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After my last post– two thousand words plus, over a week to finish writing- I swore I wanted a simple, shallow subject so I create a quick, painless post without my verbal OCD slowing the process down.  I had some ideas, mostly dealing with the impending arrival of Firsty, Jr., but had to veto them all for holding some hidden complications.  (The complications are mostly privacy issues that I may ask Firsty to Guest Blog about, but that would be for another day.)  So I fell back to plan B: Find my topic at the WordPress daily post daily prompt.

We all have strange relationships with punctuation — do you overuse exclamation marks? Do you avoid semicolons like the plague? What type of punctuation could you never live without? Tell us all about your punctuation quirks!

Sitting and writing at the Blarney Stone Irish Bar

Sitting and writing at the Blarney Stone Irish Bar…

My punctuation quirks are probably blatantly obvious to anyone who’s read my blog and stem from two mental quirks that define the flow of my thoughts.  Quirk one is my Attention Deficit Disorder.  ADD causes my thought process to generally be quick, but disjointed.  My primary train of thought is rarely linear and my focus often wanders off on tangents.  Quirk two is what I call verbal OCD.  True obsessive-compulsive disorder is a disorder in which sufferers act out specific rituals and require very particular arrangements of their environments to stave off a recurring dread and anxiety.  I once told a coworker that I am pretty much the anti-OCD because I am so absorbed with my own thought process that I barely notice my environment and I spread disarray wherever I go.  She countered that I displayed OCD type behavior with my words and speech.  I’m very precise, even fussy, about how certain words are used.  (For example, misusing well/good is like nails on a black board.)  I split hairs on meanings, and will iterate and reiterate a thought until I get the description just right.  I love wordplay- puns and innuendoes and the like- so I tend to respond to the most inappropriate possible meaning of statements made around me, both to amuse myself and to chastise the speaker for sloppy speaking.

My writing voice reflects the style of my thoughts: disjointed, rambling, with lots of tangents.  Excessive vocabulary and verbosity in the attempt to pin down a concept just so.  Lots of structure tools like listing points and summarizing, not so much for the listener/reader’s benefit as to try to keep my rambling focus on task.  The punctuation marks I use are the proper tools for my style of thought.  Depending on the nature of the interruption or aside I add to a thought, I may use a simple comma, hyphens, or parentheses.  I use lots of commas because I have lots of lists and because I write long sentences with multiple clauses.  I use hyphens when I interrupt one thought with another thought- like I did in the first sentence of this post- but remain on topic.  When the interrupting thought is more off topic, more in the nature of an aside to the reader, then I will generally use parenthesis and also italics.  The goal is to create the impression I’m talking to you about what you are reading that I’m writing.  Colons and semi colons get used in lists.  The most common list in my posts is the ‘style card’, a listing of what I’m wearing for the pictures in that day’s post.  I generally use a bulleted format to make it look a little more organized and easier to process.

Climbing a display at the Happy Mood store...

Climbing a display at the Happy Mood store…

To show you how it’s punctuated, here is today’s style card:

  • Shape: Teen Katie (Wk 16) by Cukabebe.  (I’ve cut down my shape to shape hopping so I can carry a pregnancy to term just like Mrs. Firsty…)
  • Hair: Wendi in sandy blonde from Tameless Hair.
  • Hair Bow: Pink Cupcake Hairbow from Grumble, Grumble.  (OMG!  This bow is so freakin’ cute!)
  • Skin: Little Haley Girl Skin by Kids5B.
  • Tattoos: #4 Facial Tattoo from Grumble, Grumble.  Love Make-up [RED] from -Utopiah-.  No more sorrows from Orsini.  USA tattoos from an unknown source.
  • Outfit: Tartan Dress from i love 13.  Red Leather Kicks from Prozak.
  • Jewelry: Razor wire bangle from Grumble, Grumble.  Hoop earrings, black choker, nose-ring all source unknown.

Oh, and one last thought that is semi punctuation related.  I’ve mentioned my sense of humor is very wordplay driven… One of the best lines I ever heard at work was in this conversation:

Waitress: God, Maria is such a bitch today!

Waiter: I think she’s PMS-ing.  She was also extra bitchy yesterday.

Bartender: (walking by and interjecting into the conversation) Oh, Maria doesn’t have periods.  She has exclamation marks.


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