Go Ask Alice, I Think She’ll Know…

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I didn’t post the White Rabbit video above completely at random.  Last Friday, while I was playing First Life, I had an opportunity to watch the BalletMet Columbus production of Alice in Wonderland.  OMG!  It was truly, truly amazing and beautiful and cool and I now have ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on the brain.  A few weeks ago, I admitted that as a child I wanted to be a journalist and/or a fairy princess when I grew up.  Now I’m wondering why I never wanted to be a ballet dancer, because there is something magical in the grace and control the dancers exhibit.  (And they get to wear cool and varied costumes, which is also something I love.)  It’s probably too late in life for me to become a ballet dancer, but I can still dress up as Alice in Wonderland. I knew I had an Alice costume or two, so I figured I would dress as Alice for my post today.  Instead, I realized I have at least six, so I decided to do a Wonderland Blitz and see how many different Alice inspired costumes and settings I can squeeze into one post…

To minimize the amount of verbiage I use on Credits, for all of the pics I’m about to take and post I’m going to use “Shape Z Peitie Shape” (sic) (Creator: Karen Blackthorne; source unknown.); Vodka Pale skin (Egoxentrikax); and the Emilee hair (source unknown, although I got it in the WoodStock Hunt last fall…).  In other words, I’ll be slender, pale, with platinum hair and a headband… a good basis for Alice looks.  Also, even if it’s rude, no credit for jewelry or tattoos today.

Look at the fuzzy bunny, and follow it down the rabbit hole...

Look at the fuzzy bunny, and follow it down the rabbit hole…

The first Alice outfit I’m wearing is probably my favorite.  It’s from the now-defunct “Pinkmare’s House” and was called the Alice Love Doll.  Part of why I love it is that it came with a scripted wind-up key and a device (probably a proto-alpha layer) that creates a see through hole in my chest with my heart dangling in it.  Plus the ragged skirt, the stripy stockings, … it’s Alice with the goth-punk look that made me love Pinkmare’s.    I came and took this selfy at the Enchanted Alice sim.  The outfit didn’t include shoes, but goes well with the Prozak red leather kicks that I’ve always loved.

This Alice is a little less goth and a little more dolly...

This Alice is a little less goth and a little more dolly…

For my next picture, I ‘ported over to Treehouse Treasures, a shop in the Hirilorn Queendom that came up in my Wonderland search because of some scripted mushrooms they sell.  (Sounds like a drug deal, doesn’t it?  “Psst!  Kid!  Want to buy some scripted ‘shrooms?”)  Although I kept my Prozak kicks, this Alice dress is definitely less goth and less punk.  I remember finding a shop of frilly flowery Alice dresses near the entrance of a Wonderland-modeled sim, but I can’t tell you the name of either at this point.  I’m hoping I’ll stumble across it before I wrap up this post, but for now I’m filing this dress, the “A.I.W. Alice in Wonderland Short Costume” under “Source Unknown.”

A haunted forest with glowing shrooms?  Why that sounds like a lovely place to sit and rest!

A haunted forest with glowing shrooms? Why that sounds like a lovely place to sit and rest!

For picture #3, I came by Bentham Manor whose description promises a dark Alice in Wonderland and evil clowns as well.  This Alice dress is the “Alice in Naughtyland” dress from Danika.  If you’ve been around for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve already heard of Danika.. They have some lovely, sexy outfit sets, and this one is no exception.  In the immortal words of Stan Lee, ” ‘Nuff said!”

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!”

Of course, while I’m on my Wonderland kick, I don’t have to just dress like Alice, since there is a whole range of Alice characters to dress like…  This outfit is the White Rabbit outfit from Souled Out.  Boots, hand warmers, swimsuit, tail, ears,…  I did say I wasn’t going to credit jewels or tattoos this post, but I will mention the nose and whiskers are “Makeup/Cat Mask” from Damned, not part of the white rabbit outfit.  I did a quick check on market place, and I don’t believe this outfit is for sale.  Instead, it was a hunt prize in the KatnipZ’s Wonderland “Alice in Boobieland” hunt a few months ago.  To take this picture, I came to Wonderland in the Lost Islands sim, where I found this lovely steam-driven fountain.

That's right!  I'm a swinger!

That’s right! I’m a swinger!

Speaking of KatnipZ’s Wonderland, I figured I better include it on my grand tour.  The Alice in Boobieland Hunt is over.  So is the Hunt that came next, the Super Heroes, Super Villains, Super Boobs Hunt.  (Which also had lots of cool stuff!)  Fortunately, yet another hunt has rolled out, this time the Enchanted Rockabilly Hunt (So I should get myself even more cool stuff…)  The dark green and black dress is another souvenir from that Alice in Boobieland hunt, the Midnight Alice dress from Sonsy.

When Alice gets crossed with the Chesire Neko...

When Alice gets crossed with the Chesire Neko…

For my final outfit, I picked something slightly different, a Neko version of Alice from Bitter Bunny Designs.  Unlike some of their outfits, the “tornneko” Alice either didn’t come with the neko accessories (pawed boots, ears, tail) or I  bought a cheaper version that was non-neko… that’s OK, however, because I’ve got my own ears/tail and it gives me another excuse to break out the Prozak red kicks I’ve worn for much of this post.  Since I looked like a pretty naughty Alice in this outfit (o.k., in most of the outfits this post…) I took my final pic in a basement I found in an adult “forgotten fairy tails” sim– orgy pit, couple of stripper poles… just what sort of basement you always imagine in a fairy tale, right?

Well, this was fun to go on my little Wonderland blitz.  Now I need to stop back home and change into some slightly more customary clothes… I’ve got some more shopping to do!


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