To Boldly Geek Where No One Has Gone Before

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Monday Meme
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These are the journals of the nerd girl Emily...

These are the journals of the nerd girl Emily…

It’s funny (funny-odd, not funny-haha), but even though I consider myself a geek-girl, I may not be one by Strawberry’s definitions.  See, I was checking out the latest Monday Meme, inspired by the Geeks and Nerds Fair,  (File the Fair under, “Yes, I really should check that out.”) and Strawberry gave a cute Venn Diagram of nerd-dom as well as her personal working definitions before asking us to give her some nerdy photos and answer some questions about nerdiness/geekiness.  So where to begin?

I suppose I’ll start with the pictures.  I built my look around the {Capacious} Geektastic Dress.  It’s a Gatcha item that comes in fifteen or eighteen styles, and I have three: Miss Mary Mack, for those who geek over Macintosh computers; Star, with the star icon from Mario World; and Space Medical, the blue Star Trek dress for science and medical personnel.  I shifted back to my ‘default’ shape, Gigi Teen, and when I went to pick a skin, I realized I have the Rainbow Dash skin from Niekra’s Dreams.  Green skin.  Star Trek Dress.  Orion Slave Girl, any one?  Well, that meant the logical hair to pick was this green Naamah mermaid hair from [Plastik].  All that was left was to accessorize: Lip and nose piercings because I’m punk, even when I’m geek; Prozak red leather kicks, partly because I’m punk, partly because away teams need sturdy footwear on alien planets; and Nerdy glasses from :.Envious.: because they just fit the meme.

As far as a setting for my pictures, I did an SL search for Star Trek and found the Star Trek Museum on the New Eridani sim.  I would offer you a taxi, but it is more in character for this post to offer to beam you up

Her on-going mission: to explore strange new sims...

Her on-going mission: to explore strange new sims…

On to tackling Strawberry’s six questions about nerdiness.

#1: What do you consider yourself to be? Geek? Nerd? Dork? None of the above? All of the above?  I would consider myself to be a geek-girl.  I’m interested in and knowledgable about many different fandoms.  I prefer fiction that would be considered ‘genre’ over ‘mainstream’ and can bubble enthusiastically over a lot of different series.  I love cosplay, and will engage in it at any reasonable opportunity.  My firsty has collected various dice and paper RPGs for nearly three decades, so I have all of his knowledge of RPG’s inside my skull as well, although I will merely claim to have played X (where X is whatever game I’m geeking over) because of an ex-boyfriend who was into it.  I’ve seen enough different examples of all the standard fandom tropes that I can argue the ‘rules’ of vampires, lycanthropy, time travel, paranormal activity, etc.

My firsty is definitely a nerd, and probably a border-line geek.  He is very good at math, and tends to take for granted that other people share his interest in and understanding of what statistics actually mean.  (Um, no and no, respectively.)  His interest in fiction and stories extends to interest in Campbellian archetypes, Chekov’s law, and other methods of analyzing and breaking them apart.  He is interested in theology, mythology, and literature, particularly so he can play “spot-the-allusion” and talk about things like ‘our common cultural definitions.’  He’s kind of snobbish about people who don’t know at least the broad brush strokes of history, and the stuff he considers minutiae is a lot more minute than most people’s minutiae.  His only saving grace, and the reason he does fairly well working people-oriented jobs, is that he has figured out how to ‘dial it down’.  And when he lets his geek-level dial up, he usually does so to laugh at himself.

Which is why I may not even qualify as a geek… Most of the definitions I’ve seen, Strawberry’s included, hinge not just on the nature of the interests but that the geek/nerd are obsessive and/or over-enthused on their interests even when it is socially inappropriate to do so.  I don’t obsess over my interests… I flit from one to another to another with all the mad randomness of my short attention span.  I also keep my geek nature dialed down so that I can function better, and adapt my behavior to my setting.  So am I still a geek?

to yada yada yada

To seek out new looks and cool animations….

#2: What was the first computer you ever owned? Me personally, an HP laptop I got as a gift when starting college.  Because my firsty is older than I am, and his family foresaw computers being important, his first computer was an Apple II+.  A big clunky box with all of 48K, a monochrome black-and-green monitor, and a 5.25″ floppy disk drive.  In dog years, my firsty is dead.

#3: When and how did you first get on the internet? Since my reality exists on the internet, technically I was razzed here from day one.  My firsty got onto the internet through use groups and MUD’s (Multi-User-Dungeons… if you are young enough that you don’t remember corded phones, just imagine a text only version of Second Life.)

#4: Which geek fandom do you subscribe to? Many and none.  As mentioned above, I’m interested in many randoms, but merely interested, shading into enthused, not actually a ‘fan’atic of anything.  Possibly it is connected to the very present-centered way my mind operates… I don’t have a favorite song, author, musician, fandom, TV show, movie, etc.  I’m often really excited about what I’m currently doing, seeing, listening to, etc… but I cannot isolate one favorite.

To boldly blog where no one, well, hopefully not too many people, have gone before….

To boldly blog where no one, well, hopefully not too many people, have gone before….

#5: Star Trek or Star Wars?  If Strawberry can dodge choosing by saying neither, I shall dodge choosing by saying both.  I love both.  Which I prefer on any given day depends on my mood, what’s on, what I’ve been reading and listening to recently, and so on and so forth.  Today I feel like going boldly, but tomorrow I may feel like confusing you with Jedi mind tricks.  You never know what will occur within my mind, because honestly, I never know what will occur there…

#6: How Geeky Are You?  Well, at a score of 35%, I’m not very geeky, but at least I’m geekier than Strawberry.  Although I will fault the exam, because it obviously was geared for computer programming geeks, rather than, say, role-playing geeks or Trekkies or fans of Once Upon a Time…

Still, with so many fan-doms to choose from, I have hope that I will be able to find my inner geek and let her stride boldly forth.  Tremble before my geeky wrath!  MUAH-HA-HAHHAHAHAHA!


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