The Stars at Night are Big and Bright…

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Background: Gorgeous, check!  Foreground: Gorgeous, check!  Picture perfect!

Background: Gorgeous, check! Foreground: Gorgeous, check! Picture perfect!

WHAT I’M WEARING: Omalo, a beautifully slinky evening dress from LC’s world of fashion.  It’s sheer enough and low cut enough that it isn’t ‘winter wear’ by any stretch of the imagination, but I ended up not shooting the winter shots I thought I was going to so it all worked out.  The body is PetiteDollyDDD from AladyIsland.  The skin is Music is Life from Kre-ations… all the musical markings are NOT a tattoo layer, but are part of the skin that I’m in.  The only tattoo I’m wearing is the little “Love Me” facial tattoo from Grumble, Grumble which I didn’t take off when I swapped looks from my last I post.  The hair is Calla’s ImSoPreddy in Fruit Punch.  The necklace came with the Omalo dress.  My earrings are from *JStyle.  I’m wearing stockings from Alloro, and the heels are all I kept out of a dollarbie outfit from LC’s world of fashion.

Another picture of fun with wind lights...

Another picture of fun with wind lights…

WHERE I’M AT: The Inspire Space Park, in the Shinda sim.  (Taxi here.)  OMG!  This park is so cool as a picture setting.  I love it, I love it, I love it!  I literally just stumbled across this in the ‘what’s hot’ category of the destinations search, trying to rediscover the sim I where I had planned to take today’s pictures.  The setting is uber-cool, particularly for an s-f-geekette like me, and such a fun place to play with wind lights settings as well.  The sim’s music is a relaxing, slow trance/electronica blend, so I’m feeling very relaxed right now.

Christmas on Ganymede?

Christmas on Ganymede?

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Well, I’m getting ready for my experiment in second-hand medication.  To clarify, I’m not talking about used medication or medication from another patient.  Rather I am comparing the medication to ‘second-hand smoking’ where one person smokes and those around them get the health effects.  Well, in sense I am talking about medication from another patient.  Two or three months ago, I went through a drawn out saga where I discovered that my firsty and I may have ADD we didn’t know about, and my firsty decided to explore treatment options to see if they would potentially improve his quality of life.  The first step was going to a specialist to have our unofficial diagnosis confirmed, which has been both more of a production and less informative than I would have hoped.  This morning my firsty got the results.  (And really, you would think four hours of testing and two months of waiting would produce more info than just “Yep, you’ve got ADD.”  Moderate?  Severe?  Does it come in flavors?  There is almost no hyperactivity component, it’s ADD not AD/HD, but is there more than that we should know?  How do I get a copy of the specialist’s report, dang it!)  Anyway, he has a prescription now to try a low dose of meds.  And since my firsty and I share one skull, not only did I get his ADD without asking, I am now about to get his meds and their side effects (well, some of them) with equal non-asking.  As you can probably tell, I’m a little bit nervous about this…

My firsty has never been drunk or taken an illegal narcotic in his life.  Occasional drinks, occasional medical anesthesia, and an admittedly strong caffeine habit are the sum total of nearly four decades of ‘drug’ usage, and he has cheerfully joked for years that, “Just being me is an altered state, why would I mess with that?”  I’ve witnessed an ex-brother-in-law misuse depression meds and turn himself into a virtual zombie, and strongly suspect one of my close friends has turned her meds into a crutch that helps her avoid dealing with problems, so meds scare me.  At the same time, I have days where I can feel my mind going more squirrelly than others, where the disjointed and fast-moving nature of my thoughts switches from being an asset that helps me be the smartest person in the room to being an obstacle in getting things done.  What I really want is some way to keep the squirrelly days under control and be a little less distractible, have a little better follow-through, but other wise still be clever, whimsical, live-in-the-moment ME.  And I don’t know how integral my flaws and downsides are to my gifts and upsides that I don’t want to lose, and I’m scared s***less that I may destroy my silver linings if I manage to chase the dark clouds away.  Oh, and I’m operating without a clear understanding of what I’m doing, and the uncertainty is magnifying my nerves and doubts.  I know I am probably overreacting.  The problem is a) the gap between probably and definitely is a big part of what is scaring me and b) even if I was definitely overreacting, it’s not like I can just turn my worries off by flipping some sort of mental light switch.  Oh, well, thanks for letting me vent.  Fear not, I will let you know what’s going on as I figure it out myself….

Fortunately, pretty pictures help me relax...

Fortunately, pretty pictures help me relax…


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