Hunt for Hooters and Save the Ta-tas!

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Sponsor Posts
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It’s October, and that means several important things are on the calendar…

Halloween, obviously.  My excuse to wear slutty costumes without people questioning my morals, sanity, or maturity.  (Go grocery shopping while dressed as ‘Snow White’, ‘Naughty Nun’, or ‘Raggedy Girl Doll’ any of the other eleven months of the year.  People will look at you funny, I promise.)  Last year I did my posts for October wearing nothing but Halloween costumes.  Most of those costumes don’t really fit a preggo belly, so I’m going to be a little more sane and mature this year.  “What about ‘more moral’?” you ask.  I’d like to go with that, but technically I’m not married, I don’t even know my baby-daddy’s name, and I only got knocked up because Firsty is having a baby and I didn’t want to feel left out… If you can spin that as ‘more moral’, I would love to know how…Snapshot_008

October 15th: Last day to exchange Grumble gift cards.  I took a selfie in front of the sign with all the instructions on how, and set up a taxi for you as well.  The central point is that along with a new location, Grumble, Grumble has a new gift card system, so all of us slackers who have allowed gift cards to pile up in our inventories need to act before the 15th to update our gift cards so we can still have bouts of shopping madness.

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I am both happy and proud to announce three things Grumble, Grumble is doing to help support the fight against breast cancer.  Specifically, Grumble is collecting money for the Susan G Komen for the Cure Fund, probably the best known and most reputable of the breast cancer research charities, in three different ways.

Give 39 L$ to a great cause and get a top that makes a statement!

Give 39 L$ to a great cause and get a top that makes a statement!

Firstly, by the entrance to the dance floor, Grumble, Grumble is selling six tops- three women’s tanks and three men’s tees- whose proceeds go to the fund.  I picked out the ‘Save a Rack’ tank, but since I’m a baseball fan, I really, really wish there was a girl’s version of the ‘Save Second Base’ men’s tee.  (Maybe next year, Allie?  Hint, hint!  Beg, beg!)

Secondly, there are several donation ribbons set up in the sim this month.  Just walk up to one, find some loose Lindens in the bottom of your pocket, and slide them into the Ribbon. You’ve just done a good deed, and earned yourself some good Karma.  It really is that simple.  (As an added ‘bonus’, the Linden is a fairly weak currency, although still stronger than the Vietnamese dong or the Sao Tome dobra.  This means its easy to cough up a few (or even many) Lindens without strongly changing your net worth. Yet as more people chip in their odd Lindens, they can accumulate into a meaningful figure, just like that change jar in my bedroom turns into enough money I can cut loose and have an ‘Emily-gone-wild’ night every couple of months without feeling guilty about about my bills.)

Thirdly, go look for this cute little feller:

I've always said Allie Munro has cute hooters...

I’ve always said Allie Munro has cute hooters…

Pardon the extreme close up, but I didn’t want to give away where this little feller was hiding.  This guy, and the nineteen lookalikes in his parliament, are hidden around the sim.  Each time you find one and give him two Lindens, he passes the Lindens onto the foundation and passes a hunt prize to you.  Win-win, right?  As is typical for Grumble’s on-sim hunts, the owls all have either two prizes, one for men and one for women, or a single unisex prize, like a piece of furniture.  If you find all twenty, you’ve given 40 L$ to a great cause, and scored yourself some cute little presents.  Again typical, most of the owls are fairly easy to find, and there are a few that have me beating my head against the furniture.  Sometimes the hints help.  (And sometimes not, sigh.)

I don't care if this is a nude beach… I'm not feeling like naked until my belly and feet aren't so swollen.  Wah!

I don’t care if this is a nude beach… I’m not feeling like naked until my belly and feet aren’t so swollen. Wah!

My style card today is all about Grumble, Grumble.  There are few non-grumble items to mention, so I’ll get those out of the way first:  My shape is Penny, Month 7, from Baby Bump.  My skin is Nana from WoW Skins.  My hair is source unknown from a freebie pack.  Everything else is Grumble, Grumble…

  • Red Night Bat Mask.  Very cute, one of the new halloween items on sale.  35 L$
  • Dangle/Beaded Earrings.
  • Black Mens Shorts with Rolled Cuffs.  Yes, they’re men’s shorts.  But they have enough give in the waist, and I’m just not feeling very glamourous right now.
  • Brown Leather Fringe Ankle Boots.  If you’ve followed for a while, you know I prefer boots to other footwear.  Sometimes severe boots, sometimes combat boots, and sometimes cute and dainty boots like the ones I’m wearing today, but I just like boots.
  • Green Zombie T-Shirt.  It’s in-season with Halloween coming, and it still makes me laugh.  The full message of the T-shirt is “Zombies Eat Brains! (You’re safe.)’
  • Teal Spiked Headband.  One of the Hooter Hunt prizes.
  • Owl Backpack.  A little too cute to be practical, but that’s all right, because if I have to choose between the two, I’ll usually choose cute over practical anyway.  This is a larger, grey version of the pink hunt owl, with white straps.  Another prize in the Hooter Hunt.
  • Orange Trick or Treat Bag.  I needed something to carry the owls I found in, and this bag is the current group gift for Grumble VIPs.  Again, the message just makes me chuckle: “Don’t scare me.  I poop easily.”
  • Formal Stach Necklace- Blue.
  • Skull Bangles.  Again, if you’ve been following me (stalker!) you know I love bangle style bracelets, so I’m wearing these Skull Bangle bracelets on each wrist, which I believe I picked up from a Lucky Chair a while back.
  • Graffiti Express Bangles.  On my right arm, I’m also wearing some additional bangles from an older Grumble hunt to add a splash of extra color to a fairly earth-toned look.

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