Oh, no! It’s Boho not Soho and I’m so-so confused…

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Somedays you get the dinosaur and somedays the dinosaur gets you...

Somedays you get the dinosaur and somedays the dinosaur gets you…

WHAT I’M WEARING: I had so much fun covering Thrift Shop 5 for Grumble, Grumble, (My last post, shame on you if you missed it!), that I hung out and made a few more purchases.  Then it was time to pop home, change my look, and head out to find some more fun.  Here’s the style card for the result…

  • Shape: Teen Katie (wk 15) (Cukabebe) (Some of my outfits are starting to feel tight, but you still can’t see anything once I get dressed.)
  • Skin: High Caramel M15 (Angel Rock) (A beautiful Indian skin)
  • Hair: Dany in Crow (My Pretty Pixel)
  • Tattoos: ‘No Tat Here’ (i love 13) (I love the irony of that tattoo); Luck of the Irish Back 04 Tattoo (GrungeInk) (A gacha tattoo from the Luck of the Irish event.  Which I was also sent to cover.  Have I mentioned I love my job?);  Bolly Makeup 1C (Errant) (Some bollywood-style makeup because it matches my Indian skin.)
  • Outfit: Women’s Mesh Boho Top Yellow/Teal (Grumble) (Thrift Shop 5 Item!); Chicago Leather Jeans (blah.BLAH.blah.) (Ditto!); MESH Mocassins-Brown (Grumble) (I always waffle on whether to consider footwear an essential piece of the outfit, an accessory to the outfit, or it’s own category on the style card.  Today I’m going to call it part of the outfit since I’m essentially playing mix-n-match, and I have a lot of accessories in this outfit.)
  • Accessories: Skittles-Lime Face Piercings (K-Otic) (Another Thrift Shop 5 Item.  I set the jewels as Emeralds to match the Lime name, but there are actually eleven color settings for this item, which makes it eleven accessories in one.  How thrifty!); Graffiti Bangles (Grumble); Skull Bangles (Grumble) (I’ve said before and I’m saying again… I love bangle style bracelets!); Bollywood Earrings (source unknown) (Again, picked to go with the Angel Rock skin I’m wearing today.); Nose Ring (source unknown) (I wear this nose ring and/or a source unknown lip ring in almost every style card I put together.  Just a thing I do.)

    There's something about this statue that bugs me...

    There’s something about this statue that bugs me…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Busted!  I goofed last post, and so I have to print a retraction of sorts.  I misread the signage for my last post, and thought that Grumble was running with a Soho theme for their thrift shop 5 kiosk.  Allie politely slapped me upside the head.  (All you NCIS fans think Gibbs-DiNozzo and you will have approximately the right slap.)  It was a Boho theme, not a Soho theme.  This is a reminder I apparently need to accessorize some glasses more frequently…

Fortunately or unfortunately, the Boho and Soho looks are actually fairly similar.  Unfortunate in that it adds to my confusion about what exactly I’m talking about.  (True story.  When I was growing up, one of my dad’s favorite lines, attributed to an ex-mother-in-law, was “I may not always be right, but I’m never wrong.”  My variation, reflecting the same willingness to boldly speak even when winging it, is “Sometimes in error, never uncertain.”  I’ve never had the patience for dithering- even less for my own than the dithering of others- so I always speak out.  I’m told some people call this ‘poor impulse control’ and that it’s one of the symptoms that confirmed my ADD diagnosis…)  Fortunate in that, even while wrong, I was still somewhat right.  The terms Soho, Boho, and Bobo (for ‘Bourgeois Bohemian’) are tossed around semi-interchangably.  Or if one wishes to denigrate the look, it’s also been called ‘hobo-grunge’ and ‘heroin chic’.  All names refer to the mixture of expensive and basic pieces, of vintage, particularly hippy-vintage, and newer designer-chic items.  It is a very hipster sort of look.  Although that is a very left-handed compliment… I love the values ascribed to the hipster movement or subculture- independence, uniqueness, creativity, progressiveness.  However I also think that those values are contradicted by having enough coherence to be described as a movement or a subculture…

I just found a great vintage pocket watch!  Now I just need to find a bigger pocket….

I just found a great vintage pocket watch! Now I just need to find a bigger pocket….

WHERE I’M AT: The SL Museum of Natural History (taxi!).  There are two displays here, one of dinosaurs and one of steam-punk statues by Toronto-based web artist Bryn Oh.  Neat stuff- I always like looking at scenic sims- although I do have one complaint.  The in-sim museum is modeled after one in Vienna, but lacks the same footage.  To help fake it, several small connecting hallways have their floors wall and ceilings painted to look like larger rooms from Vienna.  If you stand in the right place, it does indeed look like you are in a larger room.  Yay optical illusions!  If you actually walk through the connecting hallway- and that is their purpose, to help you travel from room A to room B- the illusion becomes disorienting and off-setting however.  My advice is to move through the hallways quickly and focus on the actual rooms.

I've got a bone to pick with you, Mr. Dinosaur!

I’ve got a bone to pick with you, Mr. Dinosaur!

WHAT’S ON MY RADIO: I have a new favorite song!  Well, favorite with the usual disclaimers… My ‘favorites’ for any category tend to be momentary enthusiasms, triggered by a recent experience and lasting until the enthusiasm fades or a different enthusiasm is triggered.  Which technically, I suppose, means my use of the word favorite may be an overstatement.  Regardless, I’m currently very enthused about this song which I heard for the first time a few days ago…


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