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Posted: March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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WHAT I’M WEARING: Since I’ve been pretty casual in my last few posts, I formalized a bit for this post.  I made sure to grab a green formal dress since I’m hunting for Wee Little Leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day is closing in…

  • Shape: Gigi Teen from Kids5B
  • Skin: Laura (Milk) from WoW Skins
  • Hair: Dany (Crow) from My Pretty Pixels
  • Outfit: Ayla Ballgown, green, from LC’s World of Fashion
  • Shoes: Red Leather Kicks from Prozak (They don’t go with the dress, but firstly, I real like these shoes and secondly, the dress is long enough you can’t tell I’m wearing combat boots anyway…)
  • Accessories: I’m trying to look a little more elegant and upscale today, so no tattoos and minimal piercings.  Just some elegant earrings, a crystal necklace, some fairly severe eyeglasses, and a simple nose piercing, all pieces from larger outfits and unavailable separately.  😦
ABBA-cadabra!  I've transformed myself into a dancing queen!

ABBA-cadabra! I’ve transformed myself into a dancing queen!

WHERE I’M AT: Running through another blitz of Wee Leprechaun Hunt Locations.  I had a lot of fun at Xclusives Animations (I’ll return to this subject below) and then hit Dawn’s Dreamy Garden and Stars.  If I remember, I’ll have to go back to Dawn’s, as I couldn’t find the pot of gold there, but truthfully, garden stuff is not my thing, so I’m probably OK with missing out on that prize…

I feel genteel and Southern sitting and relaxing on this swing.

I feel genteel and Southern sitting and relaxing on this swing.

WHAT’S ON  MY MIND: Well, I’m now three Monday Memes behind, so I really need to get cracking.  On the other hand, I’m now certain what I’m going to do for the New-To-Me meme, as I found some big sales on naughty animations at Xclusives and I couldn’t resist.  (To be fair, I didn’t try to resist very hard either…)  Right now, I’m struggling to find time for quick posts, and I tend to run long on meme posts and sponsor posts, but I’m putting together a rough to-do list, complicated by my own quirkiness.  One of my personality traits, which I believe is either caused by or correlated with my ADD, is that I thrive best when freedom and chaos are bounded by a loose but rigid structure.  Too much structure and I feel confined and trapped while wasting my efforts and energies on the structure rather then the purpose.  Too little and I free fall, unable to move from random ideas to taking action or overwhelmed by huge purposes that I can’t break into manageable chunks.  My list of longer posts that I want/need/feel an obligation to write is starting to hit that overwhelm point, and for some reason the idea of doing the current meme and then backing up to get the ones I’ve skipped over, although a highly rational idea, just stresses me out.  So silly as it is, I’m making myself a “To Do (Write)” list of longer posts to tackle so I can manage my own chaotic mind a little better.

  1. Strawberry’s Book Meme: Probably a two-parter as I am huge bookworm with lots to say about books.  Probably revive fictional barfly, journalist, and pervert Roderick Van Kirkenov to interview me.
  2. New-To-Me Meme: I want to review and take photos of some of the naughty animation I got at Xclusives.  Probably draft my alt to help me make the pictures… (after all, all the really good animations need two or more participants….)
  3. Sex Meme: I may let this blend into the New-To-Me meme since my unusual for me post was going to be all about x-rated animations.
  4. Luck of the Irish.  Earlier this week, I got the Luck of the Irish blogger box from Grumble, Grumble.  I need to unpack it, check out the event, and turn something in for deadline.

Tomorrow morning I should have time for one long post… I should tackle 4 first, as it is time sensitive, and start the book meme.  Sorry to make you read some of the thoughts that really should be kept in my head and behind the curtain, but I needed to do this to organize myself a little…

Jewelry.  Maybe not a girl's BEST friend- it has to compete with sex, money, and chocolate- but definitely amicable...

Jewelry. Maybe not a girl’s BEST friend- it has to compete with sex, money, and chocolate- but definitely amicable…


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