Give ’em Elle, you bad girl!

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Either I've shrunk or this is a really big balcony; I don't think I want to meet the man who lives here...

Either I’ve shrunk or this is a really big balcony; I don’t think I want to meet the man who lives here…

I don’t often offer an unsolicited testimonial to a product.  (Although I guess that depends on the definition of testimonial.  If posting pictures and getting excited about how cute a given outfit is counts as a testimonial, than I actually give unsolicited testimonials with almost every post…)  Today, however, I’m excited about a couple of animation HUDS I picked up, so I’m going to rave and roar a little bit.  Both of the products are from Elle Mode, and I’ll wax eloquent about them shortly, but give me a few lines to take care of my every-post obligations first…

The view from this room is breathtaking!

The view from this room is breathtaking!

I didn’t want to spend too much time (or verbiage) on my fashion card today so I could talk about the HUDs instead.  But here’s what I’m wearing:

  • Shape: Teen Katie (wk 25) from Cukabebe.
  • Skin: Kesia from *JStyle
  • Tattoos: Luck of the Irish Leg 05, a Grunge Ink item from a past gacha fair; ‘Lick my Boobies’ chest tattoo from Egozentrikax; seductive (dark) face makeup, source unknown; and Slut face tattoo from the Slut Shop.
  • Hair: ‘purple hair medium’, source unknown freebie.  The little purple flower in my hair is also source unknown
  • Outfit: The actual clothing: bra, sheer blouse, ruffled mini skirt are all source unknown.  The ripped fishnet tights are out of a halloween costume.
  • Shoes: Red Leather Kicks by Prozak
  • Jewelry: Bangles from *JStyle, Lip ring and barbed wire collar both source unknown.
    This landscape is even more beautiful when I'm present...

    This landscape is even more beautiful when I’m present…

    The first HUD I want to talk about is the ‘Sexy Top Model 101 Poses HUD‘.  This lovely widget has a bunch (presumably 101, although I haven’t actually counted) of fashion poses. You can set it to change poses on a timed interval or to remain in one pose until you change it manually.  You can cycle through poses in a set order or just randomly jump around.  At 350 L$, it is a moderate investment of lindens, but I’ve found it well worth it so far for my fashion selfie needs.

So embarrassing, but sometimes I cannot control myself...

So embarrassing, but sometimes I cannot control myself…

The other HUD is a multi-setting AO, (Animation Override for those who aren’t ‘in the know’ about these things.)  For a long time I’ve used a TuTy’s 3-in-1 AO, switching between ‘Brooklyn Girl’ and ‘Shy Girl’ depending on my mood.  (I’ve used the third movement set, ‘Sexy Drunk Girl’, once or twice when I’ve gone clubbing, but it’s not really me.)  I love that AO, and I’ll continue to use it, but I also really, really like this new one: the Series 3 Modular AO by Elle Mode.  The modular part of the title is that you can load other note cards into the AO and expand it.  (To be fair to TuTy’s, the TuTy’s is also supposedly customizable- but I would have no idea how to add other sets into it or modify existing sets.  Elle has designed modules to be moderately simple so that non-technical girls like myself can load them.)  You must have the actual AO, which is included either with the default ‘prima donna’ set or with a two pack ‘Hot Girl’ & ‘Masturbatrice’  (I have strong perv tendencies, which I claim are all my firsty’s fault.  Guess which one I bought?) There are also modules for a work out girl, a ‘funny, moody girl’, and two different fashion model sets.  ‘Funny, moody’ is most me, but the masturbatrice model is great for naughty role-play, since every time you quit concentrating on something else- i.e. stop actively walking or using another animation or pose device, you start, well, um, you know.  Hence the picture I took back at my apartment…  In addition, the Modular AO has a couple other nice features.  It includes a facial expressions emoter, the ‘humanizer’ to add small gestures like smoking, taking a drink of bottled water, or shrugging into the animation loop, and a dance set up that also allows other avatars to do synchronized dancing with you.  I don’t make it to the clubs like I used to, but I still love the idea of making it out to the clubs, so I’m looking forward to hopefully trying that out.  Elle Mode also has some great sexy clothing- mostly lingerie and stripper boots, so I’m going to run and find some new ways to spend money…. But I wanted to pause to share that I really like these animations, and think you should take a look…


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