I’m Super; How Are You?

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The Hair Department at My Pretty Pixels.

The Hair Department at My Pretty Pixels.

WHAT I’M WEARING: As I started putting my outfit together, I was thinking red carpet.  Haute couture.  Cutting edge elegance and style.  As I accessorized, however, I ended up with a look that reminds me more of a silver age comic book heroine, fighting crime in an outfit defined by its bright primary colors and utter impracticality…

  • Shape: AngelieJolieDCup from Alady Island.  (Is it really supposed to be modeled after a famous actress and adoptress?  I can’t tell, but also don’t really care.)
  • Skin: Angelina from Mr. Bloch.  (OK, I do care.  However, even with a shape and a skin supposedly modeled after Angelina Jolie, I don’t think I look like her.  Or even particularly close.  So I’ll just pretend to sound jaded and uncaring, OK?)
  • Hair: Brandee in Shamrock Green from Tameless Hair.  (The bright green hair is really where the look started to devolve from the red carpet…)
  • Dress: Yanru Club Gown in Red from LC’s World of Fashion.
  • Boots: Classic Red Thigh High Boots from <P3>  (Boots only suitable for a mistress or a super heroine/villainess… And my inner geek-girl tends to distract me before I can put together a good mistress style card…) 
  • Other Accessories: Dolly Makeup from Blue Blood, Red Collar from *JStyle, Plain Lace Stockings from Sugar Emporium, Kalma Tattoo from GrungeInk, source unknown ‘Bollywood Earrings’ and piercing ring.

    The kids' department at *Fierce Designs*

    The kids’ department at *Fierce Designs*

WHERE I’M AT: Still landmark sorting/hopping.  The most interesting landmark was about a dozen copies of an defunct landmark that once lead to a skybox shop and now lead to a fall of several hundred meters.  And the landmarks all just had the name of the shop, so I had to check each one looking for a landmark to the shops new location, so I popped in, started falling, popped back to the top of my fall, continued falling, over and over in one horrific loop.  I’ve had this dream before, by the way.  It doesn’t end well.  (Unless, of course, you think red is a pretty color for ground cover…)

Warhol's House of Mirrors and RLV Traps.  Be warned...

Warhol’s House of Mirrors and RLV Traps. Be warned…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND:  Much and nothing.  I’ve got a couple fiction projects that are coming well, but not in any place or condition to share.  I’ve gathered some tidbits of juicy gossip about First Life, both about my firsty and about some of the other avatars he is routinely required to interact with, but if you aren’t playing First Life near me, they are meaningless tidbits.  And if they aren’t meaningless, than I have even less permission to share them.  I’ve read a few really good reads recently, but I try to avoid the geek trait of giving long winded after the fact play-by-plays.  To my mind, the ability/compulsion to obsess over something fictional- be it Star Wars, Dr. Who, Twilight, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, or Fantasy Football- is the definitive trait of the geek.  I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine if I am a geek or not when I actively fight my obsessive tendencies and when I geek shallowly in many geek fields rather than with excessive focus on one.  I’m good for geek trivia, and I generally speak the lingo well enough to convince a non-geek that I’m a geek for most geek-obsessions, but I can’t keep up with the true dedicated geeks.  The final score is I feel like an outsider wherever I go… Normally, I’m surrounded by non-geeks, and I feel isolated because I’m struggling to keep my inner geek bottled up.  Occasionally I get to hang with some true geeks, and I still feel isolated because I really just can’t get that obsessively consumed by something that isn’t real.  My individual geek-dom is for the concept of ‘story’, whether it is told through performance art (theatre, movie, TV), through words (novels, short stories, poems), or through collaborative efforts (games, role-playing, etc.)  I’m concerned with the quality of the story, the shape of the story, how to create one myself.  When I come out of the movie theater, I want to dissect what I just saw, but almost always for how the story was told and crafted and rarely for what the story was.  I think the isolation is that I’ve yet to find a fellow ‘generalist story geek’.  I’m like the Trekkie at Star Wars convention- I can’t mix well with the mundanes who aren’t geeks, but my obsession doesn’t match up with any of the geeks around me either…

Still at the house of mirrors.  Apparently I didn't heed my own warning...

Still at the house of mirrors. Apparently I didn’t heed my own warning…

WHAT’S ON MY RADIO:  Since I blundered into an angelic transformation, why not a few angelic songs?  She’s An Angel by They Might Be Giants… Angels by Within Temptation (I’ve explained elsewhere I’m too fickle to have a favorite song, but at this moment, Angels is a strong contender to be the favorite song I don’t have…) I’m Sailing Away by Styx.  (Well, I thought it was an angel song, but to my surprise, they climbed aboard a starship and headed to the skies…)

Augusta Creations.  Lot's of gifts that can be picked up here...

Augusta Creations. Lot’s of gifts that can be picked up here…



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