Smoking Hot?

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Guest Blogged!
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A new and noteworthy outfit?

A new and noteworthy outfit?

Hello, everyone!  Matt the ‘Firsty’ here.  Once again, I’ve talked Emily into allowing me to have a turn blogging, which is great because today I want to talk about her behind her back.  You see, I am trying to figure out if Emily is a smoker.  That sounds a little strange.  When you think about our relationship as First and Second Life alter egos, it sounds even stranger.  Shouldn’t I be the first to know?  Possibly even before Emily knows?

Monday morning, when Emily & I checked, Strawberry had not yet posted this week’s Introspection Meme.  Instead, the NikotiN post from the 16th came up,  detailing Raph Dirval’s Second Life smoking system.  As a product, it sounds fascinating… mesh props with detailed animations yet a low script count to reduce lag.  I was also struck by the fact that Emily didn’t have a reaction.

Brief aside that makes me sound crazy: For obvious reasons, Emily and I usually agree on things and share mutual reactions.  However, we aren’t a 100% overlap, and so I occasionally find myself tagging certain thoughts as ‘Emily’ thoughts.  For example, I was in the grocery store the other night, and my eye was drawn to an otherwise quite unassuming and average-looking woman and I found myself thinking, “Man, I wish I could get her boots for Emily.”  For another example, we both love to follow this tumblr feed of costume play pictures, but I’ve also come to realize that I like it because there are many sexy pictures and that Emily likes it because she wants most of the costumes.  So it was surprising and noteworthy that I had a response to Strawberry’s post and Emily didn’t, not even to agree.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar… and sometimes it's just a demo!

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar… and sometimes it’s just a demo!

I’ve mentioned before that Emily is basically a result of three sources thrown into a mental blender.  The rough outline is an idea for a series character that I’ve wanted to write about for years.  A lot of small details in Emily’s personality and back story are my own experiences, occasionally verbatim but usually somewhat morphed.  Emily is working her way through college as a waitress because I know food service intimately.  And the third source is Second Life itself, because the differences between First and Second Life have helped shape Second Life Emily.

Now, I don’t smoke.  I’ve never tried, not even a single hit off of someone else’s cigarette or joint.  I’m not a crusader or anti-smoking zealot.  It just is one of those things that has never had any appeal to me, even when others suggested it.  The closest I ever came was kissing my wife after she had just finished a cigarette and tasting the smoke moving from her mouth into mine, an experience that was actually more erotic than it must sound.  It still wasn’t enough to make me want to smoke, and I was glad when she quit a few years after we married.  And until I saw Strawberry’s post, I would have said smoking, like the taste of a medium rare ribeye or the discomfort of abdominal cramps, was a First Life experience denied to Second Lifers other than in their imaginations.  So if Emily is a smoker, it comes from her fictional basis, and that is what I am trying to determine.

Dammit, I want someone to ask my opinion...

Dammit, I want someone to ask my opinion…

When I went to bed last night, the draft of this blog entry continued for several paragraphs where I weighed a bunch of pros and cons about whether Emily would smoke or not.  In the cool light of morning, they were rambling and disjointed and not that interesting to read so I deleted them.  The bottom line is that smoking makes a lot of sense within Emily’s back story… if she ever tried it, she would probably be hooked.  On the other hand, there is enough of me in Emily that it is equally plausible that she just never tried smoking.  The whole exercise helped me think about ‘fiction Emily’ and better define her in my head, which really was the point of the exercise.  As for my Secondy (that just sounds too unwieldy, it will never catch on as a nickname like Firsty), she’s not going to become a smoker because I also proved to myself that my passing whim wasn’t enough to justify spending Lindens on the Nikitin system when I know Emily would prefer more clothes.

Speaking of clothes, Emily does have me trained well enough that I will include the credits: Shape: Standard Sizing Small, Virtual Attire freebie.  Skin: Cruel Intentions in Porcelain, Drop Dead Gorgeous.  Hair: Dragee, toast color, Rosy Mood.  Outfit (Gloves, Boots, Skirt, Teddy): Fabiana, white, clearance outfit from Busty Boutique.  I hope everyone has a great day, and that all your outfits are fabulous!

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