About Emily Marik

My name is Emily Marik and I have an addiction, a passion, and a dream.

My addiction is to Second Life, a truly amazing virtual world where I can wander and explore all kinds of different vistas, where I can meet interesting people unfettered in their social interactions, and where I can change my appearance and style at whim.  I’m a very whimsical person- I have lots of whims and lots of different looks.  Ultimately I started blogging to keep better track of the many looks I’ve tried.

My passion is for stories.  I am a voracious reader, consuming stories in many different genres: mysteries, romances, fantasy, teen fiction, westerns, et cetera and ad nauseum.  I also have several shows I follow and try to fit the odd movie into my schedule, although I love written stories best.  I’m a natural critic: as I consume stories, I also judge them, evaluate them, and try to learn from them.  In my callow and shallow youth, I geeked with Dungeons & Dragons and other such frivolities.  The stories created were often trite and badly acted, but the games reinforced my passion for learning from stories and to someday create my own.

My dream is to combine my addiction and my passion, to share here both the story, however trite or trivial, of my second life journeying and the fiction stories that bubble and percolate within depths of my whimsey.

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