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WHAT I’M WEARING: I’m not really the sort of girl who wears silks, so I decided today to wear silks.  It made sense in my mind.  Anyhow, here is the style card of relevant details…

  • Shape: Skirt35SlaveGirl from Alady Island.
  • Skin: Lou Chocolate Skin- Equatore from Tuty’s.
  • Hair: Mina, in ebony, from Tameless Hair.
  • Outfit: Golden Silks from Roawenwood.  Oriental Heels from LC’s World of Fashion.
  • Accessories: Bracelets from G&S Team, Bad Girl Tattoo from -UtopiaH-, source unknown lip ring, belly button ring.

WHERE I’M AT: Once again, (or yet or still,) I’m clearing out duplicate and out-of-date landmarks, which is an excuse to visit the landmarks that have been accumulating in my inventory.  So I’m not in any one spot, I’m doing the grand tour of places I’ve visited before and places I’ve bought goodies from.  That’s a lot of places…  Looking around Java Fashions, I see classy stuff of the sort I should buy more often…I wonder to myself where I got this land mark and why I don’t come by here more often.  At the next stop, Toxic High, I see lots of stuff that is inexpensive or a gift… I also see Toxic High in many hunts, so I’ve got lots of Toxic High gear, much of which makes me look easy and cheap.  I’m apparently feeling introspective today, because normally I cheerfully go with easy and cheap.  (And so I pick to wear silks on a day I have qualms about looking easy and cheap… If anyone figures out the random chaos that is my thought process, please let me know…)

Toxic High: Skins, Skimpy Clothing, and other essentials...

Toxic High: Skins, Skimpy Clothing, and other essentials…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Apparently the programmer of First Life (or as I affectionately like to call him, God) has quite a sense of irony.  Thanks to the contrast between Java and Toxic High, I was already thinking about the, …, let’s call it the propriety level of certain looks.  Then I logged into First Life to play at being a server for a while.  It was a busy night at the restaurant, and one of my tables was a party of five young women (my initial guess was eighteen or nineteen years old, but as I talked with them I kept revising that younger) who were very provocatively dressed.  Their dresses were lycra and spandex, tightly form-fitting, and very short.  I overheard Jack, one of bartenders, try to draw a laugh from one of the bar regulars by claiming that if the hemlines were any higher, they would be above the girls’ waists.  I’m actually not sure where to find such an dress within the in-game context of First Life, but I own similar outfits from Toxic High and Moda Mia and Egoxentrikax and…  The girls were also wearing stiletto heels- the shortest heels in the party were probably four inches, and the tallest of the girls looked like her heels were adding another six inches.  Their hair was teased and poufed and blatantly colored.   Normally when I see outfits like that, my thoughts go down one of two well worn tracks.  Track one is to judge how well the girls pull the look off, whether I find them to successfully be attractive or whether they are unpleasing to my eye.  Track two is to imagine how well I would pull the look off, whether I want to find a similar outfit for my inventory.  I was very thrown off this evening to realize that tonight I was going down a different thought track, reflecting that whenever old cop shows or movies from the eighties and nineties wanted to portray hookers, they would show a poorly lit street with multiple pawn shops and porn shops where models wearing similar outfits would teeter up to car windows to ask drivers if they were looking for a good time.  I’m actually quite OK with looking like a slut or a hooker.  I certainly can’t claim otherwise when I post pictures of my current look with every blog entry.  But I also feel like women should project and use such a look intentionally, and waiting on young women who seemed genuinely oblivious that they might be projecting a message made me want to grab them by the shoulders, shake them, and ask, “what are you thinking?”.  It was very odd, and made me feel old, like I was somehow channeling some sort of universal parenthood spirit and that I would be telling the story of walking five miles to school, through the snow, uphill both ways, et cetera, ad nauseum, before I knew it.  It was very disorienting.

Tameless Hair.  Truly a go-to hair establishment...

Tameless Hair. Truly a go-to hair establishment…

WHAT’S ON MY RADIO: I’ll go ahead and run with the ‘feeling old before my time’ feeling, and pick a few appropriate tunes.  (As an aside, I also run with scissors.  Dammit, I refuse to be mature.  In-game or out.)  But some songs about aging… My Back Pages(I didn’t know this was a Bob Dylan song, as the only version I’ve ever heard was this cover by the Byrds.  Although through the wonder that is the internet, I’ve learned that there also exists a Ramones cover.)  Old And Wise by the Alan Parsons Project.  The Older I Get by Skillet. Live Young, Die Fast by Alkaline Trio.

SHEY: A boutique of classy elegant gowns.

SHEY: A boutique of classy elegant gowns.


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