Happy New (Well, Slightly Used) Year!

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Monday Meme
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Candlelit setting for two.  Now I just need a second.

Candlelit setting for two. Now I just need a second…

Whenever I sit down to prepare a blog entry, I find myself needing three things.  Firstly, I need a look.  I have terrible addictions to shopping, hunting, and freebies, so I acquire outfits much faster than I can wear them.  That makes new looks easy to come by.  More on today’s look later.  Secondly, I need a background/setting for the photos I will take.  Some days that is trickier than others, but it seems that every possible backdrop and some impossible backdrops are available, and searching for one that tickles my fancy is one of the funnest parts of blogging.  For example, today I’m on Clover Mountain, a fun collection of cozy, romantic settings, that (particularly with some basic wind lights tweaking) makes for beautiful snapshots.  Thirdly, I need something to write about, some starting point from which my stream of consciousness can flow.  Sometimes I draw inspiration from some anecdote that has happened in my or my firsty’s life.  Sometimes I use the Word Press daily prompt.  But one of my favorite inspirations is Strawberry Singh’s Monday Memes, which are now back, new and improved for 2014 after a brief December hiatus in which Strawberry was busy living her own life rather than existing at the beck and call of all her internet groupies and minions.  (I know, right?  The nerve of her!)

If I sit on both sides of the table, and then talk to myself….

If I sit on both sides of the table, and then talk to myself….

So without further adieu, here are Strawberry’s New Year Meme Questions and my Meme Answers…

  • How did you spend New Year’s Eve?  I worked the early part of the evening, taking part in the Oh, Rats! hunt on the Grumble, Grumble sim and blogging about my experience.  I took a break for the later part of the evening and my firsty and I watched the ball drop on TV and played a few board games with my firsty’s family.  Not terribly exciting, but comfortable which is better then exciting.
  • Did you keep any new years’ resolutions?  Nope.  But I didn’t make any either.  I generally ignore clocks and calendars, in the hope that if I ignore them, they will ignore me.  I make resolutions all the time.  Sometimes they stick; sometimes they don’t.  I just don’t feel a resolution made on January 1st is any different from one made on December 7th or March 15th or August 3rd or whatever.
  • What was your biggest achievement(s) of the year?  I started a blog, duh!
Ah, yes, living the good (Second) life...

Ah, yes, living the good (Second) life…

  • What was the best thing you bought?  Gosh, I feel really flighty and trivial as I think about the things I bought this year.  Mostly clothes and outfits (I did mention a shopping addiction, did I not?).  Membership in the WoW Skins VIP group is probably up there on the list… almost all of the WoW skins and shapes I routinely wear are lucky board or midnight mania freebies, and my group membership is what made them possible.  I also bought a pose hud that I like and use frequently, although I still feel like I need to learn how to break it open and name/sort/edit the poses before I can be happy enough to call it the best thing I bought.  I’m very happy with the AO I bought from TuTy’s, enough so that it is my permanent AO and I’m slowly discarding the other ones in my inventory, but again I don’t know if that is enough to justify calling it the BEST item I bought.
  • What do you wish you’d done more of?  More hunts.  More writing, both for my blog and for the fiction I’m slowly working on for First Life.  More shopping.  (I recognize I’m addicted and shop too much.  That doesn’t mean I don’t wish I had done even more than too much…)
  • What do you wish you’d done less of?  I know it is a necessary evil.  And really, the key word is necessary, because it isn’t even that evil.  Nevertheless, I wish I had been able to spend less time logged into First Life and more time being me.

    Northern lights and Southern charm...

    Northern lights and Southern charm…

  • What was your favorite movie you watched this year?  I haven’t the foggiest.  Time for a brief tangent about the world inside Emily’s head.  I’ve never been good with the “What’s your favorite ____?” question.  I don’t know if it’s a function of ADD thinking or just part of the generally slightly askew manner of thought I inherited from my firsty.  I can tell you if I liked something.  I can tell you if I liked it a lot.  However, I am frankly incapable of narrowing down the things I like to a favorite.  Any answer I give you now is subject to change, since my answer is affected by my mood, my recent experiences, and which _____’s I can remember at the moment.  Which is a second problem with that question… I know must have seen somewhere between twelve and twenty movies over the course of 2013, some in theaters, most on DVD or TV, but I could only remember three… And the one I would have picked, Avengers, I saw in the theaters, which means I actually saw it in 2012, not 2013… So I really have absolutely no idea.
  • What did you do on your birthday this year?  My rez day is May 17th, but since that is before I started my blog up, I can’t really tell you what I did that day.
  • Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned.  Let us say I started, but I am still in the process of learning it… Life contains lots of things that are urgent but ultimately not important, and my firsty and I are struggling to work towards the things we see as important without letting the urgent things distract us.
  • What does 2014 hold for you? Probably more of the same as 2013, but I do have a few goals to realize this year.  The number one goal I have is to see my name in print as a fiction writer.  Also, my firsty and his wife, Mrs. Firsty, have decided to spawn start a family.  (The firsty likes kids and hates shopping.  I know better on both counts!)  I really feel that if it’s a girl, they should name her for me.  After all, I’m practically almost virtually family, right?

    A snapshot that is all background and no me… but this sunset is bloody amazing!

    A snapshot that is all background and no me… but this sunset is bloody amazing!

Oh, and as promised, the details on my outfit…

This dress, the Somnium in the Insanity Pattern is awesome, a mesh dress from Shiki featuring the art of Vinn Wong.  A little higher fashion than I usually go, but I love how it looks.  (Check it out in marketplace here.)  The boots came with a dress from Sx Fashion.  The silver bangles I’m wearing, as well as my skin, are from *JStyle.  My other jewelry, the black choker and my lip ring, are frequent accessories but source unknown.  My hair is also source unknown, part of the big box of purple things I recently opened up.  My shape is simply the Standard size Small, a freebie I got from Virtual Attire.

  1. Looks like you accomplished a lot in 2013. I’m happy you started this blog and I got to know you and your firsty a bit better through it. Hope to read more of it in 2014. Happy belated new year! ❤

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