Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Spend…

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Yay!  I love stumbling across finds, and today I stumbled hard, which made it quite a trip.  (Notice the clever wordplay on stumble and trip.)

I found a new place to visit, “The Free Dove.”  An entire rummage room of freebies.  Mostly women’s clothes, which is A-OK from my viewpoint.  There is also a smattering of men’s clothes.  A few shapes and skins.  Some poses.  Some hair.  I ran rampant, sweeping boxes upon boxes of goodies into my inventory.

More stuff, just what my inventory needed!

More stuff, just what my inventory needed!

There are also a few shops sharing the building.  Stray through one set of doors and you are in the White Dove, inexpensive fashions with what I felt was a hippy vibe.   (Considering how I’m dressed today, I’m hardly opposed to a hippy vibe.  On the other hand, I’m generally more punk than hippy, so the White Dove will probably remain a little used landmark for me.)  Stray through another set of doors and you are in Insolence Lingerie. I actually came to Insolence first, thought it was nice but nothing more, and then gasped with excitement when I saw all the free stuff at the Free Dove.  Most confusing is if you go up the stairs.  The second story is still theoretically the Free Dove, but it is a sales area, with outfits from AdN, hair from Edelstore, and shoes from Bootgasm.  Not that these are bad products- They aren’t!- but I imagine a certain number of impetuous bargain hunters spend Lindens they never meant to.  (BTW, this is one great reason to have an alt.  My alt, besides providing a man-body should I need one, is also my banker who can dole out an allowance to me.  It provides a slight layer of protection against criminal and a larger shield against my own poor impulse control.  It is similar to leaving your credit card locked up at home except for when you intend to use it.)  You should go upstairs however.  You’ll want to look at the stuff for sale and consider it.  Plus there is one of my favorite toys up there… a photo-studio!  There are stands for men and women to pose on, a changeable background, a few special effects.  It claims to also have facial poses, but actually it just gives out a facial HUD similar to one I already have.  Still, I always love using a new photo-studio.  See?

My firsty heard the best line on TV the other day:  "Weather is here; wish it was beautiful."

My firsty heard the best line on TV the other day: “Weather is here; wish it was beautiful.”

LAST MINUTE EDIT: There are two stairwells to the second floor.  I came up the one by the photo-studio each time while I was exploring, but at the top of the other stair is a huge sign explaining that the second floor is a sales area, with income from the franchise vendors (along with donations collected on the first floor) going to help support the Free Dove.  So although I initially felt the second floor was a little misleading, that should be considered reflective of my poor observation skills and not ascribed to any darker motives on the part of the Free Dove’s owners.

 As I mentioned, I dressed today with a bit of a hippy vibe.  For shape, I’m back in my standby, the Kids5B Gigi Teen.  The tanned skin is the Afrodite, which came as part of the “Graffiti Girl” avatar/outfit from Vips Creations.  For hair, I picked the Dori from Tameless Hair.  (I’m starting to feel as strongly about Tameless Hair as I do about WoW Skins- I’m too much a variety whore to necessarily go exclusive, but it occupies a definite pride of place in my inventory and my choices.)  The outfit is ‘retro chick’ from *avd* and it included the heavily patched bell-bottom jeans, the bra, the shrug, the diva sandals, and some jewelry.  (The dangly earrings and bangle bracelets are the type of jewelry I love, so I’m wearing them.  There was also a matching big loopy necklace of golden beads, but I didn’t care as much for how the necklace looked.)  I’m also wearing a tattoo I picked up at Rachel Swallows Creations that announces my heart belongs to Daddy.
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