Read-y or Not… Prologue to the Book Meme

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It wasn’t so much an indecent proposal as an insulting one…

“Hey Ems, I heard you mentioned wanting to do another interview with the old Rod…”

I allowed that ‘want’ was probably stronger language than I was willing to use, but that the gist of the statement was true.  Since I’m behind on my Monday Meme-ing for Strawberry Singh, I can use some collaborative help, even from someone like Roderick Van Kirkenov, part-time journalist and full-time barfly.

Books are one of my favorite subjects.

Books are one of my favorite subjects.

“You’re in luck, babe.  I actually have a proposal I’m currently writing up for Writer’s Digest.  Every issue they interview a successful writer to talk about the writing industry, their tips and advice for newer writers, blah, blah, yada, yada.  I thought I could flip it around and interview an unsuccessful writer so they can compare and contrast.  You would be perfect for me.”

For some reason, the title of an old Dilbert collection flashed into my mind…Must Control The Fist of Death…  “That’s great Roderick.  I’ll be your failed writer on two conditions.  One, since I can’t talk about my writing successes yet, I need you to spend at least part of the interview discussing my relationship with other writer’s successes: I’ve got some questions about books from Strawberry.”

RvK: I’m not sure I can commit to that.  My integrity as an interviewer is very important to me.  Using questions from another writer, even one I admire as much as Strawberry Singh, bothers me.  Plus, letting you, the interviewee, control the interview by submitting the questions in advance is totally a conflict of ethics and integrity.

EM: Then I guess it doesn’t matter that my second condition was that I was going to need you to have sex with me to help out with another meme or two coming up after I’ve finished the book meme….

Ready to shake a tail feather...

Ready to shake a tail feather…

RvK: Of course, Emily, you have always played perfectly straight with me.  I’m sure I can do whatever it takes to help you out and not feel like I’ve violated anything.

EM: I don’t know.  I feel violated just planning it.  Anyway, we’ll get together soon for the interview, Rod, but would you mind taking a few pictures for me now?  I found a beautiful library in Iniquity Bay that is just freakin’ gorgeous.  It just puts me in the mood to get my pages turned… 

RvK: Well, I’ve talked enough times with you, Emily, to know you also love to share what you’re wearing.  Let me practice for the interview…  Tell me about that dangerously sexy outfit.

These boots were made for … you know, I'm not really sure what Neko boots are made for...

These boots were made for … you know, I’m not really sure what Neko boots are made for…

EM: This cute little thing… the outfit is the pink paw dancer outfit from Virtual Attire: Lycra tank top and pants, huge neko boots (that leave black paw prints as you walk), ears and tail.  My shape came from AladyIsland, their ‘sultry ghetto booty’ shape.  (Their name, not mine, so don’t judge me for that name.)  I’m wearing a WoW skin of course, the Warda.  My hair is the impudent from Mysty Costumes.  And I accessorized with a source-unknown neck scarf and piercing, tattoos and makeup from UtopiaH, and the ‘Nerdy’ glasses from Envious.  And I agree, Rod, I look and feel dangerously sexy indeed in this outfit.  I’ll see you soon for our interview…

Keep an open eye on this space… There is indeed more of this interview to come.

  1. zeesl says:

    This is the prologue? Oh dear…the meme is guaranteed to be a riot then…LOL

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