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After my shift at Giovanni’s ended, I picked up Piper from my neighbor’s apartment and went home.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do that evening.  I nestled Piper on the couch in her Boppy pillow- she’s a bottle baby, but she loves using the nursing pillow as a miniature lounge seat- and flipped on some cartoons because the bright primary colors seem to soothe her.  As I sat next to her and sorted out my apron contents, I rediscovered the card with Cao Richard’s private number.  ‘Sooner rather than later,’ she had said.  I think I sat and stared at the card for fifteen  minutes or so.  Long enough anyhow for the cartoon I wasn’t watching to be replaced by a puppet show I still wasn’t watching.

I entered the digits into my cell, and stared at them a little bit longer.  Taking a deep breath, I pressed ‘send.’  And immediately thought, oh, shit, oh, shit.  I should have figured out what I’m going to say so I don’t sound like a stammering, dithering idiot if I have to leave a voice mail.  I should hang up now before it goes to voice-

My plus-one and I Dress: Cherie by Augusta Creations

Dress: Cherie by Augusta Creations
Jewelry: necklace by JStyle; rings/bangles by Loka Designs

“Oh, goodie, Emily, I’m so glad you called.”  Ms. Richard’s voice was warm and welcoming as she answered on the second ring.

“You did say ‘sooner rather than later’.” I replied.  “Can’t get much sooner than now.”  Inwardly I cringed at the banality of that particular conversational gambit.

“And in fact your timing is excellent, although I need to be brief because I still have three more calls to make.  So here are the important points: I interviewed a dozen candidates for the research assistant job.  My ideal candidate for the research portion of the job would be mentally flexible, good at multitasking, be willing to work in a team setting, and show initiative in anticipating Carlton and I’s needs.  For the gallery portion of the job, my ideal candidate would be pretty enough to distract potential buyers, good at soothing tempers or stroking egos when needed, and service customers based on long-term satisfaction rather then short term interests.”

I interrupted with a snort, “So far, you’re describing any half-way decent waitress.”

Hair: 'Saskia' in Black from EdelStore Flower: 'Gardenia Flower 1.2' (source unknown)

Hair: ‘Saskia’ in Black from EdelStore
Flower: ‘Gardenia Flower 1.2’ (source unknown)

“Exactly,” purred Cao.  “Which is why you were my first choice for the position.  Carlton favored Conner, however, because Conner has already developed contacts and associates within the social circles where we buy and sell.  Carlton thinks that networking is the most important trait in a candidate, because it both indicates existing aptitude for the job and serves as a multiplier, allowing them to leverage the talent they have more effectively.”

“I’m not plugged into anyone’s network. So why..”

Cao cleared her throat, interrupting my interruption. “I already know better than that, Emily.  Conner told us about your family and Elyssa told us some more.  In addition, Conner is keeping his other job, some kind of security consulting thing, so he negotiated to be on straight commission- not even a draw- rather than hourly.  Which means Carlton is open to paying someone else the hourly wages that would have been Conner’s if he is sufficiently impressed.  Carlton leaves tomorrow afternoon to try to purchase some bones that were recently dug up near Cairo, and I’ve been ordered to arrange interviews with you and two other candidates when he returns. You’re still my first choice, however, so I’m trying to stack the deck a little bit.  If I connect you with Carlton tonight, and schedule the others when he gets back, I’m hoping he’ll make you an immediate offer rather than wait.  Do you have any plans you can’t break tonight?”

Shape: Gigi Teen from Kids5B Skin: Lany by WoW Skins Jewelry: necklace from JStyle; rings/bangles from Loka Designs

Shape: Gigi Teen from Kids5B
Skin: Lany by WoW Skins

“No plans, but also no sitter.  How will Carlton react if I bring my plus-one with me to an interview?”

…Still to be continued…

…Info about tagged vendors is in my closet


Muah-ha-ha!  (Or however you envision an evil genius laugh should sound…)  I have achieved the self contradictory headline!  By definition, yellow journalism is exploiting and exaggerating news to create sensationalism and attract viewers, but it is also an idiom that is not really in current or common usage anymore.  I used the idiom because this blog is, among other things, my journal of what’s on my mind and because I’m responding to a photo challenge by WordPress to create a gallery of photos that display the theme of ‘Yellow’.  (More details on that, here.)  So my urge for whimsey and obscure allusions was satisfied, the title is a win there- but since the idiom isn’t in common usage, and folks will just scratch their heads and wonder what I’m rambling on about, I’m actually creating confusion and distracting viewers.  Oh, well, at least I amused myself, right?


There's nothing you can do that can't be done.\\ Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.

There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.\\ Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung…

To me, the obvious way to create a theme of yellow was to take a set of pictures wearing yellow outfits, preferably in yellow backgrounds.  Checking my directory (the yellow pages, obviously) didn’t reveal that anyone had set up a scenic location to visit and take pictures that they had specifically tagged under the word yellow.  On the other hand, messing with my camera’s wind lights settings allowed me to exaggerate the amount of yellow in any setting.  Thus, when I found this ‘Love’ art piece that included yellow semitransparent blocks on a beach in Coppelia, I cranked the ambient light and the water to yellow and took this picture.  For yellow in my outfit, I’m wearing a loose yellow top that came from Miss Canning, and some unknown source freebie yellow stockings.  Since I still haven’t set up an ongoing ‘I-bought-stuff-here‘ page, I will also make sure I give credit to My Pretty Pixels (Dany hair in ‘crow’), Alady Island (Shape), Angel Rock (India skin), Loka Designs (the rings and bangles on my left hand), and Grumble, Grumble (the bangles on my left hand and the super cute stiletto sneakers).


Yeah, baby!  Move over Austin Powers, and let me show you how to swing...

Yeah, baby! Move over Austin Powers, and let me show you how to swing…

For my second picture, I went looking for a school bus, but got distracted by a dirty inner city playground.  My second yellow outfit was definitely urban and a little dirty as well…  The yellow dress was a hot little number from JStyle, 99L$ for a fat pack of cute minidresses, blue, hot pink, and yellow.  Since I always enjoy wearing tall boots with a short skirt, I’m wearing some yellow/teal cyber boots from Grumble.  I even found yellow accessories: yellow ‘sparkly’ stockings (same freebie box as snapshot 1’s fishnet), yellow heart-framed sunglasses from Egoxentrikax, and the black Wendi hair (from Tameless Hair) included a color-change headband, which I, of course, set to yellow.  As far as non-yellow, I’m also wearing a silver necklace and some mismatched silver bangles from various other Jstyle outfits.

This playground actually looks a lot like the activity center playground near my apartment, except it would need more graffiti and some empty beer cans and/or discarded condoms to really make the resemblance perfect.  I may allow Piper to go to the playground once she turns twenty-two, but even that may be too soon…


All I’m going to say about looking for schools in my directory is that it seems the vast majority of the listed schools are ‘finishing’ schools, although they are more interested in starting something naughty than in finishing anything.  Lots of canes and spankings and ‘extra credit’ opportunities if you know what I mean.  For myself, I’m not opposed, although I’m starting to really think I may need to home school Piper well into middle age.  (Hers, that is!)  Truthfully at this moment in time, I’m taking the short view.  I don’t care what’s going on in the classrooms, as long as they clean up the mess afterwards and I can find the bright yellow school bus I’m looking for…  Later is a problem for later- that’s why they call it ‘LATER’.

Splattered with color… sounds like a good title for something...

Splattered with Color… sounds like a good title for something…

I didn’t find a school bus at the First Step Elementary School in the Antigua region, but I was just happy to find a school that actually appeared to built for children rather than for naughty adults.  Even more importantly, the art classroom provided a great backdrop for another ‘yellow’ picture.  Since I was in an elementary school, I got in touch with my inner child for my outfit.  Egoxentrikax provided a great outfit, the bright yellow ‘Jumper Bob and Mocassins’ for only 10L$. I also grabbed some source unknown black and yellow wings, because I just associate butterfly wings with fairies and fairies with children.  (I do believe, I do, I do!)  My sunglasses were from Grumble.  (And although I slimmed my shape and lightened my skin tone, I remained with Alady Island and Angel Rock as vendors.)


I was going to continue looking for a school bus for my fourth and final snapshot, but I got distracted by a conversation about heaven and hell and went to visit the heaven and hell gothic dance club, where I noticed the stripper pole was bright yellow.  I’ve also been re-reading Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens recently, so I decided to cite their quote: “It is said that the Devil has all the best tunes.  This is broadly true.  But Heaven has the best choreographers.”  So obviously- o.k., maybe not for most people, but in my mind this was obvious- obviously, I needed to create a yellow outfit appropriate for a pole dancing angel.  I’m not sure which fact is scarier.  That I felt the need to create an outfit appropriate for a pole dancing angel, or that it was actually a pretty easy look for me…

Angels whose clothes have gone bye, a luscious treat for sinful eye...

Angels whose clothes have gone bye, a luscious treat for sinful eye…

My minimalist yellow covering was a yellow and black bikini from Dark Salvation and some yellow lace wrap from Bitter Bunny Designs.  I’m a big fan of red boots, (I have more boots than any other foot wear, and more red boots than any other color) so I’m also modeling some sexy new Red and Gold boots from Sari’s Creations.  To get my ‘angel’ on, I’m wearing some source unknown free golden feathered wings, my ‘angelic neko’ ears and tail set from Dahllywood (now closed), and a Halo out of the ‘Cheeky Lil’ Angel’ costume (regretfully, also source unknown).  I also grabbed a celtic sword from the Linden Library, just to be the sort of angel that takes no s**t from anybody.  For hair, I went with another do from Tameless, the Hadley.

Looking again at my gallery of yellow, while I looked for some yellow in my settings, ultimately the thematic success or failure of the pictures rested on my wardrobe.  Proving that while there is no I in ‘team’, you can’t have a ‘theME’ without ME.  It’s a narcissistic view, I suppose, but that’s all right, since I’m cute enough that narcissism looks good on me.  I thought I would close with a song since I haven’t posted a song lately.  Coldplay’s ‘Yellow‘ would be the obvious song choice, except I just don’t particularly care for it.  Ditto for Elton John’s ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road‘.  Apparently I like Gold better than Yellow, because I want to post ‘The Gold Song‘ by the Bouncing Souls.

I do not have enough words for how beautiful this garden looks!

I do not have enough words for how beautiful this garden looks!

WHAT I’M WEARING: This beautiful shimmery green dress is from P U R E Perfection, and it is freaking gorgeous.  As you can see, it comes with Lolas appliers, so I went ahead and applied my Lolas.  The shape and skin are Candy from WoW Skins.  (Yes, I was too lazy to re-skin match the Lolas, so I just used the same skin I used last time I wore them… forgive me, please!)  The hair is ImSoPreddy from Calla in Blazing Cherry.  Then some quick accessorizing: stockings from Alloro, Oriental Heels from LC’s World of Fashion, Bangles and Ring from Loka, Black Choker and Lip Ring both source unknown, and Earrings and long prim fingernails from *JStyle.

I'm not really dressed to go swimming, but the pond looked so inviting...

I’m not really dressed to go swimming, but the pond looked so inviting…

WHERE I’M AT: Thank my good friend Shae for this one.  (By the way, you should be following her here if you aren’t already.  She’s pretty, talented, and fun.  I like her because she reminds me of me.) She suggested I stop by Petit Chat, saying their fashions seemed very me-appropriate.  I must have agreed, because I quickly bought two outfits and fled outside before I emptied out my allowance.  But it was when I stepped outside that I really had to be thankful to Shae…  My gallery was taken today in a beautiful garden outside the Petit Chat mainstore.  The trees and garden are incredible.  The music is restful and calming.  There are picnic blankets and swings and a carousel and even a swimming animation in the pond.  I tweaked my Windlight settings a little to bring out the green, in both my dress and the setting, but I had very little to do, as the setting is just so beautiful.

That's right.  Sometimes, I'm a swinger!

That’s right. Sometimes, I’m a swinger!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Sometimes I struggle for something to say in this space, sometimes I have too many thoughts at one time to pick out one that matters.  Today I just want to praise Trinity Yazimot, owner of Petit Chat.  While I was posing for my first pic, she took the time to thank me for joining the Petit Chat store group and buying a few items.  That was awesome in and of itself- I love when a vendor takes time to interact and make a SL store more like a RL boutique- but then Trinity also gifted me with some not yet released items- a jewelry set that goes/ will go with one of the outfits I bought and a to be released halloween costume.  She also invited me to stop by the garden anytime, and told me its intended as a public resting area, which is why I invited you all to see it.  (PS.  I stayed in the outfit I was already wearing when I started this entry, but I’ll be wearing Petit Chat for my next post.  Stay tuned!)

Peeping through windows?

Peeping through windows?

WHAT I’M WEARING: I hadn’t gone Neko for a while, so today I’m a cute punky neko!  My shape is the Bossay Shape brick house booty body from Alady Island.  My skin is Giselle from Egoxentrikax.  My hair is the Emilie (such a great name!) in Pink Berry/Dolce Creme from !SugarSmack!  My dress is also from Egoxentrikax.  They call it the “Sexy Dress” and it lives up to its name!  To accessorize, I had pink & black socks from Grumble, Grumble, some rings and bangles from Loka designs, the Apache necklace from JStyle, ears and tail from virtual attire, black leather kicks from Prozak, and a ‘Lick my Boobies’ tattoo from Egoxentrikax.

Ahoy on a sea of blood!

Ahoy on a sea of blood!

WHERE I’M AT: Strawberry Singh’s most recent meme asked folks to show snapshots of some of their favorite places to explore and visit.  Kuala Lumpur suggested visiting Half Hitch in the Blake Sea Islands, so I did.  I didn’t really steal the sail boat, but I didn’t pay for it either… there was a free sail boat dispenser on the island.  I’ve never sailed in SL before… It was very beautiful and fun.  (For the record, I don’t normally keep my environment settings on ‘Second Plague’ but it does provide a dark and ominous look…)  After I ditched the boat, I took to the air.  After all, my tail kept dragging through the water when I sat on the boat, and I needed to dry it out…

Check out this panorama of scenery!  Gorgeous!

Check out this panorama of scenery! Gorgeous!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: This sim was simply amazing.  Thank you so much Kuala for sharing it with us!

Flaunt it to the camera, baby!

Flaunt it to the camera, baby!

WHAT I’M WEARING: The beautiful dress I’m wearing is the Safari Dress from [DUMB BLOND].  It comes in several animal-inspired patterns, and I’m wearing Pink Giraffe.  Because, as we all know by now, I just think pink is a cool color to wear.  I like pink so much, I’m also wearing pink blush creme lipstick, also from [DUMB BLOND].  The elegant heels I’m wearing were in a dollarbie pack from LC’s World of Fashion.  (I threw away the dress, because I didn’t care for it, but I kept the heels.  Priorities, you know!)  The heels and dress needed some nice stockings, and I was pleasantly surprised to find some stockings out of a dress package from [RevengE] were the perfect height to go with this dress.

My shape for this look is, once again, the GiGi teen shape from Kids5B.  The skin is the ‘street slut’ skin from Fetisch Doll.  I feel slightly embarrassed giving its name, but it is such a nice skin.  My hair is ImSoPreddy from Calla in pale honey.  To properly accessorize, I added the musician arm band tattoos, an “I see you in my dreams” tattoo from Orsini., ring and bangles from Loka Designs on my left hand, and my ubiquitous nose ring.

Posing in the rain, just posing in the rain...

Posing in the rain, just posing in the rain…

WHERE I’M AT: I didn’t have any place in mind to go, so I just stopped by -UK- Couture Island to use their studio.  Every time I stop by, I’m amazed that there isn’t more traffic here… I usually have the store to myself, and the merchandise is good, there are 11 lucky chairs/lucky boards with quality prizes, and an awesome photo studio device.  (I checked in marketplace, by the way, and it would cost me 4,199 L$ to buy this studio for myself…I’ll probably continue to just use the one here)  Why, oh why, isn’t there more traffic here?

On the steps of the studio...

On the steps of the studio…

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: I feel like I should share the tunes I’ve been jamming to today.  So pop over to youtube and listen to this song, this song, and this song.

We can dance if we want to...

We can dance if we want to…

We can leave your friends behind...

We can leave your friends behind…

Because your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine!

WHAT I’M WEARING: Lolas.  The 2.5 Natural Breast version.  In my last post I was upset because I was having issues, and sadly I still am.  I can match my skin, but I cannot seem to make the clothing appliers work.  Specifically, I cannot seem to apply a texture, only a color, and I cannot find or figure out how to fix that.  On the other hand, I’m resourceful so I worked what I got, dyeing the generic tank top that came with Lolas blue.  I added the Noah Tartan Bellbottom Jeans from Blue Blood.  The hair is a purple mesh dollarbie from Rosy Mood’s booth at the Hair Fair.  I’m still a little embarrassed by my Lolas issues, so I’m hiding my face behind a lace mask from Kumaki Glasses Style.  I’m accessorizing with bangles from Loka Design and JK Trends, and I’m still using the Lany skin from WoW.

WHERE I’M AT: I went back to the AAi night club to take these photos, but this time I went during an event (1-3 PM SLT).  It was a fairly small crowd- in fact for part of my visit, it was a crowd of two: DJ Wraith Unsung and myself.  Wraith was friendly and chatty and had some great taste in music- I give her a thumbs up, and would love to see another of her sets.  I also give AAi a thumbs up as well.

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: OK.  I’m still disappointed with the Lolas, but I have to admit I look cute with them.  I’m a pretty smart girl so I’m sure I can figure out my applier issue- and since I change looks routinely, I can cope with the limited version until I figure out what I’m doing.  (And as GI Joe once said, “Knowing is half the battle.  The other half is having a shit-load more guns than the other guy…”)

Speaking of knowing, my thanks to Shaedynlee, fellow blogger and all-around cool girl to know.  I recently discovered that my links to post my WordPress posts through Tumblr were not as pretty and easy to follow as I would wish.  I think I can fix that, thanks to her advice.  (If it works, it’s all her advice.  If not, it’s all my execution.)  Thanks so much again!