A Closet of Thousands…

As I’ve shifted this blog’s focus to anecdotes and stories, it isn’t always appropriate to interrupt my narrative flow to give proper credit to the SL venders and designers who help make everything possible.  Moreover, as I struggle to fit enough hours in the day both for me and for my First Life alter ego, I sometimes find myself resenting the repetition involved when ten percent of the places I shop provide ninety percent of the pieces I model.  This page is hopefully the solution, an ongoing and updating list of proper credit and information about the places I love to shop.


At the top of the list are those vendors with which I’ve formed an ongoing business relationship.  Currently there are none, as my other jobs, my First Life addiction, and trying to keep up with little Piper have precluded a lot of other activities…


I’m a big fan of shopping- and have the credit card debt to prove it- so if I had my way, I would list just about every place I’ve ever shopped as a ‘favorite’.  The stores in this section, however, show up in a disproportionate number of the looks I put together, and are the places I would start when looking for new items to fill my closet beyond it’s current overstuffed state…

*JStyle: I suppose the JStyle store counts as a discount store, as it features complete outfits (accessories included) and avatars at extremely reasonable prices.  Joining the JStyle fashion group is one of the best things I ever did, as most new outfits are briefly offered in one color as a free group gift when they are released before being assigned their regular retail price.  Moreover, probably half of the Jewelry I own and twenty percent of the shoes I wear are from those group gifts…

                  Taxi: checked on 4/15/15               Marketplace: checked on 4/15/15

Grumble, Grumble: A sponsor until quite recently, and I hope to return to the Grumble blogroll if I ever get my life organized (or even loosely sorted).  One of the best places to go for jewelry, purses, and other accessory type items, but also a full sim shopping experience, with male, female, and kids’ fashions, furniture, lots of hunts, and even the Wet Spot, a night club/ dance floor.

Taxi: checked on 6/2/15                 Marketplacechecked on 4/15/15

LC’s World of Fashion: A huge store.  One that is definitely worth taking your time to explore.  Prices on non-sale items are competitive, but the store is also littered with sales and dollarbies, with lucky boards and low-total MM boards.  A small amount of money and some patience can turn into a huge wardrobe here.  Includes hairs, formalwear, casual wear, maternity, and men’s fashion.

                         Taxichecked on 7/1/15                         Marketplace: checked on 7/1/15

Tameless Hair: There are many great hair vendors/stylists in Second Life, but Tameless is my go-to.

                            Taxichecked on 7/1/15                        Marketplace: checked on 7/1/15

WoW Skins: My favorite skin store.  The WoW skins fashion group is definitely worth considering.  Although there is a 350 Linden fee to join and the group chat channel is a noisy one, the group is a great source of free high-quality skins- group gifts, lucky board gifts, midnight mania gifts, etc, and will pay for itself very quickly.

                   Taxi: checked on 4/15/15               Marketplace: checked on 4/15/15


I’ve been building up my closet for years.  Some of the stuff I treasure, you can’t get it anymore.  Sorry about your luck!  (If you know something I don’t about one of these vendors still operating,  please let me know so I can update this page!)

Dede Maximus: Creator of ‘Geisha Chopstick Hair’, no current listing.

Freebie Fever: If I remember correctly (always a big if), ‘Freebie Fever’ wasn’t a vendor per se but big boxes of free stuff left lying around for people to trip over and help themselves to.  Which means, quite possibly, the boxes are still lying around somewhere for you to find, I just don’t know where…

Kids5B: Source of the Gigi Teen Body Shape that I tend to wear as a default.

-UtopiaH-: I waffled a bit on which category to place the tattoo shop, UtopiaH.  Petiita Blackbart is still in business with a shop called ‘Dazed’, but since I couldn’t find any of the items I bought from UtopiaH in the past, I decided to rule that UtopiaH is out of business, not simply renamed.


Augusta Creations:                   Taxi: checked on 4/15/15                  Marketplacechecked on 4/15/15

EdelStore:                                    Taxi: checked on 4/15/15                  Marketplacechecked on 4/15/15

Errant:                                          Taxi: none on 7/1/15                          Marketplace: checked on 7/1/15

Loka Designs:                             Taxi: none on 4/15/15                       Marketplacechecked on 4/15/15

Sintimacy:                                    Taxi: checked on 4/30/15                Marketplace: checked on 4/30/15

Sn@tch:                                     Taxi: checked on 7/1/15                    Marketplace: checked on 7/1/15

Starr Enterprises:                     Taxi: none on 4/30/15                      Marketplace: checked on 4/30/15


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