Naughty or Nitch?

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Sponsor Posts
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Papa never let anyone even mention Smurfette's little sister Emily after Baker Smurf put a bun in her oven...

Papa never let anyone even mention Smurfette’s little sister Emily’s name after Baker Smurf put a bun in her oven…

So I woke up this morning in a mood.  Not necessarily a good mood or a bad mood, just a little odd mood that I couldn’t quite pin down.  The sort of mood that means Allie may really regret that she was the second person on my cell phone this afternoon…

The first call was Trevor, the newest manager at Giovanni’s.  We’ve don’t get along.  It’s partly because Trevor doesn’t handle criticism well, and mostly because he keeps doing stupid things that need criticizing.  Case in point.  Trevor is in charge of making the server schedule, by the time-honored tradition of ‘new guy gets all the shit jobs’.  To be fair, it is a shit job.  The cook and hostess schedules are pretty consistent.  Copy and paste from one week to the next generally does it. Servers, on the other hand, are constantly swapping shifts around and making special requests on why we need certain shifts covered or why we need extra shifts.  Often the very same waitress is telling Trevor that she needs more money, so he has to give her extra shifts, but she can’t work Tuesday night because she needs to write a paper, she can’t work Wednesday because she doesn’t like the Kids Eat Free promotion, she can’t work Thursday because she has to do some family thing, and Saturday night she’s going to see Bassel and the Supernaturals.  Every week the server schedule is pretty much a start from scratch.  Still, Giovanni’s runs with eight servers on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  Seven times in the last two months, Trevor has either scheduled too many or too few servers, and had to make frantic last-minute calls to call someone in or call someone off.  Last time, I reminded him that since he’s back in the office when he makes the schedule, no one will make fun of him if he counts on his fingers.  This time he decided that since he made the bonehead counting error, I should be the one whose income gets penalized.  This is the sort of logic that passes as fair in food service.

So as I lounged around watching old Saturday morning cartoons on netflix, (ah, nostalgia for the halcyon days of youth) my cell phone rang again.  Allie Munro, fearless leader at Grumble, Grumble, wanted to send me shopping.  I protested I was broke.  Allie said the magic word ‘Please’.  I protested I was still broke.  Allie said the even more magical word, ‘Expense Account’.  And just like that, I was on my way to the Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair

118 designers, a central gotcha area, a map so I can find stuff… why aren't all fashion fairs this will organized?

118 designers, a central gotcha area, a map so I can find stuff… why aren’t all fashion fairs this well organized?

As a loyal Grumble blogger, my first priority was to find Grumble’s booth at the fair.  And look!  Naughty Nitch has a map!  If you’ve gone with me to other events, you understand why the folks running the Prince Charming Sim are now some of my favorite event organizers…

Grumble is Booth 48.  Just walk through the Gacha pit, cut between the booths for WoW Skins and blah.BLAH.blah, and Grumble is in a nearby cluster of four vendors with Panda Punx body shop, Sugar and Cyanide, and Ashmoot.  Admittedly, I had trouble following those directions from the part where it said walk through the Gacha pit.  (Remember folks, I have ADD and a Gacha machine is a shiny object!)  After all, Grumble always has a Gacha or two when they got to an event, and Naughty Nitch is no exception.  I go looking through the machines, and find Grumble’s fairly quickly.  ‘Fairly’ is a dangerous qualifier, however, as I do find a few other choice tidbits.  The first few lines of the expense report are filled out… Pink Skull leggings from FBD, Honey-colored Livia dress from KL Couture, Faerie Face Make-up and a couple pretty chokers from Barely Legal, Butt Plug (mint colored) and Bulb-V Vibrator (lilac) from .SALT, three cute smarty shirts and 23 tiaras (none of which are the @#&! rare rainbow tiara I wanted) from Grumble.  I’m not sure which entry makes me blush more, admitting I took 23 turns on the tiara gacha or asking Allie to pay for sex toys…

"Dammit, I want a RAINBOW tiara!!!"

“Dammit, I want the RAINBOW tiara!!!”

However, once I made it to the Grumble Booth, I was quite happy with the goodies on display.  The high point of the booth is the new princess outfit, a cute fifties style swing dress with a very short flared skirt.  It’s not just cute, it’s OMG-cute, and has that perfect blend of cute and risqué that I love.  (Truthfully, I didn’t even realize just how risqué until I realized I was feeling the breeze rustle my hair… it is a really short skirt.)  As far as accessories, the dress also comes with a princess tiara- because I really needed that 24th non-rainbow tiara, *sigh*- and some really cute slink-compatible strapped heels.  The heels are the same cut and style as the high-strapped heels Grumble is also selling at Naughty Nitch, but the pink and blue color scheme matches the dress and is only available as part of the set.  At 149 L$, the princess outfit is a bargain. (Even if you aren’t expensing it.  Thank you so much for helping me look pretty, Allie!)  

Also at Grumble’s booth are seven styles of new high-strapped heels for 99 L$ each, some pearl necklaces (not that kind; it’s Naughty Nitch, but not that naughty!) with dangly words, four colors of criss-cross tank top (35 L$ each) and three colors of a leopard skin miniskirt called the Sassy (45 L$).  I added a couple tops, and one of the sassy skirts, and necklaces declaring ‘Bitch’ & ‘Whore’ to the to expense account.

The only thing better than a princess is a punk princess...

The only thing better than a princess is a punk princess…

Then it is on to check out some of the other vendors at the fair.  I found a couple cute outfits from Brii that I added to the expense account (and one of them was a dollarbie!  I can be frugal with other people’s money too!).  Some of the shapes at Panda Punx really appeal to me, but since I’m cutting back on the shape hopping until after Mrs. Firsty finishes her pregnancy, I just made a mental note and continued.  I also make a mental note about some furniture crates from Pow.  They are cute for the college set, they have animations, but I’m just not the house-builder type, so I hate to buy furniture and just let it sit in my inventory.  I do take a selfie on the demo model- it turns out cute, of course, but that may just be me.  Blokc has some gorgeous asymmetrical dresses; I tacked one of those onto the expense account also.  I spent a lot of time drooling at the booth for Tameless Hair… If you’ve followed my posts for a while you know Tameless is my go-to hair brand in the same way that WoW is my go-to skin brand.  I do feel a brief twinge about abusing my expense account, but the lure of the complete color set for the new Jace hair style is enough to overcome my temporary weakness.  (Emily’s Rules: #8) If your cards aren’t maxed out, you’re not done shopping….)  Also added to the expense report is a pack of static playmate poses from Image Essentials, the better to display my outfits.  At Endless Tattoos, I drooled some more… the tattoos are beautiful, but a little, well a lot, out of my price range.  Their feature tattoo for Naughty Nitch, however, ‘Alice’ is being sold for 150 L$.  Definitely a find.  The last things I add into my shopping cart are a couple new leather dresses from blah.BLAH.blah and a horse from Fashiowl.  (Either a small horse or a large shopping cart… either way, I’m finally done by rule #8…)

They said I was guilty of abusing my expense account.  I said I was framed...

They said I was guilty of abusing my expense account. I said I was framed…

With full shopping bags and an empty wallet, I whistled as I sauntered back to my humble apartment in the Tungsten sim.  The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair was definitely fun, definitely cute, definitely worth visiting.  Not quite over my overdose on old cartoons, I’m tempted to even say it was ‘smurfy’.  (Little aside: In the cartoons, the smurfs used ‘Smurf’ as a word that fit any grammatical role: noun, verb, adjective (well, smurfy was the adjective form), etc.  In non-animated life, the only similarly grammatically flexible word is the ever popular F-bomb.  Next time you are watching old cartoons, mentally substitute the F-bomb whenever you hear ‘surf’…it’s a smurfin’ hoot!)  My last step before turning in my report on the Fashion Fair to Allie is to write up my style card for the expedition…

  • Shape: Katie (Week 19) from Cukabebe
  • Skin: Rainbow Dash from Niekra’s Dreams
  • Tattoos: Bad Girl from -UtopiaH-, Slut Face Tattoo from the Slut Shop, Seductive Face Makeup (source unknown)
  • Hair: Dragee (custard color) from Rosy Mood
  • Outfit: Princess outfit from Grumble, Grumble; Colorado Boots (in black) also from Grumble; ‘I’m Hot’ wordy pearls, also from Grumble, Razor Wire Bangle Bracelet, also from Grumble.  (Why am I in a sponsor relationship with Grumble?  Because their stuff is so fuckin’… I mean smurfin’… awesome…)  Pink Thong Panties, Torn Fishnet Stockings, and Lip Ring, all source unknown.

    Is this furniture cute, or do I just grace anywhere I go with extra cuteness? Enquirings minds really do want to know….

    Is this furniture cute, or do I just grace anywhere I go with extra cuteness?
    Enquirings minds really do want to know….

  1. […] Hair: Jace from Tameless Hair.  (Not only cute, not only color changing, but also new!  This is one of the items I bought on my visit to the Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair.) […]

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