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Posted: December 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Christmas isn't over until the last present is unwrapped...

Christmas isn’t over until the last present is unwrapped…

That’s right, I’m back!  My firsty has been on a week long quest visiting family in the untamed urban jungle of Detroit, but finally got back home to his native suburbia, where he could save his progress and log out of First Life for a while.  (I’m a little bummed.  I had hoped my firsty would drop one or two guest blogs while he was traveling, but wifi did not extend to his corner of the untamed jungle…)  The time off was fun, I suppose, but I’m kind of restless and ready to get back to the tough work of dressing pretty, exploring Second Life, and writing about it.

Today’s pretty dressing was mostly dug out of an old box of Freebies, “things for the avatar who likes purple.”  Purple jeans; purple blouse; purple flower for my hair; purple & black necklace, bracelet, and headpiece; even the cute wings.  I poked and pushed at them in my inventory, but only came up with dead ends as far as sources go.  Actually, this was a very frugal look… The shape, from Alady Island, (“voguemodelBooty” -what a name!) came in a box of discontinued shapes and if you did the division, each individual shape cost less than a single linden.  The skin, Carolina 6 from *JStyle, came as part of a group gift.  I think my lip ring was from one of the Zoha Island freebies.  My shoes were out of a dollarbie out fit from LC’s World of Fashion.  I think the only thing I paid for was the Princess hairdo from Rosy Mood… (and I may have found that in a hunt… my memory for this sort of detail is rotten…)

Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York.

Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York.

Since I’d been out of the loop for a week, I went poking around for bargains.  (Nothing makes me thrifty like being low on funds.)  I also looked for shops/outlets that were winter decorated.  My firsty isn’t quite done with Christmas, so I’m prolonging the magic as well.  I found a bunch of cool goodies in KatznipZ sale room, and spent most of what I had left.  Technically they are gifts for me, but then, I’m one of the special girls on both the naughty and nice lists.  (In fact, I’m nicest when I’m naughty!)  

Listing the loot, so that someday I may find the credits...

Listing the loot, so that someday I may find the credits…

There’s still one gift I really want to get myself… I’m becoming a big fan of pic; I’m also remembering what I used to be able to do with Photoshop… I’m torn between getting a premium package for pic monkey, which would be an ongoing small price, quicker to use, and more than sufficient for my blog and purchasing photoshop which would be a one-time big price, more flexible and powerful, and ultimately probably be yet another distraction from my blog as I tried to figure out how to blend pictures from First and Second life together.  (Two examples that come to mind- create a picture of my firsty and I together, create a skin that would let me more closely mimic the women my firsty knows.)

Finally, a to-do list for myself…

  1. Shortly before I started playing ‘First Life: Xmas in Detroit’, Allie Munro (sponsor boss at Grumble, Grumble) sent all of us sponsored bloggers a note about staying current.  The note reminded me that I’m pretty bad about dropping notecards to the boss to let her know when I get my posts up, so I want to get a fresh post up and make sure I remember to tell Allie this time “Look, here it is!”
  2. I haven’t had much time to do ‘writing prompt’ posts.  So do one, post-haste!
  3. Get caught up on reading the blogs I follow, because there will be some that inspire me to respond and/or check out a reported event.
  1. Shae Marquis says:

    I have PS-CS6 and Corel X6 but most often I use these: they’re so easy, all three have such great features, and I have them on my phone and tablet as well so I can play with them when waiting for appointments and whatnot.. P.S – I’m glad you’re back 🙂

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