Oh, look! I get to hang out in a creepy sewer!

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Sponsor Posts
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You would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for us pesky kids...

You would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for us pesky kids…

Grumble, grumble, curse, swear, damn Grumble, Grumble I love my job.  I love my job.  I just keep telling myself through clenched teeth how much I love my job.  After all, how many people get hired to crawl around a creepy sewer and look for dead rats?  Yay.

Get the info here.  Or just read on….

Get the info here. Or just read on….

Now there is a reason I’m wandering in dark and creepy sewers.  (“Yeah, because Allie Munro is a bloody evil sadist…”)  Well, that, too, but also, through the month of January, Grumble, Grumble is running the “Oh, Rats! Subway Tunnel Hunt.”  If you are a frequent Grumbler, you know, the sort of sophisticated shopper whose group tag announces that you love to grumble, then you are familiar with the subway station below the TP landmark where all the gift card mini-manias, lucky chairs, and camping chairs are located.  Well, if you wander away from the well lit freebies, you can get into a network of subway tunnels located beneath the main sim.  For the month of January, twenty dead rats have been hidden in that network of tunnels.  Each dead rat has a 1L$ price tag and holds either some furniture or two clothing items (one men’s, one women’s).  For example, the first rat I found held a men’s shirt and a pair of women’s boots.

I'll just sit and rest for a bit...

I’ll just sit and rest for a bit…

In order to be a proper Grumbling tunnel brat, I mean tunnel rat, I did have to dress the part.  (Don’t worry, there’s no dress code for the hunt.  I just like to change my look a lot…)  My “cute little girl shape” (I’m not just bragging, that’s the shape’s actual name.) is another Kids5B shape like the Gigi teen I often wear.  The skin I chose was Gaia, a pale “milk” colored skin from WoW Skins.  I decided to offset the pale skin with some dark hair, the Calla ImSoPlayful in plum.  Then into some sponsor items: I built my outfit around the GG Cupcake outfit from Grumble, Grumble.  (If I remember correctly it’s in the teen section at the main store as opposed to over at the Grumble kids store, but I may be mis-remembering.)  The white sneakers and long sleeve cupcake t-shirt were both part of the outfit.  The waist on the pants was too low for my tastes (the waist of the pants was below the bottom of my underwear on the sides, and I’m using a kid avatar… can we say social faux pas?) so I did switch out for some Splat Jeans from Affliction.  The pink handbag, the dangly earrings, and my facial tattoos were also Grumble, Grumble.  (I love accessories, and Grumble is one of my two favorite accessory sources…)

Someday, I'll make the front page!

Someday, I’ll make the front page!

I personally found 18 of 20 dead rats, and I decided that was more than enough dead rats for me so I came home to finish up my blog entry.  Before I wrapped up, however, I figured I should show you a few of the items you are looking for.  (The hunt prizes, that is, I have no interest in photographing or even seeing any more dead rats today, thank you very much.)  You may recall while I was doing my post for the 12 days of Grumble I confessed how barren I’ve left my apartment, and decorated one corner with some items from the 12 days giveaways-if you don’t recall, I’ll wait patiently while you link here and read it- Back?  Good.-  I went ahead and moved some stuff around in that corner as you can see in this final picture…

As you can see, looking for rats aged me...

As you can see, looking for rats aged me…

The wheeled bookshelf is in Rat #15.  The ripped tank top was in Rat #4.  (And it was once again a social faux pas to wear it with the cute little girl shape, so I switched to a more adult shape…)  The Reindeer antler headband was just a cute impulse buy, only 25 L$ at Grumble Kids, but probably soon to be rotated out of the store now that Xmas is over.  And the new armlet/ snake bracelet on my wrist was from one of the lucky chairs when I started hunting for rats.  (I also won two 50 L$ gift cards from the mini-manias and a 500 L$ gift card from another lucky chair… I see a shopping spree in my future!)  

  1. *sniff* what is that smell? 😀

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