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This is still the new West; I'm looking for the old West...

This is still the new West; I’m looking for the old West…

WHAT I’M WEARING: Honest injun, today’s style card isn’t a completely random whim!  Although possibly there is some random whimsey behind it…

  • Shape: Pregnant Teen Katie (Wk 21) by Cukabebe.  (Week 21.  I’m past the halfway point in Mrs. Firsty’s pregnancy.  Yay and stuff!)
  • Skin: Michela (Tan) from WoW Skins.
  • Hair: Brandee (Ebony) from Tameless Hair.
  • Outfit: Indian Princess.  Created by RainbowK Jua, I picked this up outside a western roleplaying sim long enough ago that I cannot find a shop name.  Which is a shame as the outfit includes the leather top and pants and moccasins, jewelry, feathers, and head band.
  • Accessories: Neko tail and ears, out of the ‘Punk Rock’ outfit from Virtual Attire.

    Would it be too obvious to insert a joke about cocks here? Yeah, I thought so too...

    Would it be too obvious to insert a joke about cocks here? Yeah, I thought so too…

WHERE I’M AT: I wanted to find a western style background, either a desert or great plains, because I’m in a Western mood.  (You’ll understand when I get to ‘What’s On My Mind’.  I hope.)  Sadly, I didn’t know any good backgrounds off-hand, so I decided to try what worked for my ‘Can of Worms’ post and just randomly try what I can find via search engine.  My key word was ‘Western’, since ‘Dakota’ and ‘Montana’ didn’t give any possibilities that would allow a cute little neko girl to enter.  The sites I found were…

  • Gunman’s Trading Post‘ in the Pryeri sim.  Despite the name and merchandise, the sim was fairly modern rural.  I moved on.
  • Country Living Store‘  Another shop that promised stuff for Western RP sims, but wasn’t in a good western sim itself.
  • Wild Wild West‘  At least this shop looked like it was actually in the west, although I never saw the door to the outside so the Gallatica sim may well be space rangers and robots…
  • K Bar West‘  On the plus side, not a shop, but an actual full western-looking sim and one where a neko girl isn’t necessarily destroying someone else’s role-play.  On the minus side, it’s a domination/sex role-play sim, so be very careful where you pose…
Signs of the times?  I particularly like the "Hot Baths 10 Cents; Clean Water Extra"...

Signs of the times? I particularly like the “Hot Baths 10 Cents; Clean Water Extra”…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Since my last post, I’ve been puttering with a story that I’ve given the working title, “The Battle of Maybe Creek.”  It’s frustrating.  On one hand, I just cannot get things to gel properly in my mind; on the other hand, I feel like so many of the bits and tropes this story is helping me define will see use down the line.  It’s like I’m doing a jigsaw with no picture of the finished puzzle and too many pieces.  If I can just figure out the right bits to set aside, what’s left will form a lovely picture and then I can do a puzzle with the extra pieces.  If I set aside the wrong pieces, however, I still won’t have a final picture.

I’m looking to write a western.  As a teenager, I loved the works of Louis L’amour, fiction that was usually set in the old west.  (Two side notes.  I say ‘usually’ because my favorite Louis L’amour novel, The Walking Drum, was an epic adventure sweeping across crusade-era Europe.  Several other L’amour novels were set in other times or settings as well.  I also hesitate to simply refer to the Louis L’amour novels that are set in the old west as ‘Westerns’.  Technically, yes, they are by definition.  Not only are they fiction set in the old west, but they deal with the standard tropes: gunfighters, outlaws, dusty trails, etc.  However when I say ‘western’ I think of lowest common denominator crap you see in newsstands, long running series that feature dark sleazily handsome men and busty women falling out of their dresses on the cover, essentially soft core porn for men that happens to be set in the old west.  Louis L’amour’s books were what the genre should be, rather than what typical genre fare actually is.)  And with my love of fantasy, I’m actually eager to write a fantasy western.  Not a steampunk western like Cherie Priest’s excellent works, not over the top ‘six-guns-and-sorcery’ like the dead lands books and game setting, but westerns that assume magic and the supernatural are real, just rare, misunderstood, and generally left in the shadows.

A con woman who is a serial bride, with a string of abandoned husbands.  A sheriff, her current husband, leading a posse to bring back the petty outlaw who happens to be her first husband.  A scholarly part-time deputy, not very proficient at the ‘practical’ skills of the west.  ‘Maybe Creek’ is a rocky gully running near town, that channels water during the rainy season and drys up during the summer.  (Maybe it’s a creek and maybe it isn’t, hence the name.)  The posse holed up and defending against an attack by indians or renegades, with the sheriff and the deputy arguing over whether the outlaw should be set free and armed to help defend them or left bound and helpless.  All these bits and pieces, including much more detailed character descriptions than I would bore you with here and some fairly detailed thought about what magic can or can’t do in my setting, are swirling around my head and yet I can’t figure out how to line them up into the story I would want to read.

Anyway, that’s why I had the old west on my mind as I was picking my wears and my wheres for this article.  Really, more appropriate clothing would have been either men’s style blouse and pants and rifle or a saloon girl style dress.  But the indian princess outfit was what I had and went better with the random, “I haven’t been a neko much lately” mood that will extend until I get tired of going neko.  And hopefully when I get time to return to my story, I’ll see a better path to take with it.

Some great outdoors, some western building fronts…this is what I'm talking about!

Some great outdoors, some western building fronts…this is what I’m talking about!

WHAT’S ON MY RADIO: I probably should be listening to country music if I’m thinking about westerns, but I’m playing the usual eclectic mix today.  Why not try these songs: All the Things She Said by t.A.T.u. (which Pandora unearthed for me, and I don’t think I had ever heard before), The Story that Never Starts by Abney Park (good song, but a cruel title given my current writer’s block…), and Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day song covered bluegrass style by Cornbread Red.  That sounds weird, but trust me, don’t knock it before you listen to it…)


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