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Posted: April 14, 2014 in Sponsor Posts
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Allie Munro summoned me to her office after I submitted my last article, and it became clear we had a slight difference of opinion.  I was very proud of my post: I looked good; I looked good in clothes from Grumble, Grumble; I talked about the ongoing Block 100 shopping event; I showed off a few of the exclusive Grumble, Grumble items from the event; I had enough of my dry and slightly random humor scattered through the post to be an entertaining read, and I even managed to be informative and educational about life with adult ADD, a subject that is important to me.

Allie’s point was simpler.  “I commissioned a review of Block 100.  You submitted not a review of Block 100 but your excuse for why you didn’t go to Block 100.  As a business woman, my hope is that people will read the reviews Grumble, Grumble commissions, head to check out Block 100 for themselves, and spend some of their hard-earned Lindens on the quality merchandise that we have put out.  Your article gives the impression that Block 100 is too crowded to get into, and that when you do get in, you will have a long wait for the sim to finish rezzing.  It doesn’t encourage potential customers to go and spend their Lindens at Block 100.  That’s a fail, Emily.”

Now supposedly ADD sufferers are prone to social awkwardness because we tend to miss or forget to observe subtle social clues.  But even I recognized that this wasn’t the appropriate place to point out too-crowded and slow-to-rez was, in fact, a pretty accurate description of my experiences with Block 100.  Instead, I apologized, I groveled a bit, and I promised to go back and give it a second try…

See, Boss!  I made it here!

See, Boss! I made it here!

Thankfully, by today- (Sunday the 13th as I write this, hopefully still the same when I finish and publish this article.)– the initial rush has settled down.  I teleport in and explore for a little bit, pause to play a little First Life, and come back to finish my exploring.  No problems getting in or out, and although it is very packed with vendors and merchandise, which means it does take some time to see all the details, Block 100 is no longer made up of slow-rezzing grey blocks.  My first order of business, of course, is come by the Grumble, Grumble booth.  Both to show that I made it, and because I did mention I’m hoping to get the black version of the rose cuffs from the Gacha frame.

The first event I ever covered was the Candy Fair, and I think it spoiled me.  The moment you showed up, you were offered a map and a listing of all the businesses that were there.  As I’ve covered Thrift Shop, Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair, and now Block 100, I’ve missed that… I once had a professor who posited that shopping patterns actually trace back to our hunter/gatherer cavemen ancestors.  He claimed that men were the hunters of the tribe, and that to this day the masculine shopping pattern is hunting: arrive with a specific prey in mind, seek that prey in its probable location, strike, kill it, and bring it back to your cave.  Show up at the store, get the one or two items you came for, and leave.  Women were the gatherers, collecting fruits and herbs and veggies, which inspired the feminine shopping pattern of wander around observing everything in the area, add anything promising into your basket, discard excess if need be, and return only once you run out of basket or of time to wander and explore.  His theory is probably an oversimplification at best and a load of malarkey at worst.  I know I use both patterns depending on what I’m shopping for and how urgent the need is.  I do enjoy wandering through Block 100, making note of some vendors I want to get back to, but it’s frustrating to have to search for a specific vendor.

G.G.  Grumble Grumble IS Gypsy Glam...

G.G. Grumble Grumble IS Gypsy Glam…

Although objective one was to find the Grumble booth, my ADD kicks in and distracts me when I see the booth for Edelfabrik, one of my favorite stores.  (I would wear Edelfabrik more often, but sadly I only have Edelfabrik tastes, not an Edelfabrik budget…)  This, however, turns out to be for the best.  After buying the featured sale outfit and a very sexy dress, I force myself to leave the store while there are still some Lindens rustling in my purse.  Oh, hey!  There’s the Grumble booth, just one door over to the right.  Yay!  I grab a few selfies, and pick up a few more items… I try for the black rose cuffs, but get blue and blue again instead.  I also grab the green and yellow version of the gypsy bow top I’m wearing, because this is a really cute blouse.

Then I double back to the places that caught my eye.  I pick up a few static poses from Purple Poses and Elephante.  I check out UtopiaH’s booth, as I’ve been loving the ‘bad girl’ tattoo I got from them recently, but they don’t have any tattoos featured at Block 100.  I do find a nice tattoo at Grunge Ink’s Booth.  I also browse, but mostly resist temptation, at Alter Ego, Geek., Pure Sugar, Epic, and Razor.  I do get a new hairdo to try out at Geek.  Although I still haven’t changed my mind about the frustration of my early attempt to make it into the Block 100 event, I’m glad I listened to Allie and went back.  Now that the initial pushing and shoving is over, it’s definitely worth it to go down and see the goodies on offer.

Lastly, my style card for today's shopping expedition:

Lastly, my style card for today’s shopping expedition:

And of course, my post isn’t complete until I mention what I’m wearing.  I wanted to change stuff up from my last post, and still show off plenty of Grumble wear both from the event and from the main store…

  • Shape: Standard Size Small (freebie from Virtual Attire)
  • Skin: Vodka (pale) from Egozentrikax
  • Hair: Im So Preddy (fruit punch) from Calla
  • Grumble, Grumble Block 100 Items: Gypsy Mesh Top in pink/peach, Spiked Bow Headband (teal)
  • Other Cool Grumble Wear: Love Me Face Tattoo, Dangle/Beaded Earrings, Fringe Ankle Boots (part of my shoe shopping spree last post.), red hearts sheer stockings (likewise), Lace Wrist Wraps, and Mesh Zebra Skirt with Teal Bows.
  • Other Accessories: Psichidelic Tattoo from Infected, source unknown lip ring.

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