Twenty Questions with My Firsty, Part I

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Monday Meme
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Strawberry Singh, exemplar extraordinaire of blogging, photography, and wedded bliss, posted a recent meme challenge with these instructions: Get someone else to interview you and then post the question and answers on your own blog. You can ask a friend, lover, another blogger (you can interview each other) or a fake husband like I did. Don’t forget to leave a link to your interview in the comments so we can all come and read it.

Go ahead, Firsty, ask me anything!

Go ahead, Firsty, ask me anything!

Q1: Emily, I’m pretty sure asking me to interview you is violating some kind of rule for the challenge.

ME: That’s not a question, Matt.  This is supposed to be an interview.  Questions and answers.  You have to actually ask me questions, so that I can give you answers.

Q1: The question was implied by the statement.  Strawberry’s instructions explicitly stated to get ‘someone else’ to interview you and I’m fairly certain one of us is just a voice in the other’s head.  So why did you ask me to interview you?

ME: If we’re being totally transparent, you weren’t my first choice.  However Barbara Walters doesn’t return my calls, I’m pretty sure Larry King is some kind of walking dead, and your crazy schedule makes it impossible for me to set up an interview time with another SL blogger.  Plus I’m kind of nervous.  There are a fair number of people I’m willing to just hang out with and chill with, but calling it an interview, particularly if they are supposed to be the interviewer, feels like an imposition.  The number of people to whom I feel like I’m close enough that it’s no imposition to impose upon them is a very small list.  So I was kind of stuck with you.

Q2:  Fair enough.  But given the nature of our relationship as virtual alter egos, isn’t this interview kind of a farce?  What can I ask you that I don’t already know the answer to?

ME: No, it’s not a farce.  Firstly, Firsty, we’ve both written on occasion about the divergence of our personalities.  Since we occasionally surprise each other, there obviously are questions where we don’t know the answer.  Secondly, the audience for this interview isn’t you and I; it’s that small circle of glamorous, fabulous, wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, glorious people we call ‘readers.’  You may know the answers but they don’t, and they are who this interview is for.  Ask me any question you feel covers important and/or interesting territory.

Q3: ‘Important and/or interesting.’  So questions like, ‘Emily, what are you wearing today and where ever did you find it?’

Ready to take flight!

Ready to take flight!

ME: I have trained you well, Grasshopper.  Today’s outfit was built around an outfit I picked up in my recent exploration of the Free Dove, a fantasy dress from Rebel Hope Designs.  The dress consists of a purple bodice/dress that can be paired with either a clothing layer skirt, leggings, or one of three prim skirts.  (You can see I picked the long sheer prim skirt.)  The dress also came with purple fairy wings, a purple mask, and two versions of a fairy godmother wand, one that emits purple heart-shaped particles and one that doesn’t.  To go with the purpleness of the outfit, I’m wearing a source unknown platinum/purple hair I got in a recently opened box of purple freebies.  I’m wearing another Alady Island shape, ‘petitenormalgirl’ (as opposed to petite abnormal girl?).  The skin is Nahla, which was the June Group Gift for WoW Skins, modified by a the Love make-up (tattoo layer) in magenta from -UtopiaH-, the In My Dreams tattoo from Orsini, and the Salvation Cross tattoo from Prozak.  The final accessories to finish the outfit off were some stockings from Sugar Emporium, the oh-so-cute ‘Oriental Fantasy Heels’ I got with an LC’s World of Fashion dollarbie, and my (source unknown) nose ring.

Q4: Emily, you have a wide enough range of outfits that somehow it seems like you could be wearing anything on any given day and yet you also manage, to my mind at least, to have a fairly distinctive look.  How do you decide what to wear for any particular post?

ME: I’m not surprised that you think I have a distinctive look, Firsty, since that’s what I think also and you’ve already admitted that you’re just a voice in my head.

Q5: I’m a voice in your

ME: Hush!  Question and answer, remember?  You have to give me a chance to finish answering the current question before you move on to the next question.

Windlights are a great way to enhance the view from my apartment!

Windlights are a great way to enhance the view from my apartment!

I decide what I’m going to wear by semi-random whim and triangulation.  My whims aren’t truly random because they do get influenced by other factors.  The calendar is one such factor.  Leading up to Halloween, I went on a rampage of costumes, and with the Super Bowl coming up I will probably try to do something football or cheerleader related.  Post topics are another factor.  For example, I primarily wear accessories from Grumble, Grumble- they make some great ones!- but whenever I do a sponsor post about an event Grumble, Grumble is taking part in, I build my outfit around Grumble garb.  Variety is another factor.  I love variety and change and I feel obligated to move away from anything I’ve worn too often in a row.  I chose today’s hair to go with the purple of my dress, but also because it was not from Tameless Hair, which made the hairs I’ve worn in my last four posts.  Variety is also part of what I mean by triangulation.  In the past, I’ve variously described my style as beautiful, cute, sexy, slutty, and punk.  In truth, none of those words completely define my fashion sense, but all of them are nearby.  If I stray too close to any of the borders of my fashion range, I attempt to center myself.  This occurs from post to post, but also occurs within posts.  Today, for example, the dress, the hair, the mask, etc., … they are elegantly beautiful; they make me think of elegant costume formals and harlequin romances, a vibe that is slightly off-kilter for me.  By tatting up and wearing my nose piercing, I back away a little bit from that too-elegant vibe and get a little more centered in my me-ness.  Similarly, I’ve often commented on how much I love my Prozak red leather kicks, and I often wear them with dresses or skirts they don’t quite match as a way to put more of my personality into the outfit.

Q5: I interrupted you earlier because I was taken aback by your claim that I am only a voice in your head.  You do realize that you are the voice in my head, right?

ME:  I can understand why you would think so.  As a writer’s conceit and an interesting philosophical thought, we decided that one of us is real and the other is fictional, the avatar within a complicated social-networking game.  Within the context of your game, you are real, and so of course you would imagine that your reality is the ‘realer’ reality and that I’m the fictional one.  I know better, of course, but I imagine I would feel the same way even if you were right and I was wrong.  It’s very similar to the question of whether Alice is dreaming of the queen or whether the queen is dreaming of Alice.  One of us must be wrong, but how would we ever know it?  Consider this, Firsty.  You claim that I’m fictional, that all my thoughts and actions are actually the result of your decisions within First Life.  I say that I’m real, and I make the choices that control your thoughts and actions.  I’m an imperfect role-player, so occasionally I forget to pretend I’m you.  So have you ever had an out-of-character thought or behaved in an out-of-character manner that reflected my personality?

Q-: No comment.  But now my head hurts.

ME: I should make you tell the story, because I know it’s a good one, but I’ll let it slide since this my interview not yours.

Q6: Thank you.  Well, our interview is obviously running long.  Would it be permissible to take a break?  You would get a chance to change and I would get a chance for my head to quit hurting…

ME: Fair enough.  We’ll be back, everybody!

  1. LOL very interesting the way you’re doing this, looking forward to part 2!

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