Santa, I want a pony!

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So when I made my last post, I casually joked about wanting a pony.  It’s such a stereotypical little-girl thing to ask for, it is even more fun to ask for a pony for Christmas than it is to ask for a hippopotamus or my two front teeth.

Then I saw it.  I was looking for a good place to take some pictures, and some random searching yielded Studio Sidhe, a small boutique selling poses and pose-props of a fantastic nature.  And they have a beautiful pony!  (Well, unicorn, but a unicorn is just a pony with a horn…)  It even comes with five included poses.  I want one, I want one, I want one!

Lion and pony and me, oh my!

Lion and pony and me, oh my!

That wasn’t the only cool thing I saw.  I also saw a beautiful, heavy wooden chest, ‘Pandora’s Box’ that came with six poses for the intrepid young woman who wants to release all the world’s evils and possibly some hope out into their sim.  And once again, I said, I want it, I want it, I want it!

I wonder what's in this present...

I wonder what’s in this present…

The last of the props I wanted to show was this sign post pointing the direction to happiness, procrastination, and other metaphysical choices…

Wait for me!  Wait for me!

Wait for me! Wait for me!

Two postscripts.  First, observant eyes will notice I have been tweaking my snapshots a little more recently, particularly in this post.  Another blogger introduced me to pic not too long ago, and I’m slowly learning what I can do with that site.  Normally, I would just crop and frame- effects may change how my outfit looks, and since my blog is loosely speaking a fashion blog, that is a no-no.  Since this post was actually about the poses and pictures, I felt freer to use some of the effects.  I really liked how I was able to add some magic light to the Pandora’s box snapshot…  Second, although this post wasn’t about what I’m wearing, I’ll mention it non-the less.  My shape, skin, and all the accessories, including leggings and boots, were a single *JStyle complete avatar freebie.  However the ‘dress’ for the gift was more of a lingerie thing, so I swapped it out for a source unknown black dress that I was able to modify a little.  The hair is the Calla ImSoPlayful in vanilla.


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