Goddess of Fertility

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At the thought of being a fertility goddess, I couldn’t decide which warning would make the better subtitle: “Be afraid; be very afraid.” or “Be aroused; be very aroused.”  Like many of my more whimsical thoughts, this thought almost even makes sense once you see the straws my fevered brain has been spinning into bricks.

A tropical paradise...

A tropical paradise…

The bits and pieces of my style card actually correspond fairly well to the pits and pieces of straw…

  • Shape: Nina, Month 7, by Baby Bumps.  Around month three or four, I decided I would carry on a sympathetic pregnancy as a way of announcing my support and excitement for Firsty and Mrs. Firsty and their impending bundle of diaper stink, I mean, joy.  I’m not really sure why this seemed like a good idea at the time- Mrs. Firsty isn’t going to know, since we don’t frequent the same circles, and if she did know, she would probably be jealous rather than appreciative.  My pregnancy has been much easier to carry than hers.  I’ve had no swelling, pains, or nausea.  Although I share her complaint that pregnancy is causing my clothes to not fit (nothing mesh has enough stretch for a woman who’s in her third trimester, dammit!), unlike Mrs. Firsty, I have- and have abused- the ability to turn my pregnancy off for an evening so I can wear something pretty or sexy.  And her ultimate resentment of me is that she doesn’t how to react to my relationship with Firsty.  She is and always will be number one in his heart, but in a sense I am the ‘other woman’ with whom he shares his deepest secrets and fears, which makes it hard for her to dismiss me as the shallow, casual relationship he claims I am.
    Crossing my arms and waiting (Im)patiently….

    Crossing my arms and waiting (Im)patiently….


  • Outfit: MIA from Edika creations.  As I mentioned above, I’m finally too pregnant to fit this shape into any of the mesh styles that are all the rage these days.  Slightly older styles, however, made of layers and prims, often have the stretch and give to work with a pregnant shape.  So I went searching through my closet for some old school outfits, and found this dress and hat made of tropical flowers.  It was a May group gift, so it is very spring and flower-ful and jungle.  In my mind, as I wear this dress I can smell the faintest hint of orchids and rich, earthy loam. So fertile belly, orchids and loam… is it any wonder I’m thinking about nature goddesses and fertility?

    I just want to soak up the sun...

    I just want to soak up the sun…

  • Shoes: Classic Thigh Boots from P3.  Again this straw proceeds logically from the preceding straw.  The skirt for the Mia dress drapes to the ground, but is very short in front, so it’s important to put something on my legs and feet that makes a bold statement.  I could have gone with some sexy heels.  I could have broke out a pair of frequently worn ‘me’-boots, either my favorite Red Leather kicks or second favorite Colorado boots.  But I decided to go with the thigh high stripper boots because they fit a different sort of ‘goddess’- a title frequently claimed by dominatrixes or mistresses.  And they show up well, and are an extremely bold statement.

    Careful!  I don't think these boots take water well...

    Careful! I don’t think these boots take water well…

  • Skin: Lou, chocolate skin by Tuty’s.
  • Hair: Saskia in black, free gift from Edelstore.  On the subject of coloration, this hair and skin just seemed the right choice.  Given the tropical nature of the outfit, I didn’t want the pale, nordic colorations I tend to gravitate to as a default.  I also wanted my hair to be full enough to look healthy and rich, but not so long it had issues with the head piece.  A little experimentation and these seemed the way to go.
  • Accessories: Dark Pink Manicure, white bangle bracelet (*JStyle); Pink Blush Face Makeup (LC’s world of fashion); nose ring, belly piercing (source unknown).  In general, accessorizing an outfit is the last thing I do.  To my mind, accessorizing is adding the last little bits of flourish to make sure that I don’t look like anyone else who is wearing the same outfit.  Because it is so stereo-typical of the way guys view fashion, (well, stereotypical straight guys anyway), I’m sure at least one reader out there is saying, “Really?  How many pregnant black women are out there wearing the Mia dress from late spring with thigh high stripper boots, that you need to make sure you are unique among them?”  Probably none, but that view misses part of the point.

    Let's bungle in the jungle; well, that's all right by me...

    Let’s bungle in the jungle; well, that’s all right by me…

A long time ago, I realized that all other things being equal, most people, given a choice, will choose to be conventional.  After all, most conventions arose because they gave some sort of slight advantage in the proper situation.  And humanity is a social animal, like wolves or cattle, and conventions and customs are how we mark ourselves as part of a given pack or herd.  Some people put such a value on convention that they will be conventional even if there are real advantages in that particular situation to being unconventional.  And then there’s me.  In general, I’m a loner, living more inside my own head than in the outside world.  Thanks to my ADD, my mind works on different tracks than those of most people around me.  Because ADD includes ‘poor impulse control’ as one of its hallmark symptoms, even when I try to fit in with the pack, I blurt out the different drum beat to which I’m actually marching.  Growing up, my dad always counseled me to trust my instincts, to distrust the herd mentality, to be confident that I was generally the smartest girl in the room, and to take pride in my individuality.  Even on those occasions when I’ve felt like an outsider or outcast, I always framed the question as “why doesn’t anyone else see my value?”, not “how do I become an insider or acceptable?”  As a result, I’m deeply committed to being me and to waving my uniqueness as a banner.  When there is a demonstrable value to following convention, I do, but otherwise, when all things are equal or nearly so, I will always opt for the road less traveled.

When I was nine, I lived two blocks away from one of the elementary schools in the district, and by some random chance, I was actually assigned to go to that elementary rather than be bussed across town in the name of demographics.  There was one obvious conventional route to take: follow the sidewalk on Hawthorne down to the intersection of Hawthorne and Wright, cross Hawthorne at the light, and walk a block and a half down Wright, crossing one other street along the way.  If you took the long way around the first or second block, there were a couple of other routes, but they were obviously less direct.  Midway through the third quarter of the school year, I cheerfully asked my father, “Do you know there are over thirty ways to and from school?”  There were, but only because I counted each different yard or alley I could possibly cut through as a different route and I had made a point of trying them all to count the number of routes.  Little details, like where the sidewalks were, had nothing to do with what possible routes were available.  As an adult, I hide it better, but I still take all the possible routes from A to B.  Accessories are the little flourishes in how an outfit gets to where its going, the chance to make it truly mine.

I love bangly bracelets, dangly earrings, and collar style necklaces.  I like piercings, and I’ve come to love tattoos, as long as I can take them on and off.  My mind is too mutable and fickle to get a truly permanent tattoo; no matter how cool a tattoo seems today, I know there is a real chance I’ll have a different opinion a few months down the line.  Generally I lean towards over-doing my accessories, making an outfit ‘busy’ with extras.  The Mia dress, however, is fantastically busy on its own, however, so I had to mute things to a bare minimum: some nail and face make up, two small piercings, and a single bracelet.

And that, my dear readers, is how the straws of my ideas were spun into the gold of my style.  Since I’m feeling like a goddess, I am going to leave you with a benediction.  May your ideas be equally entertaining and your styles equally golden, and may you all make your worlds brighter, more beautiful places…


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