Twenty Questions with My Firsty, Part II

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Monday Meme
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…Continuing our interview for Strawberry Singh’s interview meme challenge

Q7: So we’re back after a brief break, so that Emily could change outfits and I could take some aspirin and a nap because Emily makes my head hurt sometimes.

ME: Thanks, Firsty!  I love you too!

Grr!  I'm a fierce cheerleader!

Grr! I’m a fierce cheerleader!

Q7: You mentioned in the first part of our interview that you wanted to do a football or cheerleader themed outfit for the Super Bowl, and I see you found something you liked.  Why don’t you go ahead and give credit where credit is due?

ME: Well, a search of my inventory yielded a few promising prospects.  Method of Destruction has a cute “I love football” outfit- skimpy jersey, cut off jeans shorts, athletic socks, and face paint tattoo layers- one of eye black, one a “#1” on the right cheek.  (Which my hair do covers up…).  The one I own is a generic blue and gold jersey, but when I checked Marketplace I saw MoD has released two new versions, one Seahawks, one Broncos, in honor of the big game on Sunday.  I went ahead and donned the face paint and tube socks, but wore the PPD cheerleader outfit: skirt, top, sneakers, and pom-poms.  I’m using the unscripted pom-pons, but there is a scripted one that holds a cheer routine animation as well.  There are also some nice dangly gold earrings with the outfit, but I chose to do my jewelry slightly differently.

For a shape, I’m wearing ‘ChildGirlAge16’ from Alady Island.  Thank god I’m not actually a teen ager again, but teen shapes remain the best way to get a gorgeous shorter, waif-like figure.  The hair is Whisky in Chocolate Copper from LoQ hairs.  (I think Tameless Hairs is my favorite hair vender, but LoQ is an extremely close number two, and the Whisky is definitely my favorite do.)  I had trouble picking a skin for this outfit, but finally went with the Bella Pale from *JStyle.

As far as accessories, my dangly silver earrings, red bangles, and red collar all came from *JStyle, as well.  I’m also showing so much skin with this outfit that I just had to add a tattoo, so I’m wearing the ‘Bad Girl’ tattoo from -UtopiaH-.

So I dressed up as a cheerleader, than came to an art gallery to take my selfies… Does anyone else think that's messed up?

So I dressed up as a cheerleader, than came to an art gallery to take my selfies… Does anyone else think that’s messed up?

Q8: So, since we’ve mentioned the Super Bowl, Emily, I’m kind of curious.  Living in Southwest Ohio, I’m a rather lukewarm Bengals fan.  Once they were one-and-done in the play offs, I haven’t really cared.  I suppose I’m going to root for the Seahawks, because I like the Seattle fans I know and would like to see them happy and I’m a little tired of hearing people say Peyton Manning deserves it this year.  The statement wouldn’t be so annoying if they were saying it in the sense that they thought Peyton was a great quarterback and think he is worthy, that he will perform and is going to earn it.  But people are making it sound like his past performance, his coming back to health after his surgery, his stats this year, have already ‘earned’ him the ring, and that now he is entitled to win the Super Bowl, that the sports universe somehow owes it to him.  It’s petty on my part, but hearing people make it sound like Peyton is entitled to win makes me want to see him lose.  Who do you want to see win the Super Bowl, Emily?

ME: Tough question.  I’m not even a lukewarm Bengals fan, and I think I’m more interested in the halftime show than the game.  I suppose I am rooting for the Broncos, and I’m even doing it because of Peyton Manning.  Quit grimacing, and hear me out!  Part of how the NFL sells football is finding ways to make people care.  Firsty, you love to talk about how brilliantly the NFL’s has promoted fantasy football, because fantasy football makes people care about and watch games that otherwise wouldn’t matter to them, because now they have to care about individual player performances.  Likewise, the current marketing campaign “Together we make football” is about the idea that football isn’t a spectator sport, something we just sit on a couch and watch (although obviously it is!), but that we who watch football are actually part of an invested community that interacts with football through our fandom.  To make people care more (so that football gets higher viewership and more money as a business) the NFL and the sports broadcasting industry sell stories and plot lines about individual players.  We make Peyton Manning and Marshon Lynch heroes of some stories, Richard Sherman or Heinz Ward the villain of other stories.  When people say Peyton “deserves” to win, I don’t see it as saying Peyton is entitled to win.  Rather we’re saying that we’ve bought into and emotionally invested into that story line about Peyton and that the story is a much better story if Peyton goes ahead and wins the Super Bowl.  I don’t really care about football at all, but as a writer, I care strongly about story.  I want Peyton to win so that I witnessed the better story.  It’s just like I want a close football game, preferably one that comes down to the success or failure of the final drive, because that is a better story than a one-sided blow out.  Oh, and one other factor: Peyton Manning is cute, really cute, much cuter than Russell Wilson.  All other things being equal, I’m going to root for the eye-candy.

Remember: There is no I in team, but there also is no F in weigh...

Remember: There is no I in team, but there also is no F in weigh…

Q9: Speaking of eye-candy, Emily, what is your idea of eye-candy?  What (and whom) do you like to look at?

ME: Unfortunately, like my sense of fashion, my sense of esthetics is one I don’t have words for, I just know it when I see it.  David James Elliot (most famous for his lead role in Jag) is definitely eye-candy.  Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  Tom Mison, from the new Sleepy Hollow series, is gorgeous.  Googling some images of them, it occurred to me that they all seem to have really high foreheads… looking a little deeper into high foreheads, I found several web articles stating high foreheads are generally one of the physical traits that women find attractive in men, along with a more angular physique, a strong jaw, height, and broad shoulders.  As far as women go, I really think Chloe Bennet from Agents of Shield is pretty.  I think both Deshanel sisters are cute, Emily (Bones) and Zoe (New Girl).  Angelina Jolie is O.K., but I think her looks are some of the most overrated on the planet.  It goes without saying that Strawberry is pretty freaking amazing.  It’s tough for me, however, to just stare off into space and pick a few examples of ‘attractive women’ out of the air- show me some and I will say aye or nay, but I just blank when asked what women I find attractive.  I do think it’s interesting that even though you and I are alter egos, we have fairly different ideas of feminine beauty.

Q10: What do you mean?

ME: I’ll explain, but go ahead and describe your feminine ideal so that I can contrast.  Use descriptions, examples, pictures, whatever, just make your point.

Q10: I’m not sure where you’re going, but I would probably describe the feminine ideal as soft and tender and curvy.  The word ‘rubenesque’ is not necessarily out of place.  There are few hard and fast rules for what is pretty, but all other things being equal, tall is better than short.  Brunette is better than not.  When I talk about curves, I’m generally focused on a pronouncedly feminine torso rather then hips and backside.  (I’m a ‘boob-man’ not an ‘ass-man’.)  I don’t generally care for tattoos and piercings.  I do like MILF’s and cougars.  Style-wise, the prettiest girls have a middle-class, suburbanite, girl-next-door vibe: cute rather than gorgeous, elegant, or over-styled.  Back when I stayed current with skin mags, I would have listed Kerry Marie or Chloe Vevrier as the feminine ideal.  I always had a soft spot for pin-up style, semi-burlesque shoots.  When I pick up on beauty around me, see a woman that makes me go ‘wow’ while I’m at work or running errands, it is a mixture of actual physical appearance and also style and attitude.  I will also admit it is rare for me to find a woman UN-attractive; obviously some women look much better than others, many women I don’t really think about whether they are attractive or not, but it’s very unusual for me to look at woman and think, “Gosh, she’s ugly.”

ME: And about the only statements in that list that I can agree with are 1: that there are few hard and fast rules of beauty, because women who fit few of my preferences can still be beautiful and 2: when I do find someone beautiful, I am picking up on both their physical attributes and also on some intangibles of life and energy that are harder to pinpoint.  I would describe the feminine ideal as lean and taut and fit.  I like multi-hued hair- pronounced high lights, obviously colored tips or a streak, those are all cool things.  Neon and unnatural colors are especially cool.  I love tattoos, although since I love variety, henna and other temporary inks trump the permanent.  Piercings and jewelry are very, very cool.  I’m not into ‘rubenesque’ which is just a nicer way of saying ‘overweight’.  In style, I look for urban and chic and cool before I look for cute and pretty.  (Although, in part because of our mutual influence upon each other, firsty, what I really love is the overlap area where urban chic is still cute and girly-girl.)  I think the cougar craze is an artificial byproduct of Hollywood, the fact that by the time an actress/starlet has made it big enough in the industry to be known as a sex symbol, she is old enough that her looks are beginning to slide.  I obviously admire women who preserve their looks well.  Courtney Cox, Jennifer Anniston, Lisa Kudrow all look great for women approaching (and in one case reaching) fifty, but they don’t look as good as younger actresses like Valory Curry or Kiera Knightly.  This, by the way, is another argument that I am the dominant (and thus realer) partner in our relationship, Firsty.  Go back over my months of posts and pictures.  Obviously my style has ranged and varied a lot; that’s part of the point of this blog.  But who’s definition of beauty is guiding my pictures?  Mine.  Ergo, who is ultimately calling the shots?  Me.  I’m real, you’re just an unusually strong-willed voice in my head.  Mystery solved.

Q11: Wow.  Emily, you are making my head hurt again.  Plus I’m keeping an eye on word count because we are both pretty wordy.  Can we take another break?  Please?

ME: Well, OK, but only because I want a chance to watch the commercials and the half-time show while you have to go work.  (Nyah-nyah-na-na-nyah!)  Just remember this, Firsty: I really do think Peyton deserves to win the Super Bowl this year.

Q11.5: Whatever, Emily.  I promise you, I’m going to find a way to make your head be the one hurting before we finish this.  And then we’ll see who has the better “Nyah-nyah-nyah!”…

  1. Eeeeeeee, I’m all giddy cuz you said I’m eye-candy! ❤

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