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Posted: November 25, 2013 in Writing Prompt
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That's right, I'm posing with the Batmobile!

That’s right, I’m posing with the Batmobile!

So Friday morning, I cackled with crazy-mad joy when I saw the WordPress Daily Prompt:

You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:

  • the ability to speak and understand any language
  • the ability to travel through time
  • the ability to make any two people agree with each other

Photographers, artists, poets: show us POWER.

WHY did I cackle with crazy-mad joy?  Because I love all things superhero and this prompt is a lovely excuse…

Batgirl in a wheelchair?  An oracle of things to come?

Batgirl in a wheelchair? An oracle of things to come?

…an excuse to wear this Batgirl costume.  Almost two months ago, I went hog wild with some gift cards at Fierce Designs.  So many cool costumes, and me a cosplay freak… there was definitely some POW! and BLAMMO! and KABOOM! going on as I shopped ’til the gift cards dropped.  As for the rest of the outfit, my shape is the Kids Girl Shape (15-18) from Sour Pickles.  My skin is Viola from WoW Skins.  My hair is Calla’s ImSoPlayful in Mocha.  (Yum!  Mocha…I need some coffee!).

Issue #42: The Huntress Arrives

Issue #42: The Huntress Arrives

…an excuse to go to the latest KatnipZ Sim-wide hunt event: Superheroines, Supervillains, Superboobs.  I put this hunt in my bucket list when I saw the first sign up, during the Alice in Boobieland Hunt.  If you check out the Katnipz blog site, you can see listings for the 41 costumes in the hunt.  (As of today, some of the costumes are listed as ‘coming soon’ so all 41 costumes may not be out yet.  Also beware this is 5L hunt and some of the items are actually 20L.  Still a great price, and to a geek-girl like me they are well, well worth it!)  The costumes are supposed to be fake boob friendly, which I view as a great plus.  Even though I rarely wear my Lolas, outfits designed to show them off are generally cut tight with plunging necklines, and I like that sort of thing.  I like that sort of thing a lot! Unlike traditional hunts, where you teleport from store to store to store, all of the gifts are loaded onto the one sim.  So while I wandered around taking pictures for this post and occasionally getting distracted by the cool stuff in all the little shops and kiosks (“Curse you, ADD baron!”) I also hunted for goodies… Fifteen found so far.  Come on down (Taxi here) and see if you can find more than I did…

Pencilled and Inked

Pencilled and Inked…

…an excuse to talk about RPGs.  I was never truly an avid gamer.  You know the type I’m talking about… the kid who got less sunlight than your average vampire, carried a felt bag of weird sided dice, and could make innocent bystanders’ eyes glaze over with a detailed play by play description of ‘critical charts’ and ‘initiative rolls’.  Still, I dated a gamer for a few years in high school, so I’ve experienced some of the game systems and can talk the lingo.  The most common genre for gaming is still heroic fantasy, inspired by the works of Tolkein and others of that ilk, but the games I liked best were Champions, a system for super-hero roleplaying which could be stretched to all-genre play and GURPS, a system for all-genre play that could be stretched to four-color super-hero play.  They are the reason I wish I had a schedule that permitted me to join a SL roleplaying troupe, which I imagine as a nice mash-up of computer game, LARP, and old-school gaming.

We super heroines need to relax too, you know….

We super heroines need to relax too, you know….

… an excuse to talk about the powers I have and the powers I’d like.  Yes, I said the powers I have.  Second Life is a very special sort of place, with the powers any girl would love.  I can fly.  I can teleport.  I can change my shape and skin color and even change my species or gender.  I can somehow carry 13,686 items in my inventory, including several items of furniture and hundreds of outfits, without even making an unsightly bulges in my utility belt.  So ask me again what powers I would layer on top of that?

Well, since you ask, I would love to be a dowser.  Yes, really.  In the fiction my firsty and I are writing, the protagonist (a spirited and lovely girl with really great hair) has a whole suite of psychic gifts related to finding things and knowing what is around her.  I suppose that is part of the appeal of hunts, the intrigue and mystery of figuring out where things are.

I believe I can fly; I believe I can touch the sky...

I believe I can fly; I believe I can touch the sky…

… even an excuse to finally answer the question in the prompt.  If I have to pick from the three powers given, I’m going to opt for power three, the ability to make any two people agree with each other.  Given that I am a person, that means I can make any other person agree with me… that would be mind control.  Sure it’s typically a villainess power, but I’m aware that as Stunning Stan Lee would proclaim, with great power comes great responsibility.  I would only mind control people for good causes, like making them turn off Christmas music before Thanksgiving or making men with chiseled, washboard abs take their shirts off and share their abs with the world.

Finally, let me include links to some superhero music:


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