I’m Too Cute For This Much Attitude!

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Sponsor Posts
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All right!  It is time, once again, to grumble.  But not in a negative, whiny, I’m-going-to-complain sort of way.  (I work in food service, so I hear way too much of that sort of grumbling.  I can’t tell you who grumbles more: the other girls on the floor, the guys back in the kitchen, or management.  One of their favorite complaints is how needy and negative the customers are, and yet my customers are generally the happiest people I deal with over the course of the day.  Not to brag, but I’m pretty sure I’m a big part of the reason for that.)  No, it is time for the good sort of grumble: Visiting a shopping event on assignment and checking out the newest products from Grumble, Grumble.  Yay!

What, me worry?

What, me worry?

Any good shopping expedition begins in my closet, picking out what to wear.  Er, that is to say, my good shopping expeditions begin in my closet.  If your shopping expeditions are beginning in my closet instead of your own, that’s pretty creepy.  So I waited out and unlocked the angel transformation I stumbled into last post, and put together a new style card for todays shopping trip:

  • Shape: Gigi Teen from Kids5B.  (Still the shape I think of as ‘default’)
  • Skin: Jenna, purple/smokey makeup, from Beauty Code.  (Which if I’m deciphering what I’m seeing on marketplace correctly, is now doing business as Pink Cherry, indicating that this is an older skin.  Still, I think it looks nice.)
  • Hair: Hadley from Tameless Hair.  (I decided to run with the purple thing.  Since I have Hadley with the ‘fantasy’ color menu, I could set it to ‘grape.’)
  • Tattoos: Musician Arm Tattoos from Crickets; ‘in my dreams’ (chest tattoo) from Orsini; ‘Love me’ (face tattoo) from Grumble.
  • Outfit: Atti’tube’ top from Grumble, Grumble.  (More on this below.)  The Belted Purple Capris, Yellow Panties, and Brown Leather Ankle Fringe Boots were also all from Grumble.  ‘Cute skulls pasties’ from Danika.  Skull n Bones pink socks are source unknown.
  • Jewelry/Accessories: Necklace, earrings, piercings are all the ‘Vaded’ set from EllaBella.  The razor bangle is another Grumble item.  The wrist bands are source unknown.

    I'm putting the strip into strip mall with this top...

    I’m putting the strip into strip mall with this top…

The Atti’tube’ was a Grumble, Grumble item released for the Gotta Gacha event, which is what I originally planned to cover today.  Unfortunately, when I showed up for the event, I found that the event ends today (May 11th as I write this, and probably later still when I publish the post.  One of the curses of ADD is that the ‘I’ll get back to that later’ school of organization is really a graduate level school of DISorganization.  Oops.)  On the other hand, all is not lost.  While I can’t speak for the boss, (Hell, as jumbled as my mind gets, on most days I can barely speak for me!), there is a nice little stand of gachas just to the right of the women’s wear entrance.  Including gachas for items I recognize from covering the (now over) Thrift Shop, 100 Block, and Luck of the Irish events.  So I have high hopes the atti’tube’s will soon surface there as well.  Then I will get some money and I will blow too much of it trying to get one of the tubes I’m really drooling over… there’s the skully tube, (I’ve worn too many cute skull motifs to have to explain why I want that one), the one explaining ‘Geek is the new sexy’ (Likewise, I’ve let my inner geek girl out enough that I can just say “‘Nuff Said”.), and the blue one.  (Which has the logo I’ve seen before: SL_T: All I need is U.  The wordplay and risqué-ness amuse me, but also note my blogs name: SL Time Well-wasted.  Given the way my mind free associates, that gives the tube an extra bonus meaning that is mine alone.)

My other comment/reaction to the Atti’tube’ can be summed up in this aside.  I’m hardly a poster girl for appropriate.  I generally show a lot of skin.  I’ve no qualms at all about boldly emblazoning the F-bomb across my chest (and across my post pictures today).  But in over one hundred and fifty posts on this blog, in probably about three hundred outfits if you go back and also include my tumblr protoblog before I moved to WordPress, you can still count on your fingers, even if  you are Captain Hook, the number of outfits where I’ve felt the need to wear pasties and where you could see if I was wearing them or not.  The skull pasties I’m wearing are cute, but I would never have mentioned them if they didn’t show in the pictures, in much the same way that although I usually do wear underwear when I’m blogging, I only mention it on my style card when the underwear is visible.

I'll just take a break here...

I’ll just take a break here…

I’m digressing, but I do that a lot.  Besides, getting the conversation topic from visible underwear to ‘Get Stripped’ should be an easy segue, right?  ‘Get Stripped’ sounds like it should be a discussion of making my underwear visible, preferably visible in a pile on someone’s floor. In fact, Get Stripped is the new in-sim hunt in Grumble land.  Grumble has recently opened a strip mall on the western edge of the Sim, leasing space out to other vendors.

No doubt, my boss Allie Munro would want me to mention that there are both shops and street kiosks still available to rent.  Although I have zero experience on the selling side of the equation, as a shopper, I think this must be good location.  Not only does there always seem to be moderate traffic in the sim- enough that there is a constant flow of bodies, not so much that there are crowding problems- but Allie organizes a lot of mini-hunts which keep the traffic moving through out the sim.  Case in point, the Get Stripped hunt, where twenty black shopping bags were scattered around the strip mall.  Each hunt prize has a 1L$ price tag and holds either a unisex prize or one male and one female prize.  For example, shopping bag #3 contains the same super-appropriate atti’tube’ top that I’m wearing today and also a men’s charcoal suit.  There is a list of hints here.  In my own experience (so far, I found eight of the twenty and haven’t actually looked at the hints myself.) the bags are near the shops but not actually in them.  Somehow however, I keep looking at the cool stuff in the shops also, and I went a little overboard in the My Dirty Mind shop.  (But when you finally get a chance to see the new boots and tats I bought, I’m sure you’ll understand…) 

Taking a ride around the sim on the monorail.

Taking a ride around the sim on the monorail…

I’ll also encourage you to ride the new monorail.  There’s no bribe or gift associated.  The view is only o.k., since it is an urban mall sim- there are no breathtaking canyon views or enchanting forest views… all that nature would just get in the way of the shopping, and we do have our priorities after all.  It’s just a small random pleasure, and I feel strongly that every day deserves and requires small moments in which to smile and choose happiness.  Big moments- weddings, funerals, awards, trials, what-have-you- may be what define a life, but that life is flavored and seasoned by the small moments.  Season your life with small moments of happiness, and the big moments will be all the better tasting.

Any way, I need to run, so I’ll summarize the important parts of today’s message and then put my soapbox away.  1) I’m cute; just deal with it.  2) Check out the ‘Get Stripped’ mini-hunt, both for the prizes and for the shopping.  3) Seek out small moments of pleasure whenever the chance arises, and your life will be thereby richer.  May fortune smile upon your path!

  1. […] point out that when I wore my ‘You Stupid Fucking Whore’ atti’tube’ top for a recent Grumble post, I did some similar accessorizing with some wrist bands I had in my inventory.  Great minds think […]

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