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Allie Munro summoned me to her office after I submitted my last article, and it became clear we had a slight difference of opinion.  I was very proud of my post: I looked good; I looked good in clothes from Grumble, Grumble; I talked about the ongoing Block 100 shopping event; I showed off a few of the exclusive Grumble, Grumble items from the event; I had enough of my dry and slightly random humor scattered through the post to be an entertaining read, and I even managed to be informative and educational about life with adult ADD, a subject that is important to me.

Allie’s point was simpler.  “I commissioned a review of Block 100.  You submitted not a review of Block 100 but your excuse for why you didn’t go to Block 100.  As a business woman, my hope is that people will read the reviews Grumble, Grumble commissions, head to check out Block 100 for themselves, and spend some of their hard-earned Lindens on the quality merchandise that we have put out.  Your article gives the impression that Block 100 is too crowded to get into, and that when you do get in, you will have a long wait for the sim to finish rezzing.  It doesn’t encourage potential customers to go and spend their Lindens at Block 100.  That’s a fail, Emily.”

Now supposedly ADD sufferers are prone to social awkwardness because we tend to miss or forget to observe subtle social clues.  But even I recognized that this wasn’t the appropriate place to point out too-crowded and slow-to-rez was, in fact, a pretty accurate description of my experiences with Block 100.  Instead, I apologized, I groveled a bit, and I promised to go back and give it a second try…

See, Boss!  I made it here!

See, Boss! I made it here!

Thankfully, by today- (Sunday the 13th as I write this, hopefully still the same when I finish and publish this article.)– the initial rush has settled down.  I teleport in and explore for a little bit, pause to play a little First Life, and come back to finish my exploring.  No problems getting in or out, and although it is very packed with vendors and merchandise, which means it does take some time to see all the details, Block 100 is no longer made up of slow-rezzing grey blocks.  My first order of business, of course, is come by the Grumble, Grumble booth.  Both to show that I made it, and because I did mention I’m hoping to get the black version of the rose cuffs from the Gacha frame.

The first event I ever covered was the Candy Fair, and I think it spoiled me.  The moment you showed up, you were offered a map and a listing of all the businesses that were there.  As I’ve covered Thrift Shop, Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair, and now Block 100, I’ve missed that… I once had a professor who posited that shopping patterns actually trace back to our hunter/gatherer cavemen ancestors.  He claimed that men were the hunters of the tribe, and that to this day the masculine shopping pattern is hunting: arrive with a specific prey in mind, seek that prey in its probable location, strike, kill it, and bring it back to your cave.  Show up at the store, get the one or two items you came for, and leave.  Women were the gatherers, collecting fruits and herbs and veggies, which inspired the feminine shopping pattern of wander around observing everything in the area, add anything promising into your basket, discard excess if need be, and return only once you run out of basket or of time to wander and explore.  His theory is probably an oversimplification at best and a load of malarkey at worst.  I know I use both patterns depending on what I’m shopping for and how urgent the need is.  I do enjoy wandering through Block 100, making note of some vendors I want to get back to, but it’s frustrating to have to search for a specific vendor.

G.G.  Grumble Grumble IS Gypsy Glam...

G.G. Grumble Grumble IS Gypsy Glam…

Although objective one was to find the Grumble booth, my ADD kicks in and distracts me when I see the booth for Edelfabrik, one of my favorite stores.  (I would wear Edelfabrik more often, but sadly I only have Edelfabrik tastes, not an Edelfabrik budget…)  This, however, turns out to be for the best.  After buying the featured sale outfit and a very sexy dress, I force myself to leave the store while there are still some Lindens rustling in my purse.  Oh, hey!  There’s the Grumble booth, just one door over to the right.  Yay!  I grab a few selfies, and pick up a few more items… I try for the black rose cuffs, but get blue and blue again instead.  I also grab the green and yellow version of the gypsy bow top I’m wearing, because this is a really cute blouse.

Then I double back to the places that caught my eye.  I pick up a few static poses from Purple Poses and Elephante.  I check out UtopiaH’s booth, as I’ve been loving the ‘bad girl’ tattoo I got from them recently, but they don’t have any tattoos featured at Block 100.  I do find a nice tattoo at Grunge Ink’s Booth.  I also browse, but mostly resist temptation, at Alter Ego, Geek., Pure Sugar, Epic, and Razor.  I do get a new hairdo to try out at Geek.  Although I still haven’t changed my mind about the frustration of my early attempt to make it into the Block 100 event, I’m glad I listened to Allie and went back.  Now that the initial pushing and shoving is over, it’s definitely worth it to go down and see the goodies on offer.

Lastly, my style card for today's shopping expedition:

Lastly, my style card for today’s shopping expedition:

And of course, my post isn’t complete until I mention what I’m wearing.  I wanted to change stuff up from my last post, and still show off plenty of Grumble wear both from the event and from the main store…

  • Shape: Standard Size Small (freebie from Virtual Attire)
  • Skin: Vodka (pale) from Egozentrikax
  • Hair: Im So Preddy (fruit punch) from Calla
  • Grumble, Grumble Block 100 Items: Gypsy Mesh Top in pink/peach, Spiked Bow Headband (teal)
  • Other Cool Grumble Wear: Love Me Face Tattoo, Dangle/Beaded Earrings, Fringe Ankle Boots (part of my shoe shopping spree last post.), red hearts sheer stockings (likewise), Lace Wrist Wraps, and Mesh Zebra Skirt with Teal Bows.
  • Other Accessories: Psichidelic Tattoo from Infected, source unknown lip ring.

Dear Strawberry,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  A sentiment which makes me sound like I’m at a funeral, but then I believe that the death of a relationship is an awful lot like the death of a person.  It is normal and natural and almost mandatory to need to take some time to grieve about it.  And of course, everybody has to find their own grieving techniques.  Alcohol is a popular choice.  Chocolate and ice cream are both popular as well.  Some people find it cathartic to wail and moan and gnash their teeth.  Some prefer to ‘keep a stiff upper lip’ and ignore their grief until it goes away.  I personally like revenge.  I find that the act of identifying someone as the person responsible for my grief and helping the universe dump a warm, stinking pile of karma upon them both keeps me occupied so I don’t dwell on my own pain and gives me a warm sense of satisfaction and inner glow.  I’ll also be one of the first to admit that this is probably not the approach most people should take.

Angel of mercy or angel of wrath?

Angel of mercy or angel of wrath?

Oh, yes, hope is also an approach one can try to grieving.  I’ll be honest.  I’m a little too bitchy for hope to be the first tool in my personal toolbox of coping techniques.  When I have been wallowing deep in despair, when I’ve been convinced that my life is broken, that I’m a failure, that there is no way I can ever find happiness again, people talking about hope were spouting worthless cliches that I wasn’t ready to hear.  Confronted face-to-face (or blog-to-blog, as the case may be) with a person in pain, I want to say something that gives them hope, that helps them step away from the pain, but I’m so aware that words are just words and that therefore I’ve got nothing.  I’ve learned that hope and happiness are volitional emotions.  You choose to be happy; you choose to believe that somehow things will work out, and therefore keep putting one foot in front of the other while you see how things will unfold.  Happiness is a muscle, just like your deltoids and pecs, and if you choose to exercise it, it will get stronger.  The upside of this fact: I know things will get better, Strawberry, once you are ready.  The downside of this fact: You have to find the readiness within your self; absolutely nothing I say can plant it there.  The danger of this fact: we all want the benefits of physical exercise, we all know it is good for us and worth the effort, but we still have trouble making it happen.  Likewise, Strawberry, obviously you want to have a fit, strong, “happy muscle” (gosh, that sounds dirty.  I like it!) but it is still difficult to make that choice.  You are very lucky to have a friend as wise as Jefferson (And Jefferson, treasure that statement because I am sure the phrase ‘as wise as Jefferson’ isn’t in common usage…) for calling on all your friends to remind you why hope and happiness are a choice worth making, to encourage you to choose happy.

How about angel of sassiness?

How about angel of sassiness?

And as I’ve confessed, in my despairing moments, I just have a lazy happy muscle, and cannot get off my emotional/spiritual ass to choose happiness.  I generally find I have to work in stages: I have trouble believing I can choose happy while I’m in despair, but (thanks to my inner bitch) I can usually summon up a well of righteous anger and wounded pride, emotions that keep me moving.  “How dare my employer treat me like that, when I’m one of the best waitresses here!”  “I’ll show him!”  “No, Goddammit!  I’m too good to let something like this slow me down.”  Now seething anger is great because it keeps me going and because it is an outward directed venom not an inward directed venom.  But once I’m settled into anger and indignation, I’m a little unhappy with the sort of person that makes me.  It’s still a poison of the soul, and it still leaks some toxin inward.  But my forgiveness muscles are stronger than my happy muscles, so my second stage is to release my anger and return to being my usual happy-go-lucky self.

Another grieving technique that works for me is music.  When I’m playing games on my own head, trying to manipulate my own emotions, music works.  Create the right environment for a given emotion, create that hopeful-shaped hole in your surroundings, and there is a very good chance your emotional state will mold itself to fit that hole.  There’s a very good reason our moms all told us to act happy even when we weren’t and we would eventually fool ourselves.  Music is an external stimulus I can control to affect the internal emotions that are harder to train.  Now for years I’ve been bemused but regretful that my musical tastes tend to run to songs that are bitter, angst-filled, and sardonic.  I’ve tried to make romantic mix tapes in the past, and I’ve ended up scraping the bottom of my music collection and still having issues with both duration and quality.  A break-up mix tape, on the other hand… I’ve got this one.  So without further ado, I’m presenting you with your very own “Breakup Mix Tape” to help you through this difficult time Strawberry.  Loss and heartache suck, and I wish you weren’t going through them.  But I hope it will help a little bit to to hear some songs that express some of the same anger and pain you must feel, to be reminded both that you are not alone in your pain and that you have friends who feel for you and with you.

Hark, who is calling for an angel?

Hark, who is calling for an angel?

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER by the Beatles.  Included both because it has a mellow, “hey, everything will be all right” vibe and because the song’s name reminds me of you.

ABANDONMENT by Bif Naked.  Not only does Bif Naked have a beautiful voice, but this song perfectly captures the pain of being left by the wayside.

MY GIRLFRIEND’S DEAD by the Vandals.  A darkly humorous song about one approach to avoiding painful discussions of a break-up.  Plus the whistling means this song still sounds cheerful even while it deals with pain and heartbreak.

WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER by Taylor Swift.  A guilty pleasure.  I kind of hate to admit how much I like this song…

AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN by Katie Armiger.  Both of these songs are promises to avoid a messy, painful on-again off-again stage to a relationship… I compared the death of a relationship to the death of a person, and this is another way both deaths are similar: you want a quick, clean death-with-dignity, not a long drawn-out painful demise.

Looking for some inner peace...

Looking for some inner peace…

LET’S TALK ABOUT ME by the Alan Parsons Project.  Sort of a dysfunctional relationship song.  Also a chance to briefly segue to talking about ME, because since this is a fashion blog I do have to comment briefly on what I’m wearing.  As I started drawing the outfit together I was thinking I wanted to do elegant.  So I grabbed the AladyMonroeShape, and the Calla ImSoElegant hair in Champaign Blond, and kept the *JStyle Bella Pale I was wearing in my last post.  Looking through my inventory, my eye was caught by the Sweet Princesss Dress from 1 Hundred, which got me thinking princess.  I looked for a princess crown in my inventory and found a crown out of the Dirty Princess “Cinderfuckinella” costume.  Despite that name, I still thought I looked rather angelic, a thought that prompted me to grab source unknown angel wings.  And apparently my idea of an angel is somewhat “I’m gonna kick your ass” because once I was thinking angel it just seemed right to accessorize with a barbed wire collar (source unknown), Grumble razor bangles, Ellabella’s “whispers of love” piercing, and the Psychedelic tattoo from InfecteD.  I don’t remember where in the evolving process I added the love make up from UtopiaH to my face.  You can’t see it in any of the pictures so far, but I also have a source unknown shotgun waiting for me to call “draw” and become visible should I find a good picture to take with a shotgun.  (That is to say the shotgun will become visible.  I already am visible…)

SHATTERED DREAMS by Johnny Hates Jazz.  One of the truly great eighties songs, and I too wish I  could run away from an empty heart…

BETTER SORRY THAN SAFE by Halestorm.  First of all, Halestorm is a great band with a great sound.  I love them.  Second, it’s a nice twist on the breakup song.  The relationship in question is a decent relationship: it’s lasted a few years, he knows her well, (her “ins and outs”), he’s faithful.  But a decent relationship, even a good relationship, isn’t necessarily the relationship, the storybook one-true-love relationship and she thinks she should end it because she doesn’t want to settle for comfortable- she’d rather be sorry than safe.  So the song is hopeful but it’s a bittersweet sort of hope.

I bring tidings of great joy, muthaf###er! (Hey, I had to do at least one pic with the shotgun…)

I bring tidings of great hope, muthaf###er!
(Hey, I had to do at least one pic with the shotgun…)

THE RAINBOW CONNECTION by Kermit the Frog.  Speaking of hope, this is the most hope-filled, “our happy ending is out there somewhere” song I know.  I’ve always liked the Muppets, but I became obsessed after the summer of ’95.  I was going through some rough personal and family drama which there isn’t time or space to detail here, and most days my only happy time was my ritualized hour of escapism in the morning when I slowly ate some over-sugared cereal while one of the basic cable channels showed old Muppet Show reruns followed by Fraggle Rock reruns.  Ever since, I’ve associated the Muppets with my personal happy space, so they are a security blanket when I’m trying to recover emotional equilibrium.

MOVIN’ RIGHT ALONG by Alkaline Trio.  I did mention that I’m Muppet-obsessed, yes?  So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard about the Green Album, a release of classic muppet songs from the first movie and from the TV show covered by modern bands.  This song was the obvious choice to include in your mix, Strawberry, because of its sprightly, upbeat sound, because of its hopeful message (“We can head out and pursue a dream even if we don’t really know how to get there!”), and because Alkaline Trio is one of my all-time favorite music groups.

MARILYN, MY BITTERNESS by the Cruxshadows.  I have to admit, I was torn because there were several Cruxshadows songs I wanted to include in your mix tape, Strawberry.  I find the song “Birthday” inspiring- I’ve always liked songs with the message “make your moments matter because you don’t know how many moments you may have.”  “Winterborn” is a great song, very martial.  I like the message of persevering in the face of pain and fear, and the references to angles even fit my costume for this post.  Ultimately however, Marilyn, My Bitterness is not only spot on for describing the pain of a broken relationship, but the creation of a Lego video for it just adds a cute factor that has to bring a smile to your face.  Let’s face it, Legos are cute.  (Which is why the Lego movie is grossing so much money right now…)

Taking flight...

Taking flight…

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW by Me First & The Gimme Gimmes.  “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is another great song about hope and finding the place where you can be happy.  The ‘real’ version from the Wizard of Oz is the best, but you have to love the edge the song receives when Me First and the Gimme Gimmes cover it…

A LIFE LESS ORDINARY (NEED A LITTLE HELP) by Motion City Soundtrack.  Motion City Soundtrack is another band where I knew I had to include a song, but struggled to decide the best song.  I’m not sure which member of the band writes the songs, or if they are a collaborative thing, but their lyrics always seem to perfectly capture the somewhat fractured way my mind feels.  (Before, I just thought that was cool.  As I’ve learned more about ADD and the fact that I am one of the estimated 4% of people with ADD, I now believe the songwriter is also a member of the 4%.  If you don’t have ADD and want a better glimpse into what it feels like, go listen to Motion City Soundtrack’s “Everything is All Right.”)  I almost went with “Broken Heart” but I felt that “A Life Less Ordinary”, was a more hopeful song, because it underscored that you do have a gazillion and three friends, Strawberry, all of whom are eager to give you that little help to get you through it.

I could throw a few more songs in the mix, perhaps, but this is a good length.  (Besides, maybe we can all make mix tapes to share some time, so I should leave a few songs yet un-shuffled.)  Remember Strawberry- you have friends and are deeply loved because you have brought little touches of happiness to all our lives.  Please allow us to humbly return the favor during this time of grieving and healing.


Emily Marik

It’s really true.  No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

I thought this  recent WordPress Daily Prompt would be right up my alley: Click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.  After all, growing up, I wanted to be a journalist.  Other girls could dream about becoming actresses or ballerinas or teachers, I was going to be a hard-nosed investigative reporter!  (Or possibly a fairy princess.  I was … distractible … as a child.  But enough digressing.)  I’m part way to a Journalism degree from Miami University, and once I get my credit cards paid off I will go back to college.  I even found the headline I wanted to investigate further… Website: 6 Ohio Colleges among fastest growing for sugar babies. (OK, I cheated a little.  The prompt just said ‘third’, it didn’t actually specify third from the top, and the headline about pothole repairs just sounded BORING…)

This sounded promising.  An excuse to dress up in a school girl outfit in the name of ‘undercover work’ or possibly ‘under the covers work’.  An excursion to investigate one of the seamier role-play sims, a mission somewhere between “Just One of the Guys” and “To Catch a Predator.”  (Side note.  I know it’s old and a little bit cheesy, but I adored “Just One of the Guys.”  I wanted to be Joyce Hyser when I grew up.  And a journalist.  And a fairy princess.)  Just slip into the sim, play the ingenue, see if I can find some creepers, then TP out to tell the tale.  So I checked my inventory, tried a few things on in front of the mirror, and soon I was all dressed up and ready to go.

Serious reporting that isn't afraid to ask: "Who's yer baby?" *wink*

Serious reporting that isn’t afraid to ask: “Who’s yer baby?” *wink*

(For the record: Shape: Kids Girl Shape (15-18) from Sour Pickle.  Admittedly skirting the line on age play, but I am setting my hook for creeper.  Skin: Tessa from WoW Skins.  Hair: Calla’s ImSoPreddy in Mocha.  Uniform: Dare Designs STFU Schoolgirl Uniform in Bubblegum Pink.  Of course, ingenue or not, I accessorize with attitude: Red Leather Kicks from Prozak, Earrings and Red Collar from *JStyle, facial tattoo from Grumble, Grumble, ‘Nerdy’ Glasses from Envious, Black Cherry lip gloss from [DUMB BLOND].)

Thus prepared, I entered the infamous Rocky Valley High School sim.  I was fearless.  I was prepared.  I had a battle plan.  Oh, yeah, what was that about battle plans and contact with the enemy?…

On my way into Rocky Valley, I found myself temporarily distracted by a small shopping center.  There were shops for Edelfabrik, Fresh Faces, Lucy’s Bodies, Keili,… Fortunately, I am a hard nosed investigative reporter wannabe, so it was going to take more than aisles and aisles of sexy outfits, cute teen shapes, and fresh-faced gorgeous skins to sway me from my purpose.  (That’s journalist-speak for “everything was too expensive.”  I’m a self confessed shopping addict, but that also means I’m a veteran Linden-stretcher.)  And as I was browsing, a cute guy came up to say hello.  Ripped shape.  Good hair.  Although obviously a peroxide blond, since he had dark facial stubble to match his blond hair.  His clothes… well, I don’t really have the eye for men’s fashions, since I wear girly-girl clothing, but mentally I tagged him as a probable newbie; his clothes looked quickly and crudely thrown together, cheap stuff not even as nice as the outfit I chose for my alt (Hey, if Strawberry can have a Manberry, why can’t I?) by doing mix-n-match out of the public access inventory library.

Hard hitting journalists hit the hard questions first...

Hard hitting journalists hit the hard questions first…

The cute guy- I can’t keep calling him “the cute guy”.  For the sake of a name, we’ll call him “Bob4298”.  I’ll emphasize that WASN’T his name, so I don’t get accused of libel if there is a real Bob4298 out there somewhere, but his name was a common name followed by a string of numbers, so you get the feel.  Yes, this was another reason I mentally tagged Bob4298 as a recent immigrant to Second Life.  So Bob4298, possibly newbie, definitely cute, has started a conversation with me.  He leads early with a compliment to my outfit, a surefire way to make a good impression.  (I happen to think I am really cute.  Tell me you agree, and we have something in common…)  And then he baldly announces, “I was trying to look under your skirt as you walked over here.”

Cue the noise of screeching tires as the conversation comes to a crashing halt.  I’m not offended by the sentiment.  When I see someone who is attractive, I generally try to see more.  I’ve done all kinds of “check out”: the surreptitious glance out of the corner of my eye, the “whoa my god” where my neck practically twists off as I crane to keep watching someone hot walking past me, the “look past” where I angle myself so I can see a beautiful person over the shoulder of the person I’m talking with.  Between all the SL hunts I go on and nights dancing at the Carnal Oasis, I’ve also learned how to do “camming” tricks, concentrating and moving my vantage point away from myself.  It’s a great way to check out the beautiful people.  Since I check out people, I’m certainly not offended that some one would check me out.  I recognize the implied compliment, and I would certainly hope that others find me worth checking out.  I am offended by the breach of etiquette; discreet is always acceptable.  Blatant can be acceptable, if done with charm and/or confidence.  “Hey, baby, I’ve just got to check you out” is a line that probably wouldn’t score points with me, but also wouldn’t cost any points- it’s direct, it says “I think you are pretty and would love to see more”, I have friends who would respond well to that approach, so I’m O.K. with it.  Creeper lines like “I was trying to look under your skirt” are a no-go unless a) the conversation has already gone into creeper territory (a lot of conversations at dance clubs go there) or b) you know me well enough that you can be a perv in an ironic, humorous way.

I should have just left immediately, but no, I decided to give Bob4298 another chance.  I laughed hesitantly and admitted I wasn’t really sure how to reply.  (Translation: I gave subtle signal that the conversation had made me uncomfortable.  Some of you will make the intuitive leap that subtle probably isn’t Bob4298’s forte, and guess my signals might not work.  Where were you when I needed that advice?)  Bob continues to ask about the clothes at Rocky Valley.  I continue to try to stay in character: ingenue, recent ‘transfer’ to Rocky Valley, interested in the school newspaper- I’m already guessing the odds of Bob4298 being potential sugar-daddy material can be measured in terms of snowflakes and hell, but I’m a method actress, and I’m trying to get a better feel for the sim, and I’m curious what will happen next.  What happens next is Bob asks me if I’m wearing any panties.  Cue screeching tires again.  Screw method actress, I am out of here.  Not walking.  Not running.  Not passing Go and collecting 200 Lindens.  I am straight out of there.

Oh, and just for the record, I actually was.  It’s more of a sometimes thing than a given, particularly since some of my jeans and skirts have really low waistlines.  But again, there IS an etiquette for learning that sort of detail, and Bob wasn’t using it.  The disappointing thing, however, is I returned to Rocky Valley the next day.  Wandered around on campus.  I spied on a football player and his girl friend having an argument and then making up/out.  I walked in on another student and one of the campus security guards fooling around in the basement, and blushed and fled before they saw me.  I tried to start conversations with some of the other students I saw walking around between classes by themselves, but didn’t really get anywhere.  The conversation with Bob was the most interaction I managed to have on-sim, and I gave up and left before it went any where.

So much for my big plan to go all Woodward and Bernstein on this post.

Oh well, maybe I can still be a fairy princess when I grow up…

You would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for us pesky kids...

You would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for us pesky kids…

Grumble, grumble, curse, swear, damn Grumble, Grumble I love my job.  I love my job.  I just keep telling myself through clenched teeth how much I love my job.  After all, how many people get hired to crawl around a creepy sewer and look for dead rats?  Yay.

Get the info here.  Or just read on….

Get the info here. Or just read on….

Now there is a reason I’m wandering in dark and creepy sewers.  (“Yeah, because Allie Munro is a bloody evil sadist…”)  Well, that, too, but also, through the month of January, Grumble, Grumble is running the “Oh, Rats! Subway Tunnel Hunt.”  If you are a frequent Grumbler, you know, the sort of sophisticated shopper whose group tag announces that you love to grumble, then you are familiar with the subway station below the TP landmark where all the gift card mini-manias, lucky chairs, and camping chairs are located.  Well, if you wander away from the well lit freebies, you can get into a network of subway tunnels located beneath the main sim.  For the month of January, twenty dead rats have been hidden in that network of tunnels.  Each dead rat has a 1L$ price tag and holds either some furniture or two clothing items (one men’s, one women’s).  For example, the first rat I found held a men’s shirt and a pair of women’s boots.

I'll just sit and rest for a bit...

I’ll just sit and rest for a bit…

In order to be a proper Grumbling tunnel brat, I mean tunnel rat, I did have to dress the part.  (Don’t worry, there’s no dress code for the hunt.  I just like to change my look a lot…)  My “cute little girl shape” (I’m not just bragging, that’s the shape’s actual name.) is another Kids5B shape like the Gigi teen I often wear.  The skin I chose was Gaia, a pale “milk” colored skin from WoW Skins.  I decided to offset the pale skin with some dark hair, the Calla ImSoPlayful in plum.  Then into some sponsor items: I built my outfit around the GG Cupcake outfit from Grumble, Grumble.  (If I remember correctly it’s in the teen section at the main store as opposed to over at the Grumble kids store, but I may be mis-remembering.)  The white sneakers and long sleeve cupcake t-shirt were both part of the outfit.  The waist on the pants was too low for my tastes (the waist of the pants was below the bottom of my underwear on the sides, and I’m using a kid avatar… can we say social faux pas?) so I did switch out for some Splat Jeans from Affliction.  The pink handbag, the dangly earrings, and my facial tattoos were also Grumble, Grumble.  (I love accessories, and Grumble is one of my two favorite accessory sources…)

Someday, I'll make the front page!

Someday, I’ll make the front page!

I personally found 18 of 20 dead rats, and I decided that was more than enough dead rats for me so I came home to finish up my blog entry.  Before I wrapped up, however, I figured I should show you a few of the items you are looking for.  (The hunt prizes, that is, I have no interest in photographing or even seeing any more dead rats today, thank you very much.)  You may recall while I was doing my post for the 12 days of Grumble I confessed how barren I’ve left my apartment, and decorated one corner with some items from the 12 days giveaways-if you don’t recall, I’ll wait patiently while you link here and read it- Back?  Good.-  I went ahead and moved some stuff around in that corner as you can see in this final picture…

As you can see, looking for rats aged me...

As you can see, looking for rats aged me…

The wheeled bookshelf is in Rat #15.  The ripped tank top was in Rat #4.  (And it was once again a social faux pas to wear it with the cute little girl shape, so I switched to a more adult shape…)  The Reindeer antler headband was just a cute impulse buy, only 25 L$ at Grumble Kids, but probably soon to be rotated out of the store now that Xmas is over.  And the new armlet/ snake bracelet on my wrist was from one of the lucky chairs when I started hunting for rats.  (I also won two 50 L$ gift cards from the mini-manias and a 500 L$ gift card from another lucky chair… I see a shopping spree in my future!)  

Santa, I want a pony!

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So when I made my last post, I casually joked about wanting a pony.  It’s such a stereotypical little-girl thing to ask for, it is even more fun to ask for a pony for Christmas than it is to ask for a hippopotamus or my two front teeth.

Then I saw it.  I was looking for a good place to take some pictures, and some random searching yielded Studio Sidhe, a small boutique selling poses and pose-props of a fantastic nature.  And they have a beautiful pony!  (Well, unicorn, but a unicorn is just a pony with a horn…)  It even comes with five included poses.  I want one, I want one, I want one!

Lion and pony and me, oh my!

Lion and pony and me, oh my!

That wasn’t the only cool thing I saw.  I also saw a beautiful, heavy wooden chest, ‘Pandora’s Box’ that came with six poses for the intrepid young woman who wants to release all the world’s evils and possibly some hope out into their sim.  And once again, I said, I want it, I want it, I want it!

I wonder what's in this present...

I wonder what’s in this present…

The last of the props I wanted to show was this sign post pointing the direction to happiness, procrastination, and other metaphysical choices…

Wait for me!  Wait for me!

Wait for me! Wait for me!

Two postscripts.  First, observant eyes will notice I have been tweaking my snapshots a little more recently, particularly in this post.  Another blogger introduced me to pic not too long ago, and I’m slowly learning what I can do with that site.  Normally, I would just crop and frame- effects may change how my outfit looks, and since my blog is loosely speaking a fashion blog, that is a no-no.  Since this post was actually about the poses and pictures, I felt freer to use some of the effects.  I really liked how I was able to add some magic light to the Pandora’s box snapshot…  Second, although this post wasn’t about what I’m wearing, I’ll mention it non-the less.  My shape, skin, and all the accessories, including leggings and boots, were a single *JStyle complete avatar freebie.  However the ‘dress’ for the gift was more of a lingerie thing, so I swapped it out for a source unknown black dress that I was able to modify a little.  The hair is the Calla ImSoPlayful in vanilla.

Background: Gorgeous, check!  Foreground: Gorgeous, check!  Picture perfect!

Background: Gorgeous, check! Foreground: Gorgeous, check! Picture perfect!

WHAT I’M WEARING: Omalo, a beautifully slinky evening dress from LC’s world of fashion.  It’s sheer enough and low cut enough that it isn’t ‘winter wear’ by any stretch of the imagination, but I ended up not shooting the winter shots I thought I was going to so it all worked out.  The body is PetiteDollyDDD from AladyIsland.  The skin is Music is Life from Kre-ations… all the musical markings are NOT a tattoo layer, but are part of the skin that I’m in.  The only tattoo I’m wearing is the little “Love Me” facial tattoo from Grumble, Grumble which I didn’t take off when I swapped looks from my last I post.  The hair is Calla’s ImSoPreddy in Fruit Punch.  The necklace came with the Omalo dress.  My earrings are from *JStyle.  I’m wearing stockings from Alloro, and the heels are all I kept out of a dollarbie outfit from LC’s world of fashion.

Another picture of fun with wind lights...

Another picture of fun with wind lights…

WHERE I’M AT: The Inspire Space Park, in the Shinda sim.  (Taxi here.)  OMG!  This park is so cool as a picture setting.  I love it, I love it, I love it!  I literally just stumbled across this in the ‘what’s hot’ category of the destinations search, trying to rediscover the sim I where I had planned to take today’s pictures.  The setting is uber-cool, particularly for an s-f-geekette like me, and such a fun place to play with wind lights settings as well.  The sim’s music is a relaxing, slow trance/electronica blend, so I’m feeling very relaxed right now.

Christmas on Ganymede?

Christmas on Ganymede?

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Well, I’m getting ready for my experiment in second-hand medication.  To clarify, I’m not talking about used medication or medication from another patient.  Rather I am comparing the medication to ‘second-hand smoking’ where one person smokes and those around them get the health effects.  Well, in sense I am talking about medication from another patient.  Two or three months ago, I went through a drawn out saga where I discovered that my firsty and I may have ADD we didn’t know about, and my firsty decided to explore treatment options to see if they would potentially improve his quality of life.  The first step was going to a specialist to have our unofficial diagnosis confirmed, which has been both more of a production and less informative than I would have hoped.  This morning my firsty got the results.  (And really, you would think four hours of testing and two months of waiting would produce more info than just “Yep, you’ve got ADD.”  Moderate?  Severe?  Does it come in flavors?  There is almost no hyperactivity component, it’s ADD not AD/HD, but is there more than that we should know?  How do I get a copy of the specialist’s report, dang it!)  Anyway, he has a prescription now to try a low dose of meds.  And since my firsty and I share one skull, not only did I get his ADD without asking, I am now about to get his meds and their side effects (well, some of them) with equal non-asking.  As you can probably tell, I’m a little bit nervous about this…

My firsty has never been drunk or taken an illegal narcotic in his life.  Occasional drinks, occasional medical anesthesia, and an admittedly strong caffeine habit are the sum total of nearly four decades of ‘drug’ usage, and he has cheerfully joked for years that, “Just being me is an altered state, why would I mess with that?”  I’ve witnessed an ex-brother-in-law misuse depression meds and turn himself into a virtual zombie, and strongly suspect one of my close friends has turned her meds into a crutch that helps her avoid dealing with problems, so meds scare me.  At the same time, I have days where I can feel my mind going more squirrelly than others, where the disjointed and fast-moving nature of my thoughts switches from being an asset that helps me be the smartest person in the room to being an obstacle in getting things done.  What I really want is some way to keep the squirrelly days under control and be a little less distractible, have a little better follow-through, but other wise still be clever, whimsical, live-in-the-moment ME.  And I don’t know how integral my flaws and downsides are to my gifts and upsides that I don’t want to lose, and I’m scared s***less that I may destroy my silver linings if I manage to chase the dark clouds away.  Oh, and I’m operating without a clear understanding of what I’m doing, and the uncertainty is magnifying my nerves and doubts.  I know I am probably overreacting.  The problem is a) the gap between probably and definitely is a big part of what is scaring me and b) even if I was definitely overreacting, it’s not like I can just turn my worries off by flipping some sort of mental light switch.  Oh, well, thanks for letting me vent.  Fear not, I will let you know what’s going on as I figure it out myself….

Fortunately, pretty pictures help me relax...

Fortunately, pretty pictures help me relax…

That's right, I'm posing with the Batmobile!

That’s right, I’m posing with the Batmobile!

So Friday morning, I cackled with crazy-mad joy when I saw the WordPress Daily Prompt:

You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:

  • the ability to speak and understand any language
  • the ability to travel through time
  • the ability to make any two people agree with each other

Photographers, artists, poets: show us POWER.

WHY did I cackle with crazy-mad joy?  Because I love all things superhero and this prompt is a lovely excuse…

Batgirl in a wheelchair?  An oracle of things to come?

Batgirl in a wheelchair? An oracle of things to come?

…an excuse to wear this Batgirl costume.  Almost two months ago, I went hog wild with some gift cards at Fierce Designs.  So many cool costumes, and me a cosplay freak… there was definitely some POW! and BLAMMO! and KABOOM! going on as I shopped ’til the gift cards dropped.  As for the rest of the outfit, my shape is the Kids Girl Shape (15-18) from Sour Pickles.  My skin is Viola from WoW Skins.  My hair is Calla’s ImSoPlayful in Mocha.  (Yum!  Mocha…I need some coffee!).

Issue #42: The Huntress Arrives

Issue #42: The Huntress Arrives

…an excuse to go to the latest KatnipZ Sim-wide hunt event: Superheroines, Supervillains, Superboobs.  I put this hunt in my bucket list when I saw the first sign up, during the Alice in Boobieland Hunt.  If you check out the Katnipz blog site, you can see listings for the 41 costumes in the hunt.  (As of today, some of the costumes are listed as ‘coming soon’ so all 41 costumes may not be out yet.  Also beware this is 5L hunt and some of the items are actually 20L.  Still a great price, and to a geek-girl like me they are well, well worth it!)  The costumes are supposed to be fake boob friendly, which I view as a great plus.  Even though I rarely wear my Lolas, outfits designed to show them off are generally cut tight with plunging necklines, and I like that sort of thing.  I like that sort of thing a lot! Unlike traditional hunts, where you teleport from store to store to store, all of the gifts are loaded onto the one sim.  So while I wandered around taking pictures for this post and occasionally getting distracted by the cool stuff in all the little shops and kiosks (“Curse you, ADD baron!”) I also hunted for goodies… Fifteen found so far.  Come on down (Taxi here) and see if you can find more than I did…

Pencilled and Inked

Pencilled and Inked…

…an excuse to talk about RPGs.  I was never truly an avid gamer.  You know the type I’m talking about… the kid who got less sunlight than your average vampire, carried a felt bag of weird sided dice, and could make innocent bystanders’ eyes glaze over with a detailed play by play description of ‘critical charts’ and ‘initiative rolls’.  Still, I dated a gamer for a few years in high school, so I’ve experienced some of the game systems and can talk the lingo.  The most common genre for gaming is still heroic fantasy, inspired by the works of Tolkein and others of that ilk, but the games I liked best were Champions, a system for super-hero roleplaying which could be stretched to all-genre play and GURPS, a system for all-genre play that could be stretched to four-color super-hero play.  They are the reason I wish I had a schedule that permitted me to join a SL roleplaying troupe, which I imagine as a nice mash-up of computer game, LARP, and old-school gaming.

We super heroines need to relax too, you know….

We super heroines need to relax too, you know….

… an excuse to talk about the powers I have and the powers I’d like.  Yes, I said the powers I have.  Second Life is a very special sort of place, with the powers any girl would love.  I can fly.  I can teleport.  I can change my shape and skin color and even change my species or gender.  I can somehow carry 13,686 items in my inventory, including several items of furniture and hundreds of outfits, without even making an unsightly bulges in my utility belt.  So ask me again what powers I would layer on top of that?

Well, since you ask, I would love to be a dowser.  Yes, really.  In the fiction my firsty and I are writing, the protagonist (a spirited and lovely girl with really great hair) has a whole suite of psychic gifts related to finding things and knowing what is around her.  I suppose that is part of the appeal of hunts, the intrigue and mystery of figuring out where things are.

I believe I can fly; I believe I can touch the sky...

I believe I can fly; I believe I can touch the sky…

… even an excuse to finally answer the question in the prompt.  If I have to pick from the three powers given, I’m going to opt for power three, the ability to make any two people agree with each other.  Given that I am a person, that means I can make any other person agree with me… that would be mind control.  Sure it’s typically a villainess power, but I’m aware that as Stunning Stan Lee would proclaim, with great power comes great responsibility.  I would only mind control people for good causes, like making them turn off Christmas music before Thanksgiving or making men with chiseled, washboard abs take their shirts off and share their abs with the world.

Finally, let me include links to some superhero music: