I made me do it… huh?

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Having a hell of a good time...

Having a hell of a good time…

WHAT I’M WEARING:  The phrase “the devil made me do it” has a different ring when I am the devil in question… but it just seemed a good idea at the time… The tight latex outfit is “Heavy Metal” from A&k Designs.  I’m actually wearing the censored version, which has metal (slightly chilly, too) stars covering up the girls… The outfit comes with both the starred version and one that just lets them hang loose in all their glory.  The horns, hooved boots, and tail are all out of the inner demon outfit from Virtual Attire.  The wings came out of a freebie box.  The skin is the freckled version of the Demonia skin from Caverna Obscura.  The hair was Ruby from Tameless Hair.  (It’s scripted to color change, and I have the fantasy pack colors, of which ‘Goth Red’ seemed the way to go.)  As far as jewelry goes, I’m wearing my lip ring and I also kept the red collar from *JStyle that I wore last post.

WHERE I’M AT: As I was trying to determine where to go in my devilish finery, I got a group message that there was a ‘Bikes, Leathers, & Tunes’ event at my favorite dance club, Carnal Oasis.   I considered briefly and then decided that a devil in latex was close enough to a biker in leather.  (Just a slightly different interpretation of ‘Hell’s Angel’, right?)  I will mention the event was a sponsored event, brought to the Oasis by Biker Braatz & Bastards, and I bought one outfit and got a free gift card as well.  Sooner or later, those will show in this space.  The music was an awesome mix of big-hair hard-rock tunes, and my only gripe is that my firsty’s internet connection went wonky before I could finish out the event.  (Which is also why I only got one picture, sigh.)

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Not much.  My firsty is using up all my time getting ready for his Christmas, but I cannot say I blame him.  I will report that after we have spent one week on the lowest dose of medicine, I feel like there is definitely an effect.  I generally feel like my ADD is not active most of the time, but that occasionally my mind “goes squirrelly” and skids out of control.  In the first week of medication I feel like I have had many more ADD attacks, but that they have all been much smaller- little hiccups in my thinking rather than big attacks.  One week is hardly enough to form a judgement, but I think the medicine is damping the ADD pendulum swings, but that I may want to jump the dose slightly to bring my ‘average’ state of mind more under control.  The other progress I have to report is that I discovered the existence of a book, Fast Minds, by a Dr. Craig Surman, MD.  The book is about both medical and non medical ways of dealing with the traits associated with AD\HD (ADD’s faster, more spastic cousin) whether or not you have full fledged ADD.  A quick skim in the book store looked promising; I’m getting it from the library to determine if it is worth owning.  Oh, and I felt I needed another picture, so I took a close up selfie in my apartment…

I make the naughty list look good!

I make the naughty list look good!


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