In Search of the Promised Land(mark)…

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WHAT I’M WEARING: I’m feeling the need to be cool yet casual today, and this is the style card I threw together…

  • Shape: Gigi Teen by Kids5B.  (My ‘default’- I was going to do a newer shape, but then I decided it made my ass look too big for these jeans and casually muttered ‘F— that!’  After all, I feel I have an obligation to look pretty at all times.)
  • Skin: India High Caramel M20 by Angel Rock Skins
  • Hair: Despina by Tameless Hairs.  (Color set to ‘Sky Blue’.)
  • Clothes: Blue Shredded Jeans by Prozak, Melanie Off Shoulder Top (purple) by Love Zombie, Women’s Stiletto Sneakers by Grumble, Grumble, (which does beg the question: Are there MEN’S Stiletto Sneakers out there somewhere?) 
  • Accessories: ‘Just for you’ tattoo from Orsini, Ted on a Noose earrings from M & M Style
  • Source Unknown Accessories: black choker necklace, lip ring, sunglasses, black leather gloves.

    !Soul!  60 L$ Fashions and 99 L$ Skins

    !Soul! 60 L$ Fashions and 99 L$ Skins

WHERE I’M AT: Another post of clearing out old landmarks and snapping self-portraits at the landmarks that seem worth keeping.  I live disorganized because: 1) I over-accumulate stuff; 2) I have pack rat tendencies that make me afraid to throw stuff out because I might want it later, even though stuff that I either cannot find or forget I have is functionally equivalent to stuff I don’t have anymore; 3) my ADD distracts me from the boring ‘put stuff away’ phase of any project, leading to stuff being left out, tossed haphazardly to one side while my attention is elsewhere, or taking up a space while the project waits for me to return.  When I do start cleaning and organizing, every piece needs to be examined and studied, making clean up a painfully slow and likely to be interrupted project.  To slightly rephrase something I told a coworker earlier this week, ‘I always say the world inside my head is a happy place.  I’ve never claimed it is a tidy place…’

[AdN] designs: urban and goth clothing.

[AdN] designs: urban and goth clothing.

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: This is kind of like Christmas… hopping land marks, seeing if they lead where expected, exploring wherever I end up.  Some are duds.  I had a landmark to FetischDoll, where I’ve found some tight clothing, (tight both in the conventional definition of fitting extremely closely and in the slang definition of cool and trendy…), and the store was gone, replaced by a bunch of unused billboards and some sex furniture.  (No, I didn’t keep the landmark.  I have my own sex furniture, thank you very much…)  Some landmarks are treasures.  In the past, I’ve waxed eloquent about how much I love Edelfabrik, and I’ve generally given in to poor impulse control whenever I’ve encountered them at events.  Look at the next picture… I didn’t realize / I had forgotten that I had a landmark to Edelfabrik’s main store. Thank goodness I was broke when I got there, because I was going to be broke when I left either way…

Edelfabrik: a mecca for those on shopping pilgrimage...

Edelfabrik: a mecca for those on shopping pilgrimage…

WHAT’S ON MY RADIO: The usual eclectic mix of stuff.  Let me highlight two talented bands that I wish more people knew.  I was introduced to the steampunk sound of Abney Park at a club event.  The song was Airship Pirate, and it was definitely a case of love at first hearing.  So far I’ve added the albums Lost Horizons, Aether Shanties, and The End of Days to my collection, and I plan for more to follow…  I discovered the Canadian folk-pop band Great Big Sea by accident.  I got home from work in the wee hours of the morning, channel surfed a bit while I waited for my mind to stop ricocheting around like a squirrel on speed, and was mesmerized by a concert being shown on PBS.  I forgot about them for a while (curse you, short attention span!) until I saw a re-re-airing of the concert.  Second time around I made sure I wrote down their name so I wouldn’t forget again.  Nothing But A Song is off the 2010 Album Safe Upon the Shore, which is their last album.  (By last, I mean latest, but possibly also last as one of the bands founding members, Sean McCann, has announced he was out at the end of the tour…)



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