I was picked! I was picked!

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
Insanity.  An interesting place to visit...

Insanity. An interesting place to visit…

WHAT I’M WEARING: I promised last post that this post would feature the new make up from Catriona Dagger and Body Bazaar that I got the opportunity to test out.  Here is the complete style card:

  • Shape: Gigi Teen from Kids5B
  • Skin: Viola (Milk) from WoW Skins.  (I figured a pale skin would also help the make-up show up better…)
  • Hair: Harmony from Tameless Hair.  (It is a color change hair, I’m wearing it in Sandy Blond.)
  • Dress: Tartan Dress from i love 13.
  • Shoes: Red Leather Kicks from Prozak.
  • Jewelry: Vaded from Ellabella, rings and bangles from Loka designs, source unknown nose ring.
  • Tattoo: In My Dreams from Orsini.
  • Makeup: Nature’s Kiss Eyeshadow and Liner from Body Bazaar.

    See the Eyeliner for Yourself.

    See the Eyeliner for Yourself.

WHERE I’M AT: Insanity.  It’s an art exhibit, and a fascinating place to explore and take selfies.  Come see for yourself!

Surreal and serene...

Surreal and serene…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: My honest opinion of the eyeliner is that I like it, but do not necessarily love it.  With the skin I’m wearing, it looked a little heavy, reminiscent of younger girls who haven’t yet learned that less is more.  That said, I generally dress fairly extreme, so I’m game with the more-is-better approach and I found that it complemented the look I had going today.  For me, price would probably be the deciding factor, and the 50 L$ price that Catriona asked about in the survey sounded just about right, a fair price but not necessarily a great price.

WHAT’S ON MY RADIO: Today I just cannot get the song Angels by Within Temptation out of my head.  I got my hands on a copy of the lyrics, and I’m trying to memorize them so I can really belt it out, but I have to confess I just do not have as hauntingly beautiful a voice as Sharon den Adel.  Nevertheless, I keep on trying…




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