The other day I was practicing ‘ambush journalism.’  That is to say, I was hanging around the water cooler in Grumble, Grumble’s offices, hoping to surprise Allie Munro into giving me a really choice assignment.  I was marshaling my arguments, arranging my pleas, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.


“Shh.  I’m lurking in ambush.”

“Emily!” Allie repeated herself.  “You do know I can see you, right?”  I shrugged and looked embarrassed and mumbled something about neko side effects.  That’s the worst thing about staying as an anime-style cat girl for too long… I find myself prowling and looking for things to pounce upon.  Yesterday I accidentally knocked over the basket holding a knitting project I started and abandoned last February; I ended up spending thirty minutes batting the balls of yarn around.  So I straightened up with an “I-meant-to-do-that” expression on my face (an expression that’s really easy to make with cat ears.  Just saying’.) and explained I was looking for my next freelancing assignment.

Allie nodded and pursed her lips.  She thought for a moment.  “O.K. Emily.  Pack your bags for a trip to Hawaii.”

Yes!  Score!  Allie sighed, interrupting my wildly exuberant happy dance.  “Emily, we aren’t sending you to Hawaii.”  Huh?  “I’m still fending off calls from Grumble, Grumble’s finance department about the sex toys and gatcha plays the last time we trusted you with an expense account.”  (At the Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair.)  “Your assignment isn’t in Hawaii.  It isn’t to go to Hawaii.  Your assignment is to go to the Aloha Fair and find the outfits you would wear on a hypothetical vacation in tropical paradise.”

“Expense account?” I asked hopefully.  I won’t tell you Allie’s reply, but I will say, most people cursing that long would start repeating themselves, but Allie’s invective remained fresh and original the whole forty minutes.  I guess that’s why she’s the boss….

PS- I used a rather limited on-line translation dictionary, so I’m sure I butchered the grammar, but my post title is Hawaiian for ‘You destroy wealth’, which I’m sure is just a fragment of what the accounting department would be telling me when I got back if I did get sent to Hawaii…


Let's see, I need at least one outfit to tan in...

Let’s see, I need at least one outfit to tan in…

The nice thing about outfits like this one is that they don’t use up a lot of my suitcase’s volume…

  • Shape: Standard Sizing Small (good with Mesh)
  • Skin: Suraya from WoW Skins
  • Hair: Damselfly/Dove in Hibiscus (a freebie at free dove and a nice color for the tropics.)
  • Tattoos: Love Makeup (Bubblegum color) from -UtopiaH-, Rose Breast tattoo from Prozak
  • Top: MESH Aloha Bikini (Black) from Grumble, Grumble (It’s nice, the Alpha’s with this Mesh Bikini allow you to wear the top and bottom separately or as one so you can, as I did here, pair part of the Bikini with another top or bottom.)
  • Bottom: I hard skirt from Alter Ego
  • Noteworthy Accessories: Hipster Sunglasses in sweet sky from Grumble, Grumble; First Spring Greetings necklace from Sweet Leonard
  • Pose: Selfie 1 from Aeriel Posing (comes with iPhone pose accessory)


Hmm.  Maybe I should have packed some hypothetical sunscreen for my hypothetical vacation...

Hmm. Maybe I should have packed some hypothetical sunscreen for my hypothetical vacation…

Since I kind of have a shopping addiction… (I was going to join a 12-step program, but first I needed cuter shoes…) it’s a safe assumption that at least one day and whole a lot of money will be spent in Honolulu’s Ala Moana shopping district, so I need to pack a quick informal ‘I’m a tourist with a charge card’ outfit.

  • Shape: Pregnant Teen Katie (week 22) by Cukabebe
  • Skin: Amar (milk) by WoW Skins, overlaid with a Lucky Dip- Sunburn from Bite & Claw
  • Hair: Whisky I in Light Brown by LoQ Hairs
  • Top: MESH Teal Tiki Cover-up by Grumble, Grumble (wearable w/ or w/out the cute pink sunglasses hanging in the neck of my shirt.)
  • Bottom: Black Men’s Shorts by Grumble, Grumble (these are from the main grumble store, not the Aloha event.  Even though they are ‘men’s’ shorts, they work fine for cute girls as well, I just had to tailor the cuffs a little smaller.)
  • Jewelry: Silver Bangle Bracelets from *JStyle, Beaded Earrings from Grumble, Grumble.  Not really ‘jewelry’ but I have to admit the neko tail and ears are unknown source somewhere…
  • Handbag: The Garbaggio IT Girl bag from Ash’s Trash.  (I got lucky.  I just wanted one of the seven common bags from the Gacha, and instead I got the rare which comes with and without Chihuahua and has a hud to change between 23 different colors and patterns.)
  • Pose: Flirting 3 from K&S


I'm not backward about putting my best foot forward...

I’m not backward about putting my best foot forward…

Since shopping is such exhausting work (so whatever you do, Br’er Allie, don’t throw me in that briar patch!  Hah!) I figure my hypothetical Hawaiian vacation will include plenty of chances to relax.  I also wanted a fruity cocktail- something that could be served in a coconut with a pink umbrella- but the bartender was unwilling to serve me even after I changed out of my pregnancy shape for this picture.  Simulated pregnancy can be so unfair!

  • Shape: Standard Sizing Medium
  • Skin: Dee Skin (Midnight) from Glamorize
  • Hair: Jessica in Diamond from Pazazz
  • Top: MESH gypsy top in pink/peach.  A pretty Grumble, Grumble top I picked up at Block 100 a couple months ago.
  • Bottom: Hippie Harem Pants from EnvyMe
  • Shoes: Aloha Scarf Sandals from Grumble, Grumble.  (These are really cute sandals, and also one of Grumble’s feature items for Aloha fair.  Fair warning though- they are for Slink Feet (flat), and if you try to wear them without Slink’s, they just will not fit.  Hence, you are witnessing here the first time I have ever worn Slinks… Never say I don’t walk- well, lounge- the extra mile for you guys!)
  • Accessories: Punk Pumpkin Glasses from Old Dirty Bastard, Bangles & Rings from Loka Designs, source unknown silver hoop earrings


Stiletto sandals, inflatable lounge raft… what could possibly go wrong?

Stiletto sandals, inflatable lounge raft… what could possibly go wrong?

Of course a certain amount of any tropical vacation must be spent hitting the beach.  And my taste in swimsuits means I can fit lots in my luggage, yay!  Technically none of this outfit came from the Aloha fair, but it nevertheless feels Aloha fair appropriate.  (And while you can tell the pregnancy when you look closely or if I’m naked, I feel good that I can still make a swimsuit look hot.  Just sayin’.)

  • Shape: Pregnant Teen Katie (week 22) by Cukabebe
  • Skin:  India High Caramel by Angel Rock.  (Although I think I look less like I am from India and more like I have a truly great tan in this picture…)
  • Hair: Foxi by Tameless Hair.  (This is a color change hair, with the main hair and the little punk stripe in front colorable separately.)
  • Swimsuit: Tweety Monokini (CoCoChes did a great series of skimpy swimsuits in national flag and other cute patterns, each available for a day as a group gift, each with tango and phat azz appliers.)
  • Shoes: Diva Sandals.  These were included in a full outfit from *avd*, and I really don’t know if they are available as a separate. 
  • Tattoos: Division from [AdN], aka Adabetha Nayl Designs and Red Flower from Soul Candy
  • Accessories: Lei and Haku (the flower headband) from Kuuipo Lei Stand.

Oh, a brief editorial side note about Monokinis, because I double-checked online.  The original monokini was a topless one piece swimsuit, similar to a bikini bottom.  Common usage has broadened the use of the word for particularly revealing one-piece swimsuits, generally backless or near backless.  I would say the CoCoChes does qualify as the only back is for the bottom portion of the suit and a tie around my neck to hold the top portion in place, but I have at least one guy friend who feels the CoCoChes swimsuit is merely a one piece and that a monokini would involve more daring lines on the front of the suit as well, something along lines of these modeled by Karla James or Dors Feline.


A nightclub in replica seventeenth century pirate ship?  Sheer genius!

A nightclub in replica seventeenth century pirate ship? Sheer genius!

It should go without saying that one should always bring a formal outfit on any vacation; even if you aren’t planning to go to a formal event like a wedding or an opera, you may spontaneously want to do something a little fancier while you are there.  It should also go without saying that my version of formal is a little cuter and cooler than most; formal or not, I’m still me.  Once again, I cheated a little bit- while several of the designers at Aloha fair have some nice formal/evening dresses for sale, (and I will probably wear a really cute ‘gypsy’ dress from Aris Aris in an upcoming post), none of the pieces of this style card came from the fair, although several did come from my sponsor’s main shopping sim (Taxi!).

  • Shape: Pregnant Teen Katie (week 22) by Cukabebe
  • Skin:  Laura (milk) by WoW Skins, with some light freckles from Plastik and Bollywood Make-up from Errant added
  • Hair: Foxi by Tameless Hair.  (Same hair, different colors.)
  • Dress: Osaka Minidress (Created by Spooky Mistwallow of Kastle Rock Couture, but I believe this was an unknown source freebie gift long ago.  Definitely a beautiful dress, however.)
  • Sponsor Accessories: Red Colorado Boots, red hears sheer stockings, Razorwire Bangle, and the ‘I’m Hot’ Necklace are all from Grumble.
  • Other Accessories: Pink Chain Collar from Pekka, ‘My Heart belongs to Daddy’ tattoo from Rachel Swallows Creations, source unknown Bollywood earrings
  • Pose: Emma 07 from Purple Poses

Between the outfits and hopping through some tropical sims, I’m definitely ready to take that trip to Hawaii, so I’ll call this assignment a mission accomplished.  My next mission is to score me some airline tickets… Do you think Allie will notice if I help myself to some expense report vouchers the next time in her office?


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