Whoo-hoo! Party with Dr. Bob!

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Giovanni’s is located in a place that gives it a demographically diverse traffic flow.  We’re close enough to the richest suburb in the area to get high end executives, but we are in a region of the city where retired factory workers are gradually succumbing to death and nursing homes and being replaced by a younger, urban crowd.  We get college students from University of Dayton.  We get employees from Miami Valley hospital, from nurse’s aides barely making ends meet to hot-shot trauma surgeons.  We get white collar and blue collar; folks with graduate degrees and folks with no degrees; the young, the old.  Heck, I’m sure somewhere we have the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  Come to think of it, as long as Piper is pushing up against my lungs, I’m all three of those myself.

What?  Not a practical shopping outfit?

What? Not a practical shopping outfit?

One of our favorite regulars is Dr. Bob, who works night shift in the emergency room.  Every Thursday, when we offer Italian Wedding soup, he comes in by himself on his lunch break, shortly before we close for the night, and sits at the bar rail for a bowl of Italian Wedding, an order of breadsticks and marinara, and a Diet Mountain Dew.  He’s in late enough that most of the servers have been cut, and he always chats cheerfully with whatever servers are sitting at the bar, either waiting for a manager to take their money and close them out for the day, or already off the clock and waiting for the bartender to take some more money and serve them cocktails.  He’s very good looking in a Denis Leary/Mel Gibson sort of way, which is a little awkward since he has a daughter who is older than I am.  Even though he always comes in towards the end of the night, because he has to get back to work, he’s never that customer who just lingers and chats while managers flip on the cleaning lights and tired cooks lean on mops staring, trying to will the customer to realize that cooks can’t go home until they do the dining room floor, and they can’t do the dining room floor while customers are still using it.  He’s a really great guy, and I felt that way even before I learned how generously he usually tips.

So the other day, when two of my tables were shoved together to accommodate a nine-top, I was very happy to see that one of them was Dr. Bob.  You never know for sure how a party is going to treat you, so seeing a face that is already ‘on your side’ improves the odds that you are going to get along with the party and get tipped well by the party.  Dr. Bob was the lone single ‘spare wheel’ accompanying four couples, so it was five checks.  And just to make things interesting, the couples weren’t necessarily sitting together.  While I was taking the drink orders, they rattled off who was with whom, but the information didn’t take since it was extraneous to my focus at that moment.

What do you mean I have to wait 37 more days?!?

What do you mean I have to wait 37 more days?!?

Side tangent: I’m not sure where the slang of referring to a table with n people as an n-top originated.  A little googling turned up a reference from Way with Words that suggested it referred to so many place-settings on the top of a table, as opposed to the number of chairs the table fits, and as opposed to being at the bar rail.  It makes sense to me, particularly since I’ve also seen tables referred to as ‘high-tops’ in several restaurants and they are always taller, more elevated tables.  It would therefore follow that a waitress with no tables is ‘topless’ but I haven’t been able to get anyone else to use that lingo.

So everything went well with the party.  I was able to field my other three tables around the nine-top’s needs, so nobody ever felt neglected.  I had good banter and rapport with the party.  The food order came out timely and correct, and service bar was quick enough no one was kept waiting for their alcohol.  Come time to split the check, I knew I had all nine individuals correct, I just wasn’t sure I had the couples paired properly.  So I split and printed the five checks and went to the table.  I gave Dr. Bob his check first, since I knew that one was right, and then lightly said, “All right, here’s the tricky part.  Just to double check myself, you, sir, were with the lady next to you?”  Yep, got that check right also.  “And you sir were with…”

Before I could complete my second question, the second husband points to a different wife than I had paired him with.  I reply, “well, I got that one wrong, so I’m going to have at least one more wrong as well.  Let me finish seeing who’s with whom, and I’ll recombine and re-split the checks.”

And Husband Two jokes, “Oh just hand the checks out the way you have them, and we’ll all see which wives we get to take home with us tonight.”

“Oh-ho!,” I reply, “Nobody told me we were that sort of party.”  And everyone’s been bantering and joking all night, so we all laugh, and I step back to the computer and fix the checks.  And as I’ve just resorted and reprinted the checks and logged off, Dr. Bob pauses next to me and says “Just go ahead and put it all on this,” and gives me his credit card on his way to the bathroom.  So I log back onto the computer and recombine what I just I re-split, and then run the credit card.  As I return to the table, I hold up the single check tray.  “Dr. Bob took mercy on me at the computer, so we have a new plan.  Apparently everybody is going home with Dr. Bob tonight.”

Sauna Vabeech!

Sauna Vabeech!

Style Card: Here’s what I’m going home with tonight

  • Shape: Penny, month 8, from Baby Bumps;
  • Skin: Viola, milk, from WoW Skins;
  • Tattoos: Pregnancy Stretch Marks from Freaky Geeky; Nature’s Kiss Eyeshadow & Liner from Body Bazaar; Pretty Girl Rock tattoo (part of outfit);
  • Hair: Tammy in Almond from London Core;
  • Outfit: Pretty Girl Rock from [A&k] designs; includes gloves, pants, shirt, suspenders, and tattoo.
  • Accessories: Pink Ankle Boots from London Core; Lisee Stockings from Alloro; Graffiti Bangles from Grumble, Grumble; source unknown black choker; source unknown ‘Fairy Hydrangea Wings’;
  1. […] the hospital staff just like he had at Giovanni’s, and before I knew it an E.R. doctor- not Dr. Bob- was taking a look at me. He confirmed I was in labor, only about five cm dilated, he told me it […]

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