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Spoiler Alert!

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Sponsor Posts

My last post took me so long to write- partly sheer length (over twice my normal verbiage) and partly awkward subject matter (posing for naughty pictures)- that I’m now backlogged on subject matter, particularly since March so far has definitely been interesting.  As in the Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times” sort of interesting.

From a narrative viewpoint, I should tell you some things from the backlog.  My last two posts left a few loose threads dangling, and I would like to tie those off.  I also did a couple of things that may have repercussions, and I should report those  so I don’t have so much explaining to do when or if those repercussions come home to roost.

Bear with me: Cutie Cub-Bear Hoodies, 35 L$ each...

Bear with me: Cutie Cub-Bear Hoodies, 35 L$

From a business viewpoint, however, I’m going to go shopping instead.  A month ago, I essentially had two jobs.  My full-time job serving was on shaky ground (Step II disciplinary action is definitely not a pat on the back and a raise…) and currently I only have one client for my freelance fashion writing, Grumble, Grumble, since I haven’t really had time to seek out and properly tend new clients.  So I would say that job was also on shaky ground.

March has been interesting, as I said.  I now have four part-time jobs and no full-time jobs: computer consultant at Giovanni’s, art and rarities saleswoman at the Thatchtower Gallery, a regular modeling gig with Elyssa Innis, and I still have only one client for freelance fashion writing.  Which is why it is a bit of a relief that Luck of the Irish ’15 is going on through the end of the month, so I can let you know about some cute goodies being offered there by Grumble, Grumble while you still have a week to get down there and see for yourself.  (Here’s a taxi, btw…)

For those who aren’t familiar, Luck of the Irish is a gacha fair, sort of slot machine shopping.  I’m sure you remember the gacha machines for little kids that lurk near the entrances of grocery stores and sometimes restaurants.  Put a quarter or two in, twist the knob, and receive a little plastic bubble with a random sticker or candy or crackerjack price.  Gacha machines are the same concept, using modern technology to take a larger price and give a larger prize, faddish in some circles.  Many of the places I shop have one or two tucked in a corner somewhere; most short run fairs have a gacha aisle to attract shoppers from those aforementioned circles, and some events- like Luck of the Irish ’15, a second engagement of last years successful Luck of the Irish gacha fair,- are nothing but gacha machines.

Bitchin': Bitch Bubbles, 25 L$

Bitchin’: Bitch Bubbles, 25 L$

Grumble has three machines at LOTI ’15.  The machine selling ‘Bitch Bubbles’ is probably the most entertaining of the machines.  I’ll admit I don’t really understand the technology.  There are thirteen bitchy sayings, any of which would make a great bumper sticker or T-shirt.  Instead they are projected in a caption bubble over your head, like you are in a comic strip.  Cute, fun, and funny, these are nifty little party favors for a quick cheap laugh.  There is also a machine selling psychedelic piggy banks, decorated in groovy the-dye patterns.  Your new bank is set out in your home or business to collect donations- hopefully for a charity or a worthy cause, but ultimately I suppose that is between you and your conscience.  Grumble’s one clothing gacha at LOTI ’15 is selling Cub-Bear Hoodies, little hoods/hats that pull over your head like a ski mask and have adorable little teddy bear ears.  If I’m totally honest, I have to admit these aren’t really practical hats.  Spring is here, so we are running out of cold weather, and these aren’t the sort of hats you wear to be suave or fashionable.  On the other hand, they are so damn freakin’ adorable, that everyone should run out and get at least one anyway…

Since I was going down to LOTI to report on Grumble, I wore an outfit made mostly of Grumble purchases as well.  The blue sweater dress is a cute spring or fall item, pairing a winter-weight fabric and a summer-length cut.  The shade of blue also matched the cub bear hoodie I received as part of my blogger’s pack, which was an added bonus.  The high boots are Grumble’s Black Cyber Stud boots, very urban and edgy.  The slashed latex leggings actually serve dual purposes.  Not only do they accentuate the edgy urban look created by the short dress and tall boots, they help keep my legs warm since spring is still a work in process at my latitude.  The lace wristbands are also from Grumble (My inner brat is dying to make a ‘Fifty Shades of Grumble’ allusion).  And just to swing the pendulum away from edgy and back towards cute, I also have the ‘Love Me’ face Tattoo from Grumble.

Pig in a poke: Groovy Pig Donation Jars, 35L$

Pig in a poke: Groovy Pig Donation Jars, 35L$

I’ve confessed elsewhere that I’m not a huge Gacha fan, but I still struggle with my shopping addiction.  (Being broke is less of a defense against impulsive spending than strict logic would dictate…)  So after scoping out Grumble’s machines, I went a-wandering.  I looked for clothes, my favorite weakness, but it was mostly poses and photo-props that caught my eye.  My last step before polishing off my post is to photograph a few of the new items…

Bunny chair from Mooh- what every house needs...

Bunny chair from Mooh- what every house needs…

There are so many reasons why I need to go shopping this afternoon.

A) I need some retail therapy.  On top of my emotional baseline of exhausted and overwhelmed (perfectly normal for moms everywhere, particularly single working moms) I have a healthy overlay of unhealthy rage.  My coworker Taylor, herself a single mom, was supposed to come by and pickup Piper this morning and I would watch her two year-old Dashaun later this week.  Giovanni’s opens at eleven, so the servers are expected in at ten to help with the prep and set-up.  Shortly before ten, I called Giovanni’s to warn them I was running late because Taylor, whose inability to keep a schedule is legendary, hadn’t made it yet.  Imagine my surprise when Taylor answered the phone.  Management had called her that morning before to cover a shift because Mackenzie called in sick.  (She said food-poisoning, I suspect brown-bottle flu.)  Taylor had dumped Dashaun on his grandmother, and completely forgotten to call me.  Working all the numbers in my cell phone contacts, I finally gave in and asked Jeremy to be my emergency baby-sitter.  Great, but by the time I called Jeremy, took Piper out to the ‘burbs, and doubled back to Giovanni’s, I was over an hour late.  Which means even though Joe, Taylor, and Mackenzie created the reason I was late between them, I’m the one who gets a write-up and started in a Step I disciplinary action.  I’m angry enough I’m trembling just recapping this.  Some new pretty clothes are just what I need to feel calmer.

Pretty new clothes, compliments of Grumble, Grumble.

Pretty new clothes, compliments of Grumble, Grumble.

B) I really need retail therapy.  The whole situation with Jeremy (more about that towards the end of this post…) has me in a tailspin.  I’m still into him, and he is apparently also still into me.  Except he has rebounded since I broke things off, and while I’m sure I’ll properly hate his fiancee Valerie once I meet her, it’s unfair to her and to the generally stand-up guy Jeremy is for me to drag him into Piper’s life.  I don’t want to keep calling Jeremy in panics.  Except I don’t really have many options.  How sick is it that I only called Jeremy to babysit after trying my next-door neighbor when I’m ninety percent certain that she’s an escort and an addict?  Trying to unfold that logic has me feeling guilty and inadequate.  Pretty new clothes can solve those feelings, too.

This Hooter purse deserves some close-up love...

This Hooter purse deserves some close-up love…

C) Ms. Cao Richards came in for lunch with two of her coworkers and their three little ones.  She introduced me as ‘Emily, who I’m hoping will be the newest gallery girl’.  She introduced the two gallery girls with her, but distracted as I was this morning, I promptly forgot their names and christened them in my mind as Buffy and Muffy.  On a more positive day, this would have been a wonderful thing.  Besides tipping well, Ms. Richards implied the job is probably mine, with what she said both explicitly and between-the-lines, although the gallery owner, Mr. Thatcher, will not declare his official decision until ten a.m. on Monday the sixteenth.  In my frustrated and irritable state, however, I’m locked in on the gap between ‘probably’ and ‘definitely’, afraid to hope, stressing over the impending disappointment.  Plus, if I do get the job, I don’t have anything sufficiently elegant and classy for the Thursday gala evenings.  So I should definitely go get myself some pretty new clothes…

To paraphrase Nancy Sinatra, these boots were made for shopping...

To paraphrase Nancy Sinatra, these boots were made for shopping…

D) Allie Munro also came by for a bite to eat.  I didn’t wait on her, since she sat at the bar with a chicken caesar salad and a nice pinot grigio while she used her cell phone and tablet to herd staffers for Grumble, Grumble and the Wet Spot.  (How does she have time to run two businesses and look so fabulous when I can barely juggle being a low-level Goomba at Giovanni’s and keeping Piper in formula and clean diapers?  If she wasn’t so nice, I would definitely hate her.)  I didn’t wait on her, but she gave me a tip nonetheless.  Not a gratuity-tip but a piece-of-advice-tip: Thrift Shop 8 is now open, with bargains and sales from dozens of dealers, themed for Love and Hate in honor of Valentine’s Day.  That would be reason enough to go shopping, to see if I can find something both elegant and thrifty, but Allie sweetened the pot, inviting me once more to write up how cool Grumble’s wares look, and take a few selfies to prove my point.  If there is anything better than shopping for pretty new clothes, it is getting paid to shop for pretty new clothes…

Ta-da! A second great Grumble look for Thrift Shop!

Ta-da! A second great Grumble look for Thrift Shop!


  • Mesh Corset Dress in Teal.  This cute little number is one of Grumble, Grumble’s feature items for Thrift Shop 8.
  • Heartbreaker Crown. This is the rare from the Heartbreaker Headband Gatcha Grumble brought to the thrift shop.  Very cute, although more appropriate for senior prom then an expensive gallery event….
  • Hooter Handbag, Teal Trim.  Another cute, fun item from Thrift Shop 8.  Again, yes to cute, fun, and irresistible, no to gallery-appropriate…
  • Sheer heart stockings & Colorado boots (black): Items from the Grumble, Grumble main store that nicely compliment my dress.
  • Shape: Gigi Teen (Kids5B); Skin: Jenna- Purple Smokey (BeautyCode); Hair: Beatrice (TamelessHair)
Cupid, updated for the 21st century?

Cupid, updated for the 21st century?


  • Flutter Outfit.  This is one of Grumble’s exclusive items for TS 8.  With the wings and headband, this outfit is very cute and very fun.  Properly re-accessorized, the pink and white minidress may be the gallery event dress I’m looking for…
  • Heart Collar and Bangle Set.  This is the other exclusive TS 8 item.  I love collar style necklaces and bangle style bracelets, and this set is one of each for only 25 L$.  Again, cute and fun.  Definitely the must-have of Grumble’s Kiosk for this event.
  • Red Star Leggings, Snake Bracelet, Fringe Mocassins, Jackie-O Sunglasses: Again, I accessorized the event items with some goodies from the Grumble mainstore.  (The shotgun was not included, but was a fun prop to pose with…)
  • Shape: ‘Girl Teen Avatar Shape’ (Kids5B); Skin: Liz- Green Smokey (BeautyCode); Hair: Ronnie (Tameless Hair)

    Give this gorgeous collar some close up love, also...

    Give this gorgeous collar some close up love, also…

I’m feeling rather hollow today, so it seems appropriate to mangle a famous T.S. Elliot quote: “This is the way the year ends, not with a bang but a Grumble.”

In my last post, one of the resolutions I made was, despite the havoc parenthood has wreaked on my schedule, to show more love to my erstwhile sponsor, Grumble, Grumble.  So I threw a quick outfit together, dropped Piper with a sitter, and came down to the main store to see what was going on that most needed some loving spread…

What's better than a cool dress?  The same dress, accessorized!

What’s better than a cool dress? The same dress, accessorized!

I’ve been feeling a bit down recently, I have some gift cards, I recently made a credit card payment so it’s temporarily not maxed… all these things together indicate it’s time for some retail therapy, Grumble style.  Outfit #1 is the Gypsy Flow Dress that premiered for the 100 block event.  I chose to pair it with some slashed leggings, my red Colorado boots, the mustache pearl necklace, a bracelet from the twisted hunt, and some bunny ears from Easter.

Once more, out of the dressing room and into the breech!

Once more, out of the dressing room and into the breech!

I built Outfit #2 around the Retro Blouse from Thrift Shop 3.  My purple capris from a cupcake outfit I bought, and the LOL face tattoo were both from the old Grumble Kids location.  The cupcake bow and some silver tiger-striped thigh high boots completed the look.

She's a bird!  No, she's a plane!  No, she's SUPER-SHOPPER!

She’s a bird! No, she’s a plane! No, she’s SUPER-SHOPPER!

The mesh leggings just looked like the sort of thing you could build a fun outfit around, and sure enough, I built outfit #3.  I recommend the red star leggings I used or the black drops or pink splatter.  I still had a couple of half tees from when I covered the Thrift Shop event, but I had to buy the ‘Go F Your #Selfie’ half tee instead.  (Yes, not just wanted, but had to.  One of the rules of proper retail therapy is that you can’t feel better until you blow your budget.  True statement.)  The little ankle boots I chose for this outfit are a little more ‘dainty’ than my usual boots.  I also wore puppy earrings and a matching necklace and carried a little black clutch, since one thing this outfit doesn’t really have is pocket space…

Pack all your troubles in a new kit bag….

Pack all your troubles in a new kit bag….

By now, I’m feeling much more chipper, (and I’m starting to feel some Piper withdrawal- it’s amazing how addictively relaxing the experience of holding your baby can be), so it’s time to call my therapy a success, but I do have an outfit #4 to show off first.  Before I opted for the clutch in the last outfit/picture, I bought this blue vintage bag.  Then while I was in the dressing room, I decided it was too large a purse for my tight and flying outfit, and would go better with a dress.  This cute flower dress is from one of the last events I covered, Cirque de Seraphim, but as you can see, still for sale if you missed it.  Although shame on you, because it was a very cool event!  To accessorize, I grab a teal spiked headband, some red stilettos, and a snake bracelet.

I made a few other purchases, but it is time to run, so I’ll show them off some other time.  I will make just a few other comments.  I used the same shape- Kids Girl (15-18) from Sour Pickles- in all four pictures in the gallery.  I’m back to just three pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, back in fight and shopping trim.  The hair I’m using is Lilac from Tameless Hair.  It’s a scripted hair, capable of changing both the primary hair color and the color of the forelock streak, and I did so frequently to show it off to full advantage.  My ‘bad girl’ tattoo that I added for the third and fourth pictures is from -UtopiaH-.  Other than those items, everything I’m wearing in all four pictures is from Grumble, Grumble, and most, if not all, is still available for you to purchase.  (After all, I think I would be a great fashion role model for you to emulate.  Less of a life-lessons or morals role model; I know my strengths and my limitations…)

Secondly, in case you didn’t notice my literary cleverness, I didn’t just misquote T.S. Elliot.  Everybody knows the quote I misquoted at the beginning of the post, but not everyone knows that the poem that line is from is ‘The Hollow Men’, so I was also alluding to the poem when I talked about feeling hollow today.  Like many people who are both clever and insecure, I not only need to be clever, I need you to know (and hopefully appreciate) that cleverness.  Traits like that are why I stick to being a fashion role model rather than any of the other kinds.  Pbbt!

This post is brought to you by Grumble, Grumble, by the power of denial, and by the number three!

The number three: less than three weeks until my due date, and I’m starting to freak out about it.

The power of denial: My usual way of dealing with stress and emotional pressure is to shove it off to one side and pretend it isn’t here.  “Pay no attention to the stress behind the curtain.,” if you like the Wizard of Oz. “This is not the stress you’re looking for,” if you prefer Star Wars.  So today I’m denying my pregnancy- I went ahead and parked Prenatal Piper with a sitter (First Life moms, eat your heart out!) and got back into my pre-pregnancy gigi teen body.  I’m also denying winter.  My firsty is battling the first big chill of the season with a furnace that is acting up, but I’m baring my midriff and showing my tan lines.  I don’t actually have a motto, mostly because I’m too fickle to stay with just one motto, but if I did, right now it would be, “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.”

Or maybe, "save a horse, ride a cowboy,"?

Or maybe, “save a horse, ride a cowboy,”?

And of course talking about shopping and talking about Grumble, Grumble always go together.  Right now, Grumble is one of over a hundred designers participating in Cirque de Seraphim, a two-sim charity shopping event to support the ASPCA.  This event is too big and too cool, and this blogger too busy and overwhelmed, to tell you everything.  Instead check out this description of what there is to see and do, and remember these three key points (there’s that number again!): 1) Money is being raised to prevent the abuse and neglect of animals both by direct donation and by a portion of the sales of exclusive items.  So far over half a million Lindens- that’s over $2200 First Life Dollars- have been raised, and the event is still going on until Nov 26th.  2) The sims, the designer kiosks, most of the merchandise are done with a circus theme.  More ‘inspired by’ than necessarily a strict circus theme- for example, all that my super cute ‘circus backpack’ that I’m wearing has to do with the circus is that the stripes on the back are reminiscent of an old-fashioned circus tent- but it nevertheless adds a level of entertainment and whimsey that makes this event very fun to wander and shop.  It doesn’t matter who you are; you need more whimsey and entertainment in your life.  3) As always, Allie Munro knows how to merchandise.  Grumble, Grumble’s offerings to the event are cute and well-priced and things you should have in your closet.  Go buy some now!

Another potential motto: "Whoever said 'money can't buy happiness' didn't know where to shop!"

Another potential motto: “Whoever said ‘money can’t buy happiness’ didn’t know where to shop!

Allie has, sadly for me, learned some wisdom from past assignments; the restrictions on how I could abuse, I mean use, my expense account were spelled out fairly strictly when I stopped by her office to get the reporter’s packet on Cirque de Seraphim.  Nevertheless, I was able to put together a very cute style card.  My shape and skin are the Kids5B Gigi Teen shape and Tiffany skin.  I’m wearing my hair a little longer than usual, the Melinda dark blonde mesh hair from *JStyle.  My outfit is the smoke Mini Sweater from Grumble, one of the items for sale in the CdS kiosk, and Promagic’s purple hippie harem pants.  The mustard latex ankle boots from Fetish Doll don’t quite match the rest of the outfit, but Firsty wanted me to wear them a post or two ago and they fit much more comfortably when I’m not pregnant.  Lastly I needed a few accessories to rev my cuteness up to the next level.  The circus backpack and the retro flower necklace are both Grumble items for the CdS kiosk again.  The patriotic sunglasses were a gift from !Soul back in July.  The feather belly ring is out of an indian princess costume set and the ring and bangles set is from Loka.

Or I could steal a motto from Jayy Von Monroe: "Always be yourself!  Unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman."

Or I could steal a motto from Jayy Von Monroe:
Always be yourself! Unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman.”

Popping into a phone booth, I pull a quick change to show another style card made possible by Grumble’s kiosk at Cirque de Seraphim.  Same Gigi Teen body, Tiffany skin, Melinda hair, but this time the dress is a Blue Mesh Sweater Dress that Grumble is selling at CdS.  The slashed black latex leggings and the red colorado boots, both regular Grumble retail items, add a bit of urban cool to my look.  For jewelry, I chose a men’s cross necklace and some red, white, and blue bangles, also from Grumble, and a source unknown nose ring.  Because I’m feeling a bit immature (shocking, I know…), I also don a black bat mask that Grumble was selling last month for Halloween and a Christmas reindeer antler headband I bought in Grumble kids last year.  Even when I’m being Batman, I’m still being myself…

I dunno.

I say this motto at work a lot: “There is no I in team, and there is no F in weigh!”

In order to bring the conversation full circle to the number three, I changed into a third look that Grumble’s CdS kiosk made possible.  Again, same shape, hair, and skin.  The super-cute white/flowered mesh dress is, again, from Grumble’s booth at Cirque de Seraphim, as are the red and purple flower eyelashes.  The pink sandals are also Grumble’s, from their booth at the Aloha fair earlier this year.  Not that it shows up well in the picture, but I do also have a leg tattoo from Grunge Ink for this look.  And for jewelry I grabbed the tagged necklace saying devil from Cute Poison, some silver bangle bracelets from *JStyle, and my source unknown nose ring.  The pictures in my gallery today show the nice range of products that Grumble is offering at Cirque de Seraphim, and they are just one of the venders at the Cirque, so you should definitely come down to the Sugar Falls sim and check everything out.

I know I’m going to make like the Light Brigade and yell, “Charge!” to see how much shopping I can do before I have to take my belly back from the sitter’s.  While I’m doing that, you can check out this semi-circus related video for the Sodom and Gomorrah show….


It’s October, and that means several important things are on the calendar…

Halloween, obviously.  My excuse to wear slutty costumes without people questioning my morals, sanity, or maturity.  (Go grocery shopping while dressed as ‘Snow White’, ‘Naughty Nun’, or ‘Raggedy Girl Doll’ any of the other eleven months of the year.  People will look at you funny, I promise.)  Last year I did my posts for October wearing nothing but Halloween costumes.  Most of those costumes don’t really fit a preggo belly, so I’m going to be a little more sane and mature this year.  “What about ‘more moral’?” you ask.  I’d like to go with that, but technically I’m not married, I don’t even know my baby-daddy’s name, and I only got knocked up because Firsty is having a baby and I didn’t want to feel left out… If you can spin that as ‘more moral’, I would love to know how…Snapshot_008

October 15th: Last day to exchange Grumble gift cards.  I took a selfie in front of the sign with all the instructions on how, and set up a taxi for you as well.  The central point is that along with a new location, Grumble, Grumble has a new gift card system, so all of us slackers who have allowed gift cards to pile up in our inventories need to act before the 15th to update our gift cards so we can still have bouts of shopping madness.

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I am both happy and proud to announce three things Grumble, Grumble is doing to help support the fight against breast cancer.  Specifically, Grumble is collecting money for the Susan G Komen for the Cure Fund, probably the best known and most reputable of the breast cancer research charities, in three different ways.

Give 39 L$ to a great cause and get a top that makes a statement!

Give 39 L$ to a great cause and get a top that makes a statement!

Firstly, by the entrance to the dance floor, Grumble, Grumble is selling six tops- three women’s tanks and three men’s tees- whose proceeds go to the fund.  I picked out the ‘Save a Rack’ tank, but since I’m a baseball fan, I really, really wish there was a girl’s version of the ‘Save Second Base’ men’s tee.  (Maybe next year, Allie?  Hint, hint!  Beg, beg!)

Secondly, there are several donation ribbons set up in the sim this month.  Just walk up to one, find some loose Lindens in the bottom of your pocket, and slide them into the Ribbon. You’ve just done a good deed, and earned yourself some good Karma.  It really is that simple.  (As an added ‘bonus’, the Linden is a fairly weak currency, although still stronger than the Vietnamese dong or the Sao Tome dobra.  This means its easy to cough up a few (or even many) Lindens without strongly changing your net worth. Yet as more people chip in their odd Lindens, they can accumulate into a meaningful figure, just like that change jar in my bedroom turns into enough money I can cut loose and have an ‘Emily-gone-wild’ night every couple of months without feeling guilty about about my bills.)

Thirdly, go look for this cute little feller:

I've always said Allie Munro has cute hooters...

I’ve always said Allie Munro has cute hooters…

Pardon the extreme close up, but I didn’t want to give away where this little feller was hiding.  This guy, and the nineteen lookalikes in his parliament, are hidden around the sim.  Each time you find one and give him two Lindens, he passes the Lindens onto the foundation and passes a hunt prize to you.  Win-win, right?  As is typical for Grumble’s on-sim hunts, the owls all have either two prizes, one for men and one for women, or a single unisex prize, like a piece of furniture.  If you find all twenty, you’ve given 40 L$ to a great cause, and scored yourself some cute little presents.  Again typical, most of the owls are fairly easy to find, and there are a few that have me beating my head against the furniture.  Sometimes the hints help.  (And sometimes not, sigh.)

I don't care if this is a nude beach… I'm not feeling like naked until my belly and feet aren't so swollen.  Wah!

I don’t care if this is a nude beach… I’m not feeling like naked until my belly and feet aren’t so swollen. Wah!

My style card today is all about Grumble, Grumble.  There are few non-grumble items to mention, so I’ll get those out of the way first:  My shape is Penny, Month 7, from Baby Bump.  My skin is Nana from WoW Skins.  My hair is source unknown from a freebie pack.  Everything else is Grumble, Grumble…

  • Red Night Bat Mask.  Very cute, one of the new halloween items on sale.  35 L$
  • Dangle/Beaded Earrings.
  • Black Mens Shorts with Rolled Cuffs.  Yes, they’re men’s shorts.  But they have enough give in the waist, and I’m just not feeling very glamourous right now.
  • Brown Leather Fringe Ankle Boots.  If you’ve followed for a while, you know I prefer boots to other footwear.  Sometimes severe boots, sometimes combat boots, and sometimes cute and dainty boots like the ones I’m wearing today, but I just like boots.
  • Green Zombie T-Shirt.  It’s in-season with Halloween coming, and it still makes me laugh.  The full message of the T-shirt is “Zombies Eat Brains! (You’re safe.)’
  • Teal Spiked Headband.  One of the Hooter Hunt prizes.
  • Owl Backpack.  A little too cute to be practical, but that’s all right, because if I have to choose between the two, I’ll usually choose cute over practical anyway.  This is a larger, grey version of the pink hunt owl, with white straps.  Another prize in the Hooter Hunt.
  • Orange Trick or Treat Bag.  I needed something to carry the owls I found in, and this bag is the current group gift for Grumble VIPs.  Again, the message just makes me chuckle: “Don’t scare me.  I poop easily.”
  • Formal Stach Necklace- Blue.
  • Skull Bangles.  Again, if you’ve been following me (stalker!) you know I love bangle style bracelets, so I’m wearing these Skull Bangle bracelets on each wrist, which I believe I picked up from a Lucky Chair a while back.
  • Graffiti Express Bangles.  On my right arm, I’m also wearing some additional bangles from an older Grumble hunt to add a splash of extra color to a fairly earth-toned look.

Sure, right now you are probably thinking, “Wait a minute!  Isn’t the song ‘Devil with a Blue Dress On‘?”

Well, yes, the song, Shorty Long’s unremarked 1964 debut single, more popularly covered by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels in a medley with Little Richard’s Good Golly Miss Molly, refers to a blue dress.  But the cute little jumpsuit my boss gave me to model for you is pink, so you are just going to have to work with me on this one…

One way, or another, I'm gonna gacha, gacha, gacha!

One way, or another, I’m gonna gacha, gacha, gacha!

Now, I would love to tell you my boss is giving me cute clothing from the sheer goodness of her heart.  In fact, she is giving me cute clothing for crass commercial purposes, so I can inform you about the lovely items Grumble, Grumble is selling at the latest round of the Thrift Shop event, now open and lasting until the end of the month.  So here we go.  For my first picture, I posed by the gacha machines Grumble brought to T.S.6.  On the left, you see mermaid backpacks, available in six colors, on sale for 35 L$.  In the center is a machine offering ‘Feisty’ high heeled ankle boots for 50 L$.  These boots are really cute, and work with Slink Mesh Feet.  On the right is a machine offering cute animal earrings or chain necklaces.  The gacha display is wearing the Panda necklace.  I’m wearing puppy earrings and a puppy necklace.  There are also butterflies, turtles, and frogs to be collected, and each play of this gacha is a very affordable 25 L$.

Style card for photo #1:

  • Shape: Standard Sizing Medium
  • Skin: Demonia, by Caverna Obscura
  • Hair: Reila- Midnight by Tameless Hair
  • Thrift Shop 6 Items: Dots Jumpsuit-Pink; Puppy Earrings; Twisted Chain Puppy Necklace; all by Grumble, Grumble
  • Neko Items: Devilish Neko Set from Dahlywood
  • Accessories: Red Bangles Bracelet from *JStyle, Face Tattoo from the Slut Shop
Grumble's main booth at the Thrift Shop Event

Grumble’s main booth at the Thrift Shop Event

Snapshot_070I went ahead and changed outfits before taking some pictures at the main Grumble Kiosk.  Again moving from left to right, the booth featured several cute items.  The pearled clutches  come in three colors, pink, mint, and the black one I’m using to hold my last few Lindens.  Very cute, and only 49 L$.  Inside the big diamond is a special bargain, an ‘I’m Hot’ word necklace for just 1 L$. (I believe this same necklace is 25 or 35 L$ from a gacha machine at Grumble’s mall sim.)  The dotted jumpsuit selling for 59 L$ comes in four colors.  I modeled the pink one earlier, the black one is shown on the display sign, and the jumpsuit is also available in blue and green.  Next to that is a belted slouch mini dress, which is again 59 L$ and again comes in four colors, this time gray, pink, purple, and red.  Both of the models of shoes being sold here are Slink compatible.  There are several colors of spiked heels, or an all-black slightly higher zippered heel.  The magic number for any of these shoes is still 59 L$.  The mesh chained shirt, with one of the straps doing the off-the-shoulder thing, looks like it should be fabulous, but I have to put a little disclaimer with it.  (Sorry, Allie!)  The mesh spiked DevoTops are fabulous.  In both cases, the tops are bundled for Thrift Shop, 100 L$ to receive a box containing all the colors of the respective top, seven colors for the chained shirt, four colors for the DevoTop.  (I’m wearing the salmon color for the DevoTop in pictures 2 and 3.)

Now the disclaimer.  I’ll start by excusing Allie Munro.  Not only is she busy running Grumble, Grumble, but she is also launching Grumble’s new club, the Wet Spot, actively looking for more dancers and escorts to work there, and helping out by dancing there herself until it is fully staffed.  She has a lot on her plate, which, since you’ve heard me whine about everything Firsty keeps on his plate, you know I sympathize.  Plus, if you’ll pardon my English, shit happens.  No body is perfect, accidents are unavoidable.  Allie gave me two of the chained shirts to model, and they were actually my first choice to wear for this post- like I said, they look fabulous.  Unfortunately, the alpha that came along with the mesh top is not the alpha for the top, but the alpha that goes with the dot jumpsuit.  I purchased the set to double check, and yep, sure enough, as of 11.30 PDT on the 20th, the set for sale doesn’t come with the proper alpha layer.  Grumble prides itself on customer service, so I’m sure I’ll see it resolved soon, but as of now, I’m still waiting to see how it plays out.

Anyway, here’s the style card for photos 2 and 3:

  • Same as before: Standard Size Medium shape, Slut Face Tattoo, Devilish Neko Set, Source Unknown Lip Ring
  • Skin: Pinkie Pie from Niekra’s Dreams
  • Hair: Despina – indigo with red headband- from Tameless Hair
  • Thrift Shop 6 Items: Black Pearl Zag clutch; Salmon DevoTop; Pearl ‘I’m Hot’ Necklace all from Grumble, Grumble
  • Poses: Kalen 02 and Lauren 07, both from Purple Poses, both on sale at TS6
  • The rest of my outfit: Teal Boho Skirt, Pink Slashed Leggings, Skull Bangle Bracelets, Lady’s Juicy Sneakers again all from Grumble, Grumble

The other day I was practicing ‘ambush journalism.’  That is to say, I was hanging around the water cooler in Grumble, Grumble’s offices, hoping to surprise Allie Munro into giving me a really choice assignment.  I was marshaling my arguments, arranging my pleas, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.


“Shh.  I’m lurking in ambush.”

“Emily!” Allie repeated herself.  “You do know I can see you, right?”  I shrugged and looked embarrassed and mumbled something about neko side effects.  That’s the worst thing about staying as an anime-style cat girl for too long… I find myself prowling and looking for things to pounce upon.  Yesterday I accidentally knocked over the basket holding a knitting project I started and abandoned last February; I ended up spending thirty minutes batting the balls of yarn around.  So I straightened up with an “I-meant-to-do-that” expression on my face (an expression that’s really easy to make with cat ears.  Just saying’.) and explained I was looking for my next freelancing assignment.

Allie nodded and pursed her lips.  She thought for a moment.  “O.K. Emily.  Pack your bags for a trip to Hawaii.”

Yes!  Score!  Allie sighed, interrupting my wildly exuberant happy dance.  “Emily, we aren’t sending you to Hawaii.”  Huh?  “I’m still fending off calls from Grumble, Grumble’s finance department about the sex toys and gatcha plays the last time we trusted you with an expense account.”  (At the Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair.)  “Your assignment isn’t in Hawaii.  It isn’t to go to Hawaii.  Your assignment is to go to the Aloha Fair and find the outfits you would wear on a hypothetical vacation in tropical paradise.”

“Expense account?” I asked hopefully.  I won’t tell you Allie’s reply, but I will say, most people cursing that long would start repeating themselves, but Allie’s invective remained fresh and original the whole forty minutes.  I guess that’s why she’s the boss….

PS- I used a rather limited on-line translation dictionary, so I’m sure I butchered the grammar, but my post title is Hawaiian for ‘You destroy wealth’, which I’m sure is just a fragment of what the accounting department would be telling me when I got back if I did get sent to Hawaii…


Let's see, I need at least one outfit to tan in...

Let’s see, I need at least one outfit to tan in…

The nice thing about outfits like this one is that they don’t use up a lot of my suitcase’s volume…

  • Shape: Standard Sizing Small (good with Mesh)
  • Skin: Suraya from WoW Skins
  • Hair: Damselfly/Dove in Hibiscus (a freebie at free dove and a nice color for the tropics.)
  • Tattoos: Love Makeup (Bubblegum color) from -UtopiaH-, Rose Breast tattoo from Prozak
  • Top: MESH Aloha Bikini (Black) from Grumble, Grumble (It’s nice, the Alpha’s with this Mesh Bikini allow you to wear the top and bottom separately or as one so you can, as I did here, pair part of the Bikini with another top or bottom.)
  • Bottom: I hard skirt from Alter Ego
  • Noteworthy Accessories: Hipster Sunglasses in sweet sky from Grumble, Grumble; First Spring Greetings necklace from Sweet Leonard
  • Pose: Selfie 1 from Aeriel Posing (comes with iPhone pose accessory)


Hmm.  Maybe I should have packed some hypothetical sunscreen for my hypothetical vacation...

Hmm. Maybe I should have packed some hypothetical sunscreen for my hypothetical vacation…

Since I kind of have a shopping addiction… (I was going to join a 12-step program, but first I needed cuter shoes…) it’s a safe assumption that at least one day and whole a lot of money will be spent in Honolulu’s Ala Moana shopping district, so I need to pack a quick informal ‘I’m a tourist with a charge card’ outfit.

  • Shape: Pregnant Teen Katie (week 22) by Cukabebe
  • Skin: Amar (milk) by WoW Skins, overlaid with a Lucky Dip- Sunburn from Bite & Claw
  • Hair: Whisky I in Light Brown by LoQ Hairs
  • Top: MESH Teal Tiki Cover-up by Grumble, Grumble (wearable w/ or w/out the cute pink sunglasses hanging in the neck of my shirt.)
  • Bottom: Black Men’s Shorts by Grumble, Grumble (these are from the main grumble store, not the Aloha event.  Even though they are ‘men’s’ shorts, they work fine for cute girls as well, I just had to tailor the cuffs a little smaller.)
  • Jewelry: Silver Bangle Bracelets from *JStyle, Beaded Earrings from Grumble, Grumble.  Not really ‘jewelry’ but I have to admit the neko tail and ears are unknown source somewhere…
  • Handbag: The Garbaggio IT Girl bag from Ash’s Trash.  (I got lucky.  I just wanted one of the seven common bags from the Gacha, and instead I got the rare which comes with and without Chihuahua and has a hud to change between 23 different colors and patterns.)
  • Pose: Flirting 3 from K&S


I'm not backward about putting my best foot forward...

I’m not backward about putting my best foot forward…

Since shopping is such exhausting work (so whatever you do, Br’er Allie, don’t throw me in that briar patch!  Hah!) I figure my hypothetical Hawaiian vacation will include plenty of chances to relax.  I also wanted a fruity cocktail- something that could be served in a coconut with a pink umbrella- but the bartender was unwilling to serve me even after I changed out of my pregnancy shape for this picture.  Simulated pregnancy can be so unfair!

  • Shape: Standard Sizing Medium
  • Skin: Dee Skin (Midnight) from Glamorize
  • Hair: Jessica in Diamond from Pazazz
  • Top: MESH gypsy top in pink/peach.  A pretty Grumble, Grumble top I picked up at Block 100 a couple months ago.
  • Bottom: Hippie Harem Pants from EnvyMe
  • Shoes: Aloha Scarf Sandals from Grumble, Grumble.  (These are really cute sandals, and also one of Grumble’s feature items for Aloha fair.  Fair warning though- they are for Slink Feet (flat), and if you try to wear them without Slink’s, they just will not fit.  Hence, you are witnessing here the first time I have ever worn Slinks… Never say I don’t walk- well, lounge- the extra mile for you guys!)
  • Accessories: Punk Pumpkin Glasses from Old Dirty Bastard, Bangles & Rings from Loka Designs, source unknown silver hoop earrings


Stiletto sandals, inflatable lounge raft… what could possibly go wrong?

Stiletto sandals, inflatable lounge raft… what could possibly go wrong?

Of course a certain amount of any tropical vacation must be spent hitting the beach.  And my taste in swimsuits means I can fit lots in my luggage, yay!  Technically none of this outfit came from the Aloha fair, but it nevertheless feels Aloha fair appropriate.  (And while you can tell the pregnancy when you look closely or if I’m naked, I feel good that I can still make a swimsuit look hot.  Just sayin’.)

  • Shape: Pregnant Teen Katie (week 22) by Cukabebe
  • Skin:  India High Caramel by Angel Rock.  (Although I think I look less like I am from India and more like I have a truly great tan in this picture…)
  • Hair: Foxi by Tameless Hair.  (This is a color change hair, with the main hair and the little punk stripe in front colorable separately.)
  • Swimsuit: Tweety Monokini (CoCoChes did a great series of skimpy swimsuits in national flag and other cute patterns, each available for a day as a group gift, each with tango and phat azz appliers.)
  • Shoes: Diva Sandals.  These were included in a full outfit from *avd*, and I really don’t know if they are available as a separate. 
  • Tattoos: Division from [AdN], aka Adabetha Nayl Designs and Red Flower from Soul Candy
  • Accessories: Lei and Haku (the flower headband) from Kuuipo Lei Stand.

Oh, a brief editorial side note about Monokinis, because I double-checked online.  The original monokini was a topless one piece swimsuit, similar to a bikini bottom.  Common usage has broadened the use of the word for particularly revealing one-piece swimsuits, generally backless or near backless.  I would say the CoCoChes does qualify as the only back is for the bottom portion of the suit and a tie around my neck to hold the top portion in place, but I have at least one guy friend who feels the CoCoChes swimsuit is merely a one piece and that a monokini would involve more daring lines on the front of the suit as well, something along lines of these modeled by Karla James or Dors Feline.


A nightclub in replica seventeenth century pirate ship?  Sheer genius!

A nightclub in replica seventeenth century pirate ship? Sheer genius!

It should go without saying that one should always bring a formal outfit on any vacation; even if you aren’t planning to go to a formal event like a wedding or an opera, you may spontaneously want to do something a little fancier while you are there.  It should also go without saying that my version of formal is a little cuter and cooler than most; formal or not, I’m still me.  Once again, I cheated a little bit- while several of the designers at Aloha fair have some nice formal/evening dresses for sale, (and I will probably wear a really cute ‘gypsy’ dress from Aris Aris in an upcoming post), none of the pieces of this style card came from the fair, although several did come from my sponsor’s main shopping sim (Taxi!).

  • Shape: Pregnant Teen Katie (week 22) by Cukabebe
  • Skin:  Laura (milk) by WoW Skins, with some light freckles from Plastik and Bollywood Make-up from Errant added
  • Hair: Foxi by Tameless Hair.  (Same hair, different colors.)
  • Dress: Osaka Minidress (Created by Spooky Mistwallow of Kastle Rock Couture, but I believe this was an unknown source freebie gift long ago.  Definitely a beautiful dress, however.)
  • Sponsor Accessories: Red Colorado Boots, red hears sheer stockings, Razorwire Bangle, and the ‘I’m Hot’ Necklace are all from Grumble.
  • Other Accessories: Pink Chain Collar from Pekka, ‘My Heart belongs to Daddy’ tattoo from Rachel Swallows Creations, source unknown Bollywood earrings
  • Pose: Emma 07 from Purple Poses

Between the outfits and hopping through some tropical sims, I’m definitely ready to take that trip to Hawaii, so I’ll call this assignment a mission accomplished.  My next mission is to score me some airline tickets… Do you think Allie will notice if I help myself to some expense report vouchers the next time in her office?

Papa never let anyone even mention Smurfette's little sister Emily after Baker Smurf put a bun in her oven...

Papa never let anyone even mention Smurfette’s little sister Emily’s name after Baker Smurf put a bun in her oven…

So I woke up this morning in a mood.  Not necessarily a good mood or a bad mood, just a little odd mood that I couldn’t quite pin down.  The sort of mood that means Allie may really regret that she was the second person on my cell phone this afternoon…

The first call was Trevor, the newest manager at Giovanni’s.  We’ve don’t get along.  It’s partly because Trevor doesn’t handle criticism well, and mostly because he keeps doing stupid things that need criticizing.  Case in point.  Trevor is in charge of making the server schedule, by the time-honored tradition of ‘new guy gets all the shit jobs’.  To be fair, it is a shit job.  The cook and hostess schedules are pretty consistent.  Copy and paste from one week to the next generally does it. Servers, on the other hand, are constantly swapping shifts around and making special requests on why we need certain shifts covered or why we need extra shifts.  Often the very same waitress is telling Trevor that she needs more money, so he has to give her extra shifts, but she can’t work Tuesday night because she needs to write a paper, she can’t work Wednesday because she doesn’t like the Kids Eat Free promotion, she can’t work Thursday because she has to do some family thing, and Saturday night she’s going to see Bassel and the Supernaturals.  Every week the server schedule is pretty much a start from scratch.  Still, Giovanni’s runs with eight servers on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  Seven times in the last two months, Trevor has either scheduled too many or too few servers, and had to make frantic last-minute calls to call someone in or call someone off.  Last time, I reminded him that since he’s back in the office when he makes the schedule, no one will make fun of him if he counts on his fingers.  This time he decided that since he made the bonehead counting error, I should be the one whose income gets penalized.  This is the sort of logic that passes as fair in food service.

So as I lounged around watching old Saturday morning cartoons on netflix, (ah, nostalgia for the halcyon days of youth) my cell phone rang again.  Allie Munro, fearless leader at Grumble, Grumble, wanted to send me shopping.  I protested I was broke.  Allie said the magic word ‘Please’.  I protested I was still broke.  Allie said the even more magical word, ‘Expense Account’.  And just like that, I was on my way to the Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair

118 designers, a central gotcha area, a map so I can find stuff… why aren't all fashion fairs this will organized?

118 designers, a central gotcha area, a map so I can find stuff… why aren’t all fashion fairs this well organized?

As a loyal Grumble blogger, my first priority was to find Grumble’s booth at the fair.  And look!  Naughty Nitch has a map!  If you’ve gone with me to other events, you understand why the folks running the Prince Charming Sim are now some of my favorite event organizers…

Grumble is Booth 48.  Just walk through the Gacha pit, cut between the booths for WoW Skins and blah.BLAH.blah, and Grumble is in a nearby cluster of four vendors with Panda Punx body shop, Sugar and Cyanide, and Ashmoot.  Admittedly, I had trouble following those directions from the part where it said walk through the Gacha pit.  (Remember folks, I have ADD and a Gacha machine is a shiny object!)  After all, Grumble always has a Gacha or two when they got to an event, and Naughty Nitch is no exception.  I go looking through the machines, and find Grumble’s fairly quickly.  ‘Fairly’ is a dangerous qualifier, however, as I do find a few other choice tidbits.  The first few lines of the expense report are filled out… Pink Skull leggings from FBD, Honey-colored Livia dress from KL Couture, Faerie Face Make-up and a couple pretty chokers from Barely Legal, Butt Plug (mint colored) and Bulb-V Vibrator (lilac) from .SALT, three cute smarty shirts and 23 tiaras (none of which are the @#&! rare rainbow tiara I wanted) from Grumble.  I’m not sure which entry makes me blush more, admitting I took 23 turns on the tiara gacha or asking Allie to pay for sex toys…

"Dammit, I want a RAINBOW tiara!!!"

“Dammit, I want the RAINBOW tiara!!!”

However, once I made it to the Grumble Booth, I was quite happy with the goodies on display.  The high point of the booth is the new princess outfit, a cute fifties style swing dress with a very short flared skirt.  It’s not just cute, it’s OMG-cute, and has that perfect blend of cute and risqué that I love.  (Truthfully, I didn’t even realize just how risqué until I realized I was feeling the breeze rustle my hair… it is a really short skirt.)  As far as accessories, the dress also comes with a princess tiara- because I really needed that 24th non-rainbow tiara, *sigh*- and some really cute slink-compatible strapped heels.  The heels are the same cut and style as the high-strapped heels Grumble is also selling at Naughty Nitch, but the pink and blue color scheme matches the dress and is only available as part of the set.  At 149 L$, the princess outfit is a bargain. (Even if you aren’t expensing it.  Thank you so much for helping me look pretty, Allie!)  

Also at Grumble’s booth are seven styles of new high-strapped heels for 99 L$ each, some pearl necklaces (not that kind; it’s Naughty Nitch, but not that naughty!) with dangly words, four colors of criss-cross tank top (35 L$ each) and three colors of a leopard skin miniskirt called the Sassy (45 L$).  I added a couple tops, and one of the sassy skirts, and necklaces declaring ‘Bitch’ & ‘Whore’ to the to expense account.

The only thing better than a princess is a punk princess...

The only thing better than a princess is a punk princess…

Then it is on to check out some of the other vendors at the fair.  I found a couple cute outfits from Brii that I added to the expense account (and one of them was a dollarbie!  I can be frugal with other people’s money too!).  Some of the shapes at Panda Punx really appeal to me, but since I’m cutting back on the shape hopping until after Mrs. Firsty finishes her pregnancy, I just made a mental note and continued.  I also make a mental note about some furniture crates from Pow.  They are cute for the college set, they have animations, but I’m just not the house-builder type, so I hate to buy furniture and just let it sit in my inventory.  I do take a selfie on the demo model- it turns out cute, of course, but that may just be me.  Blokc has some gorgeous asymmetrical dresses; I tacked one of those onto the expense account also.  I spent a lot of time drooling at the booth for Tameless Hair… If you’ve followed my posts for a while you know Tameless is my go-to hair brand in the same way that WoW is my go-to skin brand.  I do feel a brief twinge about abusing my expense account, but the lure of the complete color set for the new Jace hair style is enough to overcome my temporary weakness.  (Emily’s Rules: #8) If your cards aren’t maxed out, you’re not done shopping….)  Also added to the expense report is a pack of static playmate poses from Image Essentials, the better to display my outfits.  At Endless Tattoos, I drooled some more… the tattoos are beautiful, but a little, well a lot, out of my price range.  Their feature tattoo for Naughty Nitch, however, ‘Alice’ is being sold for 150 L$.  Definitely a find.  The last things I add into my shopping cart are a couple new leather dresses from blah.BLAH.blah and a horse from Fashiowl.  (Either a small horse or a large shopping cart… either way, I’m finally done by rule #8…)

They said I was guilty of abusing my expense account.  I said I was framed...

They said I was guilty of abusing my expense account. I said I was framed…

With full shopping bags and an empty wallet, I whistled as I sauntered back to my humble apartment in the Tungsten sim.  The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair was definitely fun, definitely cute, definitely worth visiting.  Not quite over my overdose on old cartoons, I’m tempted to even say it was ‘smurfy’.  (Little aside: In the cartoons, the smurfs used ‘Smurf’ as a word that fit any grammatical role: noun, verb, adjective (well, smurfy was the adjective form), etc.  In non-animated life, the only similarly grammatically flexible word is the ever popular F-bomb.  Next time you are watching old cartoons, mentally substitute the F-bomb whenever you hear ‘surf’…it’s a smurfin’ hoot!)  My last step before turning in my report on the Fashion Fair to Allie is to write up my style card for the expedition…

  • Shape: Katie (Week 19) from Cukabebe
  • Skin: Rainbow Dash from Niekra’s Dreams
  • Tattoos: Bad Girl from -UtopiaH-, Slut Face Tattoo from the Slut Shop, Seductive Face Makeup (source unknown)
  • Hair: Dragee (custard color) from Rosy Mood
  • Outfit: Princess outfit from Grumble, Grumble; Colorado Boots (in black) also from Grumble; ‘I’m Hot’ wordy pearls, also from Grumble, Razor Wire Bangle Bracelet, also from Grumble.  (Why am I in a sponsor relationship with Grumble?  Because their stuff is so fuckin’… I mean smurfin’… awesome…)  Pink Thong Panties, Torn Fishnet Stockings, and Lip Ring, all source unknown.

    Is this furniture cute, or do I just grace anywhere I go with extra cuteness? Enquirings minds really do want to know….

    Is this furniture cute, or do I just grace anywhere I go with extra cuteness?
    Enquirings minds really do want to know….

Hey peoples!  I’ve wrested control of my own blog back from my firsty.  I’d love to respond to his post, but I’m also a freelance fashion blogger and work is what keeps my closet full of pretty things to wear.  My sponsor-boss, Allie Munro, handed me an assignment to cover Thrift Shop 5, and I am stoked.  I had a great time (i.e. I spent more than I could afford) when I covered Thrift Shop 4 and when I covered Thrift Shop 3 so I’m fully expecting to have a good time (and spend more lindens) at Thrift Shop 5.  As always, the first step to covering a fashion event is to play dress up, and Allie graciously gifted me with a few of the items that will be for sale at the event.  I pondered, I rummaged, I tried on a few things… Finally I was ready to go and whistled for a taxi.

It's a sign of the times...

It’s a sign of the times…

And whistled.  And whistled.  As I write this, it’s still Saturday and the event begins on Sunday June 8th.  By my hand, you can see the sign promises twenty-two days of sales and gachas.  I’m twitching slightly because I’m not actually sure what that means.  Depending on whether you count June 8th as Day One or Day Zero, you can argue the sign means the event will run until the 29th or the 30th.  I feel like verbal precision argues towards the 29th, but that event organizers probably really mean the 30th, particularly since ‘end of the month’ is a logical stopping point.  In truth, it doesn’t really matter much unless you procrastinate coming down until Jun 30th, which I strongly recommend against.  But I’m still twitching because it’s distracting to me not to know when the event ends, even though the pertinent point was that it hasn’t yet begun.

So it’s a good time to write out my style card while I’m waiting…

  • Shape: Teen Katie (wk 14) (Cukabebe) For 1 Linden on marketplace, I got a teen shape, not too different from the one I think of as default, and forty shapes that gradually make the pregnancy more pronounced.  Now that word is out that Firsty and Mrs. Firsty are expecting, I’m toying with the idea of carrying a pregnancy right along side Mrs. Firsty.
  • Skin: Pink Butterfly Tan (Esk-Imo)
  • Hair: Streetslut Red Hair (out of a complete avatar outfit from Fetishdoll)
  • Thrift Shop 5 Items: Drama Queen Tube Top (and sleeves), Womens Boho Skirt in Teal.  (Both from Grumble, of course!)
  • Other Grumble Items: Dangly Beaded Earrings, Pink sheer stockings, Super High Red Stilettos.
  • Non Grumble Accessories: Luck of the Irish Leg Tattoo (GrungeInk), Panther/Dragon/Tribal Tattoo (source unknown), Cute Poison Bitch Necklace (Group gift from Desir),  Nose ring (source unknown), Bikini Upper (WoW freebie) (because otherwise I’m a little too racy…)

I whistle once again for a taxi, but it’s still too early.  So I figure I’ll distract myself with the ‘Suck It’ Hunt

I was gonna say something dirty about the Suck It Hunt here… but you can fill in the blanks yourself...

The Suck It Hunt… I’ll just let you fill in the blank here yourself…

Despite the dirty name, (I love dirty names and innuendos, by the way) the Suck It Hunt is actually a search for twenty popsicles hidden around the Grumble Sim, each a dollarbie with a unisex gift or a pair of gifts, one male, one female.  The link I gave you above connects to a list of clues, but even with clues this is a semi-tricky hunt… be prepared to spend a lot of time looking at all the cool stuff for sale in this sim while you look for the gifts.  I found four of the twenty and made a mental note to comeback for the rest, but finally I was able to whistle up my taxi to Thrift Shop V.

I've got an empty cart… let's go fill it!

I’ve got an empty cart… let’s go fill it!

Being a dutiful freelancer, the first kiosk I visit is the Grumble, Grumble kiosk.  (O.K., being a dutiful freelancer with ADD, the first kiosk I visited was actually WoW Skins, but only because they are my favorite skin supplier and I stumbled across it while I was still looking for the Grumble, Grumble booth.  I didn’t stay long, so it doesn’t count.)  There are five items for sale at Grumble’s stand this round, each of them offered in four to six color combos, and each of them 35 L$.

First off, there is the Soho strapless shirt.  This mesh shirt comes in the standard sizes and is available in six cute, flowery patterns.  Second is the soho mini skirt.  This mesh skirt features a slightly wider waist with a very cute leather lace-up in front and one of five solid colors for the slightly ruffled skirt.  I’m demoing the teal in this article, and I throw one of the orange skirts into my cart.  (It’s more of a burnt orange than a bright orange and will be great, I think, in autumn outfits.)  Thirdly, is the drama queen mesh tube top. Again, this is one of the items I chose to demo for this article.  The fit and cut of the tube top is very similar to the atti’tube’ tops that debuted for the Gotta Gacha event, but these also include matching arm warmers.  (I’m not claiming credit for that, but I will point out that when I wore my ‘You Stupid Fucking Whore’ atti’tube’ top for a recent Grumble post, I did some similar accessorizing with some wrist bands I had in my inventory.  Great minds think alike.)  All four are awesome, but I think the one I like best is the one that commands “Don’t mess with the princess.” so I throw one of those in my cart also.  Fourth is arguably the best bargain of the booth, a super cute zig-zag dress, a short mesh dress in a pattern of white and fill in the blank zig zags, where the blank can be filled in with grey, brown, pink, or blue.  Finally, the Soho Sash swimsuit is a mesh halter one piece with a racy neckline that is perfect for looking gorgeous at the beach.

By the way, if you are like my firsty, you may wonder what exactly makes the Soho look the Soho look.  Soho is a neighborhood in Manhattan, once filled with galleries and bohemian starving artists, now increasingly pricy and upscale.  Several internet sites claimed the name comes from the fact that district is located SOuth of HOuston street, but given that London also has a famous soho district of immigrants and clubs dating back to the seventeenth century, I personally take that explanation with a grain of salt.  Regardless, I found some convenient tips and explanation of Soho chic here.  The key component is that the soho look is created with an eclectic mix of high-end and vintage fashions, fairly basic but colorfully and aggressively accessorized.  Being a big fan of accessorizing, I approve.

Or maybe I should just put one of everything in my cart...

Or maybe I should just put one of everything in my cart…

The Grumble kiosk also has the display signs for three gachas Grumble brought to the event.  I don’t need to repeat how much I like the atti’tube top.  Today I gave in and payed until I got the SL_T top I wanted.  (I got lucky, I only ended up with one duplicate before I got it.)  The spiked hair bands are also very, very cute.  The boy-style briefs… yeah, not so much.  I have a sponsor-sponsored relationship with Grumble because I like their products.  It’s generally very easy to create a look I like using products from Grumble and to say good things about what Grumble has to offer customers.  The boy-style briefs are that rarity, a Grumble product that falls completely flat.  Hopefully, someone will return to drawing board on this one…

Don't forget!  Gotta get yer gachas!

Don’t forget! Gotta get yer gachas!

Anyway, before I go, let me throw one more thought/song at you.  I was listening to Pandora while I was writing and just heard this song, an awesome cover of Peter Schillings’ “Major Tom” by Shiny Toy Guns, so I figured I should find a copy online and share it.  Now I’m going to check out the other booths at the Thrift shop.  Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

All right!  It is time, once again, to grumble.  But not in a negative, whiny, I’m-going-to-complain sort of way.  (I work in food service, so I hear way too much of that sort of grumbling.  I can’t tell you who grumbles more: the other girls on the floor, the guys back in the kitchen, or management.  One of their favorite complaints is how needy and negative the customers are, and yet my customers are generally the happiest people I deal with over the course of the day.  Not to brag, but I’m pretty sure I’m a big part of the reason for that.)  No, it is time for the good sort of grumble: Visiting a shopping event on assignment and checking out the newest products from Grumble, Grumble.  Yay!

What, me worry?

What, me worry?

Any good shopping expedition begins in my closet, picking out what to wear.  Er, that is to say, my good shopping expeditions begin in my closet.  If your shopping expeditions are beginning in my closet instead of your own, that’s pretty creepy.  So I waited out and unlocked the angel transformation I stumbled into last post, and put together a new style card for todays shopping trip:

  • Shape: Gigi Teen from Kids5B.  (Still the shape I think of as ‘default’)
  • Skin: Jenna, purple/smokey makeup, from Beauty Code.  (Which if I’m deciphering what I’m seeing on marketplace correctly, is now doing business as Pink Cherry, indicating that this is an older skin.  Still, I think it looks nice.)
  • Hair: Hadley from Tameless Hair.  (I decided to run with the purple thing.  Since I have Hadley with the ‘fantasy’ color menu, I could set it to ‘grape.’)
  • Tattoos: Musician Arm Tattoos from Crickets; ‘in my dreams’ (chest tattoo) from Orsini; ‘Love me’ (face tattoo) from Grumble.
  • Outfit: Atti’tube’ top from Grumble, Grumble.  (More on this below.)  The Belted Purple Capris, Yellow Panties, and Brown Leather Ankle Fringe Boots were also all from Grumble.  ‘Cute skulls pasties’ from Danika.  Skull n Bones pink socks are source unknown.
  • Jewelry/Accessories: Necklace, earrings, piercings are all the ‘Vaded’ set from EllaBella.  The razor bangle is another Grumble item.  The wrist bands are source unknown.

    I'm putting the strip into strip mall with this top...

    I’m putting the strip into strip mall with this top…

The Atti’tube’ was a Grumble, Grumble item released for the Gotta Gacha event, which is what I originally planned to cover today.  Unfortunately, when I showed up for the event, I found that the event ends today (May 11th as I write this, and probably later still when I publish the post.  One of the curses of ADD is that the ‘I’ll get back to that later’ school of organization is really a graduate level school of DISorganization.  Oops.)  On the other hand, all is not lost.  While I can’t speak for the boss, (Hell, as jumbled as my mind gets, on most days I can barely speak for me!), there is a nice little stand of gachas just to the right of the women’s wear entrance.  Including gachas for items I recognize from covering the (now over) Thrift Shop, 100 Block, and Luck of the Irish events.  So I have high hopes the atti’tube’s will soon surface there as well.  Then I will get some money and I will blow too much of it trying to get one of the tubes I’m really drooling over… there’s the skully tube, (I’ve worn too many cute skull motifs to have to explain why I want that one), the one explaining ‘Geek is the new sexy’ (Likewise, I’ve let my inner geek girl out enough that I can just say “‘Nuff Said”.), and the blue one.  (Which has the logo I’ve seen before: SL_T: All I need is U.  The wordplay and risqué-ness amuse me, but also note my blogs name: SL Time Well-wasted.  Given the way my mind free associates, that gives the tube an extra bonus meaning that is mine alone.)

My other comment/reaction to the Atti’tube’ can be summed up in this aside.  I’m hardly a poster girl for appropriate.  I generally show a lot of skin.  I’ve no qualms at all about boldly emblazoning the F-bomb across my chest (and across my post pictures today).  But in over one hundred and fifty posts on this blog, in probably about three hundred outfits if you go back and also include my tumblr protoblog before I moved to WordPress, you can still count on your fingers, even if  you are Captain Hook, the number of outfits where I’ve felt the need to wear pasties and where you could see if I was wearing them or not.  The skull pasties I’m wearing are cute, but I would never have mentioned them if they didn’t show in the pictures, in much the same way that although I usually do wear underwear when I’m blogging, I only mention it on my style card when the underwear is visible.

I'll just take a break here...

I’ll just take a break here…

I’m digressing, but I do that a lot.  Besides, getting the conversation topic from visible underwear to ‘Get Stripped’ should be an easy segue, right?  ‘Get Stripped’ sounds like it should be a discussion of making my underwear visible, preferably visible in a pile on someone’s floor. In fact, Get Stripped is the new in-sim hunt in Grumble land.  Grumble has recently opened a strip mall on the western edge of the Sim, leasing space out to other vendors.

No doubt, my boss Allie Munro would want me to mention that there are both shops and street kiosks still available to rent.  Although I have zero experience on the selling side of the equation, as a shopper, I think this must be good location.  Not only does there always seem to be moderate traffic in the sim- enough that there is a constant flow of bodies, not so much that there are crowding problems- but Allie organizes a lot of mini-hunts which keep the traffic moving through out the sim.  Case in point, the Get Stripped hunt, where twenty black shopping bags were scattered around the strip mall.  Each hunt prize has a 1L$ price tag and holds either a unisex prize or one male and one female prize.  For example, shopping bag #3 contains the same super-appropriate atti’tube’ top that I’m wearing today and also a men’s charcoal suit.  There is a list of hints here.  In my own experience (so far, I found eight of the twenty and haven’t actually looked at the hints myself.) the bags are near the shops but not actually in them.  Somehow however, I keep looking at the cool stuff in the shops also, and I went a little overboard in the My Dirty Mind shop.  (But when you finally get a chance to see the new boots and tats I bought, I’m sure you’ll understand…) 

Taking a ride around the sim on the monorail.

Taking a ride around the sim on the monorail…

I’ll also encourage you to ride the new monorail.  There’s no bribe or gift associated.  The view is only o.k., since it is an urban mall sim- there are no breathtaking canyon views or enchanting forest views… all that nature would just get in the way of the shopping, and we do have our priorities after all.  It’s just a small random pleasure, and I feel strongly that every day deserves and requires small moments in which to smile and choose happiness.  Big moments- weddings, funerals, awards, trials, what-have-you- may be what define a life, but that life is flavored and seasoned by the small moments.  Season your life with small moments of happiness, and the big moments will be all the better tasting.

Any way, I need to run, so I’ll summarize the important parts of today’s message and then put my soapbox away.  1) I’m cute; just deal with it.  2) Check out the ‘Get Stripped’ mini-hunt, both for the prizes and for the shopping.  3) Seek out small moments of pleasure whenever the chance arises, and your life will be thereby richer.  May fortune smile upon your path!