Always Running Out of Time…

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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OMG!  Things have been so crazy, that I’ve been locked into my First Life game for over a week.  So now I’m flustered and guilty about not keeping up on my blogging, particularly since I don’t think things are going to improve in the immediate future.

Brother, can you spare an Era?

Brother, can you spare an Era?

So I figured I would knock out a quick, “Don’t-Worry-I’m-Not-Dead!” post just to reassure everyone, myself included.  After all, I’m too cute to be dead, right?  Right?

Part of being cute is dressing cute, of course.  (Yep, an awkward segue that can only mean it’s time to roll the credits…)

  • Shape: Gigi Teen Shape from Kids5B.
  • Skin: Erin (sun-kissed) from WoW Skins.
  • Hair: Jessica (in Onyx) from Pazazz.
  • Dress: Noelle Christmas Mesh Gown from LC’s World of Fashion.  (Fur boa and red gloves also part of outfit.)
  • Jewelry: JKTrends Cotton Candy set: earrings, bracelets, & necklace.
  • Neko Stuff: *GL* Raverlicious Pink Neko Set  (Source unknown… I won it at a club event aeons ago, and none of the GL merchants on marketplace appear to be the one I’m looking for…)
  • Shoes: Oriental Fantasy Heels from LC’s World of Fashion
Yep… I found some spare special effects lying around...

Yep… I found some spare special effects lying around…

Given how time management was on my mind– I cannot squeeze a twenty-fifth hour from the day, but if I can figure out the way to accomplish just 5% more with every hour I do have, the net effect is the same– I did have a few songs about time running through my mind.  (And, yes, I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’ve come to recognize that my mental sound track acting up is a sign that my mind is kicking into hyper mode… Sometimes I regard my ADD as the cross that I must bear, and other times I love the adrenaline rush of riding the whirlwind.  Today is a whirlwind day.)  The title of this post came from one of the songs stuck in my head: Always Running Out of Time is a song Motion City Soundtrack released for the 2010 Alice in Wonderland movie.  The other song stuck in my head is Faster by Within Temptation.  The third song I thought of isn’t so much stuck in my head but as grazed by my thoughts as they ricocheted around my skull.  (“What I really need is a time machine so I can double up my time usage.  Time machine… I really need to get a copy of the book because I’ve never actually read it and it’s such a classic.  I’ve got a copy of the CD by Alan Parson, however,… hmm, I haven’t heard the song No Future in the Past in forever…”  If my thought process seems a little scattered, I can only say it’s even more confusing from the inside…)

Be very, very, quiet; I'm hunting snapshots!

Be very, very, quiet; I’m hunting snapshots!

With time machines on my mind, the logical place to take some pictures was the Prehistorica sim being featured in the Second Life showcase.  Very pretty- take this taxi to Fort Nowhere and see for yourself!  Anyway, I need to be running off again, but be reassured… I’m not dead yet!


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