A Cast of Hundreds…

That’s a figure of speech, but there enough people in my life that it may help the reader to have a scorecard for who’s who.  This list is categorized by how and where I encounter them, and alphabetized within the categories.  It’s also intentionally an ongoing work in progress.  Eventually, it may someday be complete, but maybe not… I would hate to think a time would ever come along when I had already met everyone I would find interesting enough to tell stories about.

(Last Update: 6/3/15)


Emily Marik:  That’s me, your lovely and charming narrator.  I’m a twenty-something single mom with ADD and no boyfriend juggling multiple jobs and my writing.  It’s no wonder I don’t get much sleep.

Sgt. Martin Marik: My dad, a night-shift sergeant in the Dayton Police Department.

Piper Marik:  My tiny, precious little baby.  Born on November 23rd, 2014.  Her middle name, Jonasina, is in honor of my boss and her unofficial godfather, Jonas Giovanni.

Rose Bowmer Marik: My mother, who walked away and vanished into obscurity shortly before Christmas the year I was nine.  Not a high point in my life.


Giovanni’s is my primary job, a surprisingly successful family-owned Italian Restaurant not far from the UD ghetto.

Joe Cleaves: One of the managers at Giovanni’s.  Best thing about working with Joe: he is extremely easy on the eyes.  Worst thing about working with Joe: He’s very by-the-book, and I have A.D.D.which means we mix like oil and water, or more accurately, like gasoline and open flames…

Jonas Giovanni: The older half of the father-son team that owns Giovanni’s.  Brilliant as a cook and as a restaurateur, but kind of a hothead and a bully as far as interpersonal skills go.  Has a weak spot for children.

Justin Kirker: The newest, youngest of Giovanni’s managers.  Best thing about working with Justin: He allows me freedom to use my best judgement.  The worst thing: It’s not because he has faith in my judgement, but because he doesn’t want to exert himself to manage.

Stefano Giovanni: The younger half of the father-son team that owns Giovanni’s.  Generally goes by Steve.  Reasonably savvy in the kitchen, but has a gift for the office-financial-accounting end of running the restaurant that makes him and his dad a very effective team.


My second job is as a research assistant at Thatchtower, the gallery where Carlton Thatcher sells artwork, antiquities, and rarities.

Cao Richards: Her job title is simply Carlton Thatcher’s ‘administrative assistant’.  In practice, the sophisticated and elegant Ms.Richards does more administrating then assisting.

Carlton Thatcher: The owner of Thatchtower.  He has a standing reservation at a local Thai restaurant on Monday evenings, and is better with babies than he thinks.

Conner Dreenan: The second newest research assistant at Thatchtower, Conner is handsome in an androgynous, effeminate way, and has a hard-to-place accent, Scotch but not-quite.  He seems to know more about me than he has reason to.

Eddie Stone: Thatchtower’s head of Security, a muscular and alert African-American, too muscular to fit off-the-shelf sport coats very well.

Tammy Jefferson: Another research assistant.  Happily married, with two boys: Dean, 8, and Mikey, 6.  Mikey loves babies.

Tori Bodem: Another research assistant, and like me, a single mother.  Her daughter, Brooklyn, is a chunky baby three and a half months older than Piper.

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