Feeling a bit beat up today…

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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If I'm visiting the 'Little' Village, why can I barely reach the door knobs?

If I’m visiting the ‘Little’ Village, why can I barely reach the door knobs?

WHAT I’M WEARING: I feel like a neko hooker in this get up, like somewhere off-screen a large masculine neko with a bare chest, a felt fedora with a purple plume that escaped from the disco era, and very long claws is telling me, “Emily, don’t you dare come back without my money.”  If you can’t tell, there are days when even I don’t really understand what bubbles out of my subconscious mind or why.  Anyway, here’s the style card:

  • Shape: 46htPetiteGirlNextDoorBCup from Alady Island
  • Skin: Fleur (Tan) from WoW Skins
  • Hair: Dragee (blonde) from Rosy Mood
  • Outfit: The skimpy, strappy, slutty red and white dress was a gift from *JStyle, along with the matching heels, long fingernails, earrings, and bangles.
  • Neko Parts: Blond tail and pink ears are both out of the ‘my soft bits’ outfit from Virtual Attire.
  • Tattoos: I’ve actually got five tattoo layers on.  The tan lines came with an outfit from Edelfabrik.  The leg tattoo is Luck of the Irish 5, one of Grunge Ink’s tats from the recently concluded Gacha fair.  The sleeve and chest tattoos are -UtopiaH-‘s Bad Girl tattoo.  My red blush makeup is a tattoo layer from LC’s world of fashion.  And lastly, for that ‘beat-up-by-life-(or-pimps)-look’, the Punched Face from Corvus.
  • Source Unknown: Fishnet Stockings, Nose Ring
You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind...

You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind…

WHERE I’M AT: The description sounded interesting so I came to Little Village by Cica Ghost to explore.  “The quirky homes in Cica Ghost’s Little Village stand tilted on little hillocks, some single, some in little clusters, their shapes silhouetted against a sepia sky.  Is it a village for people, or only for the cats peeking out from the windows?  Come and enjoy Little Village’s humorous and photogenic appeal.”  I like humorous and have a true need for photogenic locations every post, so that description caught my eye.

Black-eyed and bushy tailed… are you sure that's the right expression?

Black-eyed and bushy tailed… are you sure that’s the right expression?

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: I decided to be a little silly and run with the black eye because I am feeling a little metaphorically beat up at the moment.  I do want to emphasize the word metaphorically.  I have no actual black eyes, there are no angry pimps or jealous spouses or raging postal workers in my life, I’ve had no need to visit the emergency room.  On the other hand, I have been battling with the creeping crud, my term for a congestive cough that has stubbornly clung to me despite a barrage of prescription anti-biotics and over-the-counters.  In First Life, I’ve had to thread some uncertainty about my home, work, and family situations- nothing bad, well, nothing bad yet, but it is very stressful when things you take for granted as stable and solid start moving about and being in flux.  Ask anyone who has experienced an earthquake.  I’m not free to share details, and there is no way to make the long story short or even medium, but the constant tenseness, on top of feeling sick, has left me feeling tired and battered.

Ah-hem.  You're forgetting one important step here...

Ah-hem. You’re forgetting one important step here…

WHAT’S ON MY RADIO: Pandora has played several great songs while I’ve been typing away, including Freak Like Me by Halestorm and Innocent by Stellar Kart.  (Which was a new song to me, but one of those songs where the music just grabbed a hold of my forebrain and said ‘I’m really cool, listen to me!’.  Note to self: time to run up the Jolly Roger and see what I can pirate from the local library…)


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