Tough Enough to Shop?

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Sponsor Posts
Bad girl, bad girl, what cha gonna do?

Bad girl, bad girl, what cha gonna do?

It’s time for a quick update on [DUMB BLOND], one of my erstwhile sponsors.  There haven’t been a lot of new releases lately, but [DUMB BLOND] has not been idle.  Instead, they’ve been relocating the [DUMB BLOND] main store, which is now located in the Pioneer sim.  (Taxi!) Since I didn’t have any new product to tout, I figured I would buzz by Marketplace, pick out an older release that was new to me, and then come down to review the new shop and snap some pics.

I'll pick … THAT one!

I’ll pick … THAT one!

So now I’m wearing the GTFO outfit in Grunge.  It’s a lovely outfit, 99 L$, available as you can see either in-store or on Marketplace (this link!).  The outfit includes both the white bikini top and the sheer camisole top, and also the prim vest, the grunge jeans, and the prim shoes and cuffs.  There are three things I like about this outfit.  First off, 99 Lindens is a good price.  I generally see multi piece outfits running about 200 to 500 L$.  I would expect this outfit to be in the lower end of that range- it doesn’t have a lot of accessories (the necklace, piercings, bangles, and eyeglasses shown in the shop picture are not included) and it isn’t compatible with Lolas, Phat Azz, or any of the other currently trendy mesh implant parts.  However, 99 L$ is a good price for something I would expect to run 200 or 250 L$.  Secondly, it looks good.  Wearing this outfit, I look tough and urban and dangerous, and when I look good, I feel good.  (No surprise.  There’s a reason the American Cancer Society supports a program called Look Good, Feel Better.)  Wearing this outfit, I feel better.  Thirdly, I love outfits with customization options.  An outfit that can be worn multiple ways is just that much more valuable.  Because the bikini top and the camisole top are separate, and are both included on underwear, shirt, and jacket layers, you have more options.  The sales display shows both worn together.  You can wear either separately.  By using multiple layers, you can make the camisole top a little less revealing.  Or you can do what I did, use just one layer of the camisole, and show off your chest provocatively…  As I said, options.

As far as the rest of my look, I’m using the Amar Shape and Tessa Tan Skin, both from WoW Skins.  I kept the same Harmony hair from Tameless Hair that I used last post, although I recolored it to ‘Light Ash’ so I would be properly blond for this post.  Accessorizing, I wanted to look tough.  I started with the Bad Girl tattoo from UtopiaH, which included both the ink on my chest and my sleeve tattoos.  I added some piercings- the lip ring and the belly button ring being source unknown, the heart dangling from my lip Ellabella’s ‘Whisper’s of Love’.  My pasties were included in one of the racier Envious outfits I’ve acquired.  My earrings and bracelet were from the JKTrends CandyCotton set (as well as another bracelet and necklace that I’m not wearing today).  The hat, which I felt added a little bit of hipster flare, is from DA&M Fashions.  Finally, I also added some ‘elegant’ glasses that I picked up with an avatar I got in a garage sale.

The new store definitely has comfie chairs...

The new store definitely has comfie chairs…

Lastly, a few comments on the store itself.  It does look good, but it also still looks unfinished.  It isn’t just that there’s plenty of ‘coming soon’ shelf space for new products,- that is just a sign of a store that plans to grow- but the fact there is no [DUMB BLOND] signage, and none of the little gimmicks- midnight mania boards, lucky chairs, mob vendors, gatcha machines- that we SL shopping junkies love to play with.  Still, I’m excited, and I figured I would share about the new location.  Hope to see you there some time!

A view of the new store.

A view of the new store.


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