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Posted: April 10, 2014 in Sponsor Posts
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I’ve mentioned before that inside my own skull is a curiously random place to live.  And by ‘mentioned’ I mean lamented, harped upon, whined at length, et cetera, ad nauseum.  I received another example today.  My boss at Grumble, Grumble, one of my erstwhile sponsors, invited me down to the Depraved Nation Block 100 block party.  And by ‘invited’ I mean sent, ordered, decreed, told me “cover this event or you’re fired!”, et cetera, ad nauseum.  Dedicated trooper that I am, I agreed to make the sacrifice of going shopping and then writing about it.  “Oh, don’t throw me in that briar patch, Brer Munro!”  What a taskmaster, threatening to fire me if I don’t go and do two of my favorite things.  And by ‘taskmaster’ I mean a gloriously wonderful and benevolent employer whose every note card fills my day with rainbows and unicorns and cupcakes..

The first thought through my head was what to call my post… Some sort of word play on the word block?  ‘Around the Block A Time or Two’?  ‘A Block of Seagulls’?  ‘His Huge Throbbing Block’?  (Sorry.  I’ve been trying to write a short piece of erotic fiction for one of my other projects and my mind is deeper into the gutter than usual…)  ‘Block Panthers’?  ‘Block and White and Red All Over’?

What to wear, what to wear...

What to wear, what to wear…

The second thought through my head was what to wear… Into the closet… rummage, rummage… With a few detours (Trust me.  There is no such thing as a straight line beginning-to-end in my skull.  And if there was, I would fall off the path, because I wouldn’t know how to travel a straight line without veering to look at a few tangents or bouncing off a few impasses.) I put together this style card:

  • Shape: CeceliaSkirtShape from Alady Island
  • Skin: Tanita from WoW Island
  • Hair: Mad Lilly from i ❤ 13.  (Looking through some old selfless, the last time I wore this hair was when Allie sent me to Thrift Shop 4.  Apparently this is my ‘on assignment’ hair…)
  • Block 100 Exclusives from Grumble, Grumble: Gypsy Flow Dress in Peach (Gorgeous and only 35L$!), Red Rose Cuff (25L$ gacha item.  Also available in black, blue, and purple.) 
  • Other Grumble, Grumble Fashions: Red Colorado Boots, Pink Slashed Leggings, Sunglasses, Facial Tattoo, Razorwire Bangles.
  • The Rest of It: ‘No Tat Here’ tattoo from i ❤ 13, Red Collar from *JStyle, unknown source Lip Ring.

Then I thought some more about what to call this post.  There were so many ‘block’ references I could make, but none that stood out.  Maybe should I do my word play off the 100 in Block 100…  ‘The 100 and One Blogger’?  ‘Block 100 Percent’?  ‘The 100 Percent Solution’?

This sign may be as close as I get...

This sign may be as close as I get…

My next thought was, “wait a minute, how do I get to Block 100?”.  The assignment packet from Allie included a general flyer for the block party (same as the sign you can see behind me) and flyers for all the cool stuff Grumble would be selling at the party.  (There are some additional colors for the dress I’m wearing, a gorgeous spring blouse, some colorful pearl necklaces, some twig antlers and spiky hairbands, definitely worth checking out.)  The only landmark in the packet wasn’t to the block party, however, but to the usual landing pad.  The good news was this handy sign did have a landmark giver.  The bad news was that the landmark wouldn’t work for me, but just told me that the sim was too full for me to arrive.  About the same time, I overheard a conversation in one of my other store groups claiming that a full sim was 53 avatars shopping/waiting for the sim to finish rezzing and another 20 avs trying to push through the border of the sim.  (Best comment in the conversation: BitchZilla: i wanna go to the border and hold a sign that says, “im waiting for you to crash.  45 minutes later the conversation started over saying the whole sim had crashed…)

Gosh, there are some naming possibilities in that… ‘No Room at the Inn’?  ‘Blocked from the Party’?  ‘The Block Party has Landed’? ‘I’m Waiting for You to Crash’? ‘Take This Sim and Crash It; I Ain’t Shopping Here No More!’?

If I can't get to the block party, I can always visit Grumble Station...

If I can’t get to the block party, I can always visit Grumble Station…

While I was trying to figure out what to do, I went down to the Subway Station.  I won some goodies in the lucky chairs and a 100 L$ gift card.  You know, I think I have some other Grumble gift cards stashed in my inventory.  Er, yep… I have an embarrassing amount of gift card… I need to do some serious shopping…

I love wearing boots, and I have some great ones.  I’ve also got stripper shoes and sneakers.  But I mentioned in a recent post that I don’t have a good pair of serious business woman shoes.  I should really do something about that.

Maybe I should go with an ironic title.  A title that refers to the title-less-ness of the blog.  In tribute to professor of math and philosophy Raymond Smullyan, I could go with ‘This Blog Needs No Title’ or ‘What is the Name of This Post?’.  I could show my computer-geek chops that I generally reserve for First Life , and in an inside reference to the classic Infocom computer games go with ‘This Space Intentionally Left Blank’.  As an aside, I’ve always loved that sort of self-contradictory self-reference, which is why I have a tattoo that says ‘No Tat Here’.  

The Shoe Department… a.k.a. The Promised Land...

The Shoe Department… a.k.a. The Promised Land…

I mentioned an embarrassing amount of gift card.  I am embarrassed enough that I won’t mention the grand total, but I will admit that the oldest gift card is a 500 L$ gift card that I camped for.  That I’ve been sitting on 500 L$ of perfectly good shopping money that I had forgotten I had is embarrassing.  Add in the fact that several months ago Grumble, Grumble reworked the subway station… the revised campers are quicker, but you haven’t been able to camp for 500 L$ gift cards since the remodel, so I’ve forgotten this gift card for a while.  Also add in the 500 L$ is the oldest and largest gift card, but less than half of my total of Grumble gift cards.  Also add in the fact that I have gift cards for another ten stores in the same folder.  I’m pretty sure my cheeks are so warm you could fry an egg upon them.

Because of the whole mind-in-gutter thing, I will point out I’m talking about the cheeks of my face, thank you very much.  If you want to warm my other cheeks, drop me a note card, take me out to dinner, make me feel special, … oh, wait, where was I again?  I’m talking about blushing.

There is one positive thing about a 500 L$ gift card, however.  Particularly in a mall with prices as reasonable as Grumble, Grumble… that’s a lot of purchasing power.  In very short order, I have bought six pairs of shoes: some Colorado boots, identical to what I’m wearing only in blue; some leather moccasins; black pumps, hopefully the ‘business woman’ shoes I was questing for; red ‘super-high’ stilettos, which will probably look more stripper than business woman, but at least they aren’t the sneakers or boots most of my shoes are; stiletto sneakers, that’s right, the comfort of stilettos combined with the elegance of sneakers; and some soft leather fringed ankle boots.  OK, I didn’t need any more boots, but these are boots that will hopefully go with my more professional outfits.  Just to finish off the gift card, I also snuck across the aisle into lingerie and bought a 5 pack of sheer white stockings so I a few more hosiery options when I’m wearing short skirts.

You know, if I can’t get into the Block party, maybe the title of this post shouldn’t refer to Block 100 at all.  ‘Too Many Gift Cards’?  ‘If the Shoe Fits’?  I’ve tried four times so far.  Maybe the fifth time will be the charm?  Another aside to myself.  I haven’t seen the Fifth Element since it was still a new movie, but Uma Thurman had a really hot look in that movie.  I should watch it again…  OK, maybe the sixth time will be the charm.  Seventh?

The Good News: I finally made it to block 100. The Bad News: I don't have time to stay, or even to let it finish rezzing...

The Good News: I finally made it to block 100.
The Bad News: I don’t have time to stay, or even to let it finish rezzing…

Since I learned last year that I have A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) I’ve tried to read up on what that actually means.  I generally refer to it as ADD rather than the more current and trendy AD/HD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) label because I don’t have a particularly hyperactive component to my ADD.  And as one ADD coach wrote, ADD isn’t necessarily a deficit or shortage of attention, rather it is a difficulty in focusing and controlling where one’s attention lies.  My reading claims that approximately four percent of the population has ADD, which is one in twenty-five people.  In both of the restaurants where I work, the rate is higher, but I strongly suspect that is because the nature of the food service industry makes it a surprisingly good fit for both the positive and negative aspects of ADD so that, in effect, the industry selects for ADD personalities.  If you are one of the four percent, you probably recognize the ADD within my stream of consciousness.  If you are one of the ninety-six percent, you may very well recognize that you have had days like the one I’m describing, but this is what all of my days are like.  That actually isn’t a complaint.  I live in the moment.  I’m generally happy, and unhappiness doesn’t stick well, but rolls off me like water off a duck.  I have trouble noticing and conforming to society’s cues, but also get the child-like joy of making my own amusements.  I stress because I have trouble staying ‘inside the lines’ and trouble managing my time and my goals, but I also get to see the world as it should be, in bright friendly colors, rather than as it is.  I didn’t sit down with the goal of making the flow of my thoughts clearer to people on the outside, but as I wrote, I realized I really did give you a tour of the inside of my thought process.  If anything, I actually simplified and clarified and organized my thoughts more than a true ‘live stream’ would show, but I did let you inside my head.  Inside my head… Block 100, not that I actually made it there… And now I know what I’m calling this post and you know how I arrived at this title.

P.S. One small confession- I do think quicker than I type, which is how I get to revise my words even as I think them in present tense.  I did figure out my title while this entry was in process, and guide the stream a little to give this post some direction.  That said, my direction and purpose for this article did change while I was writing it, and for most of the time I was typing I had a different (and less interesting) working title.  So yes, this is a pretty good approximation of what my particular flavor of ADD tastes like from the inside…

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