked the signage into this pic?”

In time honored tradition of the starving artist, I spend my time at the booth fantasizing about what I would buy if I had more Lindens to my name than I do.  I really like the look of the tiger pattern stripper boots, particularly the teal, although realistically I have to admit I would rarely wear them.  You know I love boots, but I prefer shorter below the knee boots like the Colorados I’m wearing or my frequently worn red leather kicks.  Don’t get me wrong, there are occasions and events when only stripper boots will do.  I just have to confess I don’t have enough of those events in my life.  I also like the ‘groovy’ half-tees, particularly the pink ‘girl power’ tee and the black ‘Peace, Love, & Equality’ tee.

O.K. It's true.  I can resist anything but temptation...

O.K. It’s true. I can resist anything but temptation…

So after popping back home to try on the pink half-tee and the stripper boots, I come back to see what else there is to see at the Thrift Fair.  At the booth for Blow-Up, a tartan bra and a leather collar catch my eye….  At Nani’s booth, I remind myself I need some more poses, although these don’t captivate me… Mash fashions is selling a really cute sweater dress, the Trisha, for 60 L$… Citrus has some really cute sweaters with skull and crossbones designs.  (Yes, I think skulls can be cute.  I’m kind of goth that way, don’t judge me…)  At Eternal Dreams Poses’s booth, one of the sets of poses is called Shoe Addict, a group of poses for showing off a young lady’s footwear.  Poses that would have been perfect for showing off any of my many boots…  Mien Poses has some really nice poses also, including an apple harvest crate with several nice poses.  Letis Tattoos has some nice tattoos.  There is a Rosary tattoo, a rose entwined around the person’s leg.  It captures my eye as I would like some tattoos other than on my back or my upper chest when I choose to be tattooed.  Oh, and more poses… Purple poses and Elephante Poses.  (Note to self: I’ve got to remember where, because I know I’ve seen good things about Elephante on other blogs.)  Definitely have to look into poses…  So I’ve had a good day being thrifty.  Now I just need to get my allowance, so I can go back to my profligate spendthrift ways…

  1. […] OK, I’m back, and I made a little progress.  As you can see in the last two photos, I used some of the twelve day’s gifts to decorate one corner of my space.  The rug, the wall banner, the couch, and the leaning shelfs are all among the twelve day goodies.  I’m also wearing some Grumble fashion.  The cute blue one shoulder dress is available for only 45 minutes of camping.  The colorful bangles on my wrist are the current group gift down in the subway area.  (They say November gift.  I don’t know if that means they are going to be swapped out soon, or if there are so many other giveaways for December that there isn’t a December group gift.)  The “love me” facial tattoo and the Leopard pattern boots are both for sale (the boots were a Grumble feature item for Thrift Shop 3.0, more on that here). […]

  2. […] great time (i.e. I spent more than I could afford) when I covered Thrift Shop 4 and when I covered Thrift Shop 3 so I’m fully expecting to have a good time (and spend more lindens) at Thrift Shop 5.  As […]

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