Twenty Questions with my Firsty, Part III, or Black and White and Read All Over

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Monday Meme
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When I asked my First Life avatar, whom I like to affectionately call ‘Firsty’, to interview me for Strawberry Singh’s Interview Meme Challenge, I had no idea the interview would become this lengthy or this contentious.  In fact, when we closed Part II, my First Life alter ego was blaming me for headaches he had developed while interviewing me and threatening that he would find conversation threads that would return the favor and make my head hurt.  (Yay, that‘s a special treat to anticipate.  *Sigh*)  Meanwhile, time has continued its inexorable advance and Strawberry has issued another week’s Meme-challenge, one calling for black and white photography.  Since I am a consummate professional, devoted to carrying on through adversity, and Firsty has to, at a minimum, pay lip service to the ideals of professionalism, I figured we would continue our interview, behave like we are mature adults, and simultaneously do some black and white photos so that this interview segment is actually two.. two.. TWO memes in one.  It’s like a buy-one-get-one-free sale!

Q-: I see what you are doing here, Emily.  You’re trying to get the readers on your side, make me feel guilty about plotting revenge so I don’t follow through.  You redid your style to be closer to how I defined beautiful, so that I’ll be more likely to show mercy.  You’re also hoping I get distracted by the second meme and that maybe our short attention span will kick in and save you.

Kiss me, you fool!

Kiss me, you fool!

ME: Is any of it working?

Q12: Probably not, but it’s so cute watching you squirm.  Since you trying to butter me up with your look, why don’t you tell me the details?

ME: My shape for this one is Divya, a full-figured, 5’11” from Big Momma’s Shop.  For skin, I chose Gaia, a milky complexion from WoW Skins to which I added some light freckling and some blush makeup.  My hairdo, the Dany, included the elegant jeweled hairpins and came from My Pretty Pixel.  The purple jeans and the purple and black top were a group gift from Ellette.  I kept the accessories simple and minimal for you: some ‘Bollywood’ style earrings, a crystal dragon necklace from Crickets, my lip-ring, and my Prozak heavy red boots.

Q13: When Strawberry proposed the black-and-white photo challenge, she left it fairly open… Dress in black and white, use editing software like Photoshop, use an editing site like PicMonkey or PixLR, … so how did you take your black and white photos?

ME: Windlights/Environment Editing… I use Singularity for my interface between First Life and reality.  In the menu hierarchy, one can choose World > Environment Settings > Post Processing Effects.  Think of it as a hallucinogenic filter on reality, applying special effects not to the pictures you take but directly to your own perceptions, so that they also effect the pictures you take.  By enabling and adjusting a color filter setting, I was wandering in a mono-chrome world, able to take black and white snapshots to my heart’s content.  Even cooler, I was able to create a very artsy effect by setting to a low saturation and increasing the contrast.  See?

Gamma .39; Brightness 1.32; Saturation .15; Contrast 1.0;  Together the numbers add up to artsiness...

Gamma .39; Brightness 1.32; Saturation .15; Contrast 1.0;
Together the numbers add up to artsiness…

Q14: OK, Emily, I have to admit I’m impressed.  I didn’t know you could do that, and I really like the stark nature of the pictures.  What software did you use to touch up the pictures?

ME: I used to use FX Photo Editor, an inexpensive app.  Although perfectly capable of cropping and framing pictures, FX was still fairly limited, and I got bored with it.  Some other bloggers cued me to free photo-editing cloud ware, and I’ve been using Pic Monkey and Pix LR lately.  Since Strawberry also mentioned Pic Monkey, that’s the site I used to finalize these photos, mostly just cropping and framing, although I did also slightly tweak the exposure and contrast on some of the photos.  Still, if no longer raw photos, I promise the pictures I’ve posted today are medium rare at most.  And I have to admit, I’m a little impressed with me too.  Whenever I figure out a new gadget, it makes me very happy.

Another post-processing effect is to add vignette style blurring and shadows...

Another post-processing effect is to add vignette style blurring and shadows…

Q15: Speaking of Strawberry, I’m sure you heard that her whirlwind fake marriage to Ewan Mureaux has already culminated in a whirlwind fake divorce.  They seem to have parted semi-amicably, and Ewan is apparently going to be on auction at the mingle Event.  Any thoughts on Strawberry’s partnership?

ME: Mostly jealousy.  I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure who I’m more jealous of, Strawberry for getting a fun, casual, flirty fake-relationship with a good looking guy like Ewan, or Ewan, who got to have the same relationship with STRAWBERRY SINGH.  Probably Ewan… I’ve admitted before to having an adoration of Strawberry that strays dangerously close to obsessive stalker territory.  I don’t have a psycho-wall, where I’ve tacked up photos and copies of her blog articles and random city maps, with odd bits of red string connecting photos to each other- but as you can tell, I’ve thought about how I would make one…

Q16:  So are you saying Strawberry is your ideal partner?

ME: Actually not, although I definitely drool a little over the idea of taking Manberry for a test drive, so to speak.  Strawberry says that she is a brat, and maybe she is a brat in her private life.  The public persona of Strawberry, the one I’ve gleaned from following her blog since before I even had a blog of my own, is warm and friendly and affectionate.  I don’t want to say that Strawberry has a sense of decorum or of propriety, since those make her sound more stuffy and matronly than is the case.  I’m not really sure how to word it… which is a little alarming since I pride myself on always having words… but ultimately I want Strawberry to be the older sister I never had, not a date or a partnership, even a fake one.

Q17: Trouble with words?  Feeling a little uncomfortable with this subject?  In that case, Emily, imagine me rubbing my hands together and cackling about revenge, then tell me who your ideal boyfriend- or girlfriend, I suppose- would be.  Who knows? They might even be reading this…

Compare and Contrast: (From left to right) With post-processing effects, w/o effects, desaturated with PicMonkey

Compare and Contrast: (From left to right)
With post-processing effects, w/o effects, desaturated with PicMonkey

ME: Are you sure you don’t want to take another break now, while we still have enough questions left to make a part IV worthwhile?

Q17: Absolutely not.  Spill it, Emily.

ME: This is going to make me sound simultaneously shallow and desperate, and I don’t like to think of myself in either term.  Ultimately, I’m really just looking for the so-called “friend with benefits.”  Someone who shares the same interests I do- the fashion world, writing, exploration and variety, so that we can go shopping together, check out fashion events together, bounce ideas off each other, go on hunts together, just goof off and bullshit each other sometimes.  I want a fairly casual relationship, someone who likes to spend time together but also understands when I say “I need some me-time to finish writing this.”  Someone connected with another portion of the fashion world- a designer or store owner- would be cool as we would both see different sides of things, and both have a job to attend to also.  They need to be laid back, have a sense of humor, and be into variety.  (After all, I’m going to look different almost every time we get together…)  And besides hanging out when life permits, I also want to occasionally jump their bones and have red hot wild nookie.

Q18: I can see how someone might say that answer is shallow, Emily.  You’re looking for someone who enjoys tagging along on the things you like to do, leaves when they become inconvenient for our mutual schedule, and still lets you get your ashes hauled from time to time.  It’s not necessarily an uncommon desire in modern culture, however, so I don’t think you need to feel judged for it.  I might have said something similar when I was your age and unattached.  But what is desperate in that answer?

ME: I guess the desperate part is what I didn’t say.  You tossed a mild feeler in your question as to whether I was possibly looking for a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend, and I pretended not to notice.  The simple truth is that I’m not sure and probably don’t care.  I stop by my apartment for a few minutes, and I can change whether I’m fat or skinny, young or old, caucasian or oriental or african or even alien, blond or brunette.  My body is a matter of my choices and my mood.  My hypothetical date has the same options, so I’m definitely interested in the inner person, the soul, rather than the externals.  Phrased that way, it sounds noble, even romantic.  But it’s hard to sound noble or romantic or like I’m talking about the soul when I’ve also professed an interest in having ‘red hot wild nookie.’  Then it just means my itch has really been building up and I’m willing to take the first offer to scratch that itch that comes alongs, whether it’s a man, woman, alien, robot, she male or shape changer…  That’s a bit desperate.

Q19: I wasn’t going to judge you, Emily, but I’ve changed my mind.  You are desperate, but also brave to open up like that.  Since it appears to be a big part of what you’re putting on the table, why don’t you describe what you think ‘red hot wild nookie’ looks like?

ME: Well, I’m a self professed variety-junkie and my partner will have to be at least somewhat into variety to keep up.  Obviously I’m super into cosplay and role-play.  Student and teacher… Nun and demon… High power corporate exec and secretary … Super heroine captured by a villain … Gor slaver and slave… playing out scenarios of that nature would be a blast.  (Mind you, I’ve watched too much porn so I still expect nuns and CEO’s to have elaborate tattoos and improbably huge implants, heh, heh.)  I would love to play with RLV games, and I would prefer to be the submissive one, but I still want to be able to disengage when I say so.  My partner has to have a slightly exhibitionist streak- we aren’t necessarily going to be putting on a public show, but I’m going to want to try different locations so there is always the chance of other people coming by and watching.  (Possibly even kibitzing and critiquing like an x-rated Statler and Waldorf…)  Even in a safely ‘private’ location like my apartment, there is always the risk of neighbors cam-perving and the knowledge that we each have our First Life avatars watching us just as we are always watching them…

Q-: Speaking of you always watching me, Emily… I realize we are stuck with each other, since we are apparently joined at the brain.  However, the other night, the one that involved my wife and I, a bottle of Moscato D’Asti, and plush rug in front of a roaring fireplace…

ME: I remember.  Yeah, that would be a really great example of what ‘red hot–


ME: Oh, sorry.  If it makes you uncomfortable, just pretend I’m not really there.  After all, no one else can see me, just like no one else can see you here in reality, even though I know you’re out there some where…

Q20: How am I supposed to pretend you aren’t there when I hear your voice announce “And the judges score that an 8.5 out of ten!” as I am shifting my position?

ME: Oh, that.  Gotcha!

Well, that was twenty questions, and my firsty appears to be twitching a bit at the moment, so I’m going to announce that this is a good place to end the interview, and that I’ll see y’all again soon.  Hope you all get to waste your time wisely until then!



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