Do I Need To Put You in Timeout?

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So, how do you like them apples?

So, how do you like them apples?

WHAT I’M WEARING: I needed something easy and casual.  Any jokes claiming that I am easy and casual receive no bonus points today.  Not only are they too obvious to be clever, but I’m letting my sense of humor take a vacation day.  I’m not depressed or sad or anything, just tired.  I feel stretched thin and in need of a recharge.  So I quickly threw something together from my closet, and headed out in search of a restful, mellow adventure, something relaxing and uplifting and not too stressful.  And yes, I’m familiar with the hobbit definition of adventure: A nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable thing that makes you late for dinner.  I don’t want to be late for dinner…

  • Shape: ChildGirlAge15 (AladyIsland) (Gee.  It’s so lovely to be twenty-five and told you have the body of a 15 year old…)
  • Skin: Jessy  (*JStyle)
  • Hair: Paloma/Black5 (Dark Mouse Hair)
  • Outfit: Valery Dollarbie Top (Egoxentrikax), Jeans from the Summer Glam Complete Outfit (B-C Creations), Red Leather Kicks (Prozak)
  • Accessories: Summer Glam Clutch (B-C Creations) (part of the same complete outfit as the mesh jeans.), Nerdy Glasses (Envious), Rose Tattoo (Prozak), Razor Wire Bangle (Grumble), Red Blush Makeup (LC’s World of Fashion), Lip Ring, Silver Earrings (source unknown).

    Sitting and resting and watching the world… This is my kind of adventure!

    Sitting and resting and watching the world… This is my kind of adventure!

WHERE I’M AT: My article title and place to visit were inspired by the Event Newsfeed, so I’m here experiencing Time Out.  The Taxi is here.  The description from the news feed is, “Timeout is fun and unique.  It is quiet but dynamic.  It is calming but frightening.  It is for lovers but adventurers.  Timeout is a high quality sim with beautiful scenery and many interesting spots.  It is an addictive sim with the best Irish Pub in Second Life for the perfect pint.”

In other words, since I’m feeling rushed and frantic in both of my lives, this is just what the doctor ordered!  So far I haven’t found the parts of Timeout that are supposed to be dynamic or frightening, and I’m perfectly OK with that.  I’m wandering around, enjoying the facts that the scenery is beautiful and that I am beautiful within said scenery, resting, and writing on my blog and on a few short story ideas.  A calm, pretty backdrop.  Lovely weather to sit and think.  Plenty of benches and pretty trees.  This spot is idyllic and ideal for me.

OK, I think I found the frightening part of Timeout...

OK, I think I found the frightening part of Timeout…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: I hate secrets.  I really do.  I hate other people’s secrets.  Mostly, I admit, because I’m nosy and curious, but also because I’m not always good with subtle social cues, and if I know what’s going on, I can act accordingly, but if I have to rely on non-verbals I’m probably going to piss someone off and not know why.  (And possibly even fail to notice.)  I hate having my own secrets.  I don’t have the sort of mental organization to keep track of who knows what and who is allowed to know what.  I’m not a good enough spontaneous liar to keep a secret properly hidden.  (I simultaneously worry that I’m not a good enough liar because I don’t what to say when the lie is ‘off the cuff’ and that I’m too dishonest because I lie very easily once the proper lie to tell has been decided.  The conflict between those two worries is fairly obvious.  Welcome to the tangled mess that is my mind.)  But the worst is having to share a secret.

Right now I share a fairly big secret.  If it were my secret only, I would probably blurt it out and be done.  I’ve always tended to just throw it all out on the table and let the chips fall where they may, even when that isn’t such a good idea.  Moreover it is a fairly ‘open’ secret by this point- only a very small cabal is supposed to know, but two of the cabal members, including the one who most wants to keep it secret, are lousy secret keepers.  I am reminded of Luke, a gossipy former boss, who’s half-joking line was, ‘Don’t worry.  I told everybody not to tell anybody.’  Everyone who gets the secret also gets to know why it’s a secret: it’s a time sensitive matter, involving a probable future outcome.  If a less probable outcome should occur instead, the cabal would rather not have to keep rehashing how or why the plans fell through.

I got to witness something similar while playing First Life.  My firsty works two jobs, one of which is for a very popular family owned restaurant.  The family was looking into starting a second venture.  They didn’t openly discuss venture 2, which lead to a great deal of curiosity and speculation among employees and customers.  A few details leaked into the gossip pool anyway.  A couple employees from the restaurant were used in filler roles in the business the family was going to buy for venture 2.  A few contractors, who are also customers at the original restaurant, were approached with jobs and/or for estimates.  As the start up date drew closer, the family bragged a little bit about the process with some of the favored regulars.  Then the deal fell through, went sideways, crashed and burned, pick whatever idiom you like.  What had once been the best-laid plans of the family ganged aft agley.  (If you are neither an eighteenth century Scot nor a fan of Robert Burns’ poetry, just accept what started as best laid ended as f–ked…) For nearly a month, customers have been asking for details about a new venture that is now on indefinite hold and with a schedule anywhere between imminent and impossible.  It was already irritating the first time, so after a month of the same…  I certainly don’t want to repeat such a hassle with my secret.

The one silver lining is in the word ‘time sensitive.’  Before long, and probably sooner than later, secrecy will be a moot point.  At the rate I’m posting these days, probably within my next post or two I will be free to tell all and sundry what’s on my mind rather than dance around the issue.

But I wanted ninety-nine RED balloons!

But I wanted ninety-nine RED balloons!

WHAT’S ON MY RADIO: I’ve just been shuffling through my iPod, looking for songs that fit my mood.  I found these…  Mama Said There’d be Days Like This by the Shirelles, Welcome to The Family by Avenged Sevenfold, a cover of Harry Chapin’s Cat’s in the Cradle by Guns N Roses, and No Son of Mine by Genesis.

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